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Comment: Re:what is interesting is not that it won (Score 1) 591 591

They wrote the legislation to be completely unable to accomplish those ends because the legislation was so filled with crap from multiple people with multiple objectives. The purpose of the Supreme Court is not to modify the text of the law to make it work. If the text of the law is wrong, it is the responsibility of the legislature to modify the text of the law through the legislative process.

However, for this law, it was passed in such a clusterfuck of a hurry that they didn't read the law first and ask these questions about how it would work in practice. Now they don't have the legislative numbers to fix it the right way and the POTUS has put public and political pressure on the SCOTUS to interpret the law with the intent of saving the implementation instead of interpreting the law based on the law.

Comment: Re: what is interesting is not that it won (Score 1) 591 591

The US didn't have a big standing army at the time because the intent of the Constitution was that the federal government not maintain a standing army at all times. Armies were supposed to be the state militias coming together in times of war to defend the collective nation of states. However, we have descended into a time when we have a standing army at all times which our founding fathers warned us was the gateway to a tyranny.

Comment: Re: what is interesting is not that it won (Score 1) 591 591

Again I have to explain to people the English language... It's called a "parenthetical expression." A parenthetical expression is an expression which is inserted into the flow of thought. It may be in the middle of a sentence or between sentences, but it DOES NOT DEAL DIRECTLY WITH THE TOPIC AT HAND. (emphasis mine, source http://englishplus.com/grammar...)

Let's simplify the sentence and then expand it back up. The base structure of the sentence is: The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. That is the meat of the sentence and the essence of the law. There is also some text in there about how the security of a free State requires a well regulated Militia, but there is no law requiring a well regulated Militia to be in place. Now I would argue that the well regulated Militia is operated by the "State" as you say through the National Guard program which is operated individually by the 50 States. However, the fact that DC is not a State and does not have a Militia should not be construed to mean that they can ban guns there as the residents of the District are still people who have rights, one of which is to keep and bear Arms, which shall not be infringed.

Comment: Re:The problem is that landfills are too cheap (Score 1) 371 371

Exactly, the triangle goes Reduce -> Reuse -> Recycle, but everyone wants to focus on the last one... I guess it's because we've been sold on the idea that spending and consuming is what drives the economy. If we reduced, it would cause a great depression/recession/slowdown, etc. If we reused, we are basically putting people out of work right?

Comment: Re:What are... (Score 1) 273 273

For human experience, 0 should be very cold, and 100 should be very hot. That makes sense. In your system, 0 is moderately cold and 100 is dead. Also Fahrenheit's specific degrees were originally based on 64 integer gradations between fresh water freezing temp and human body temperature which could be done fractionally once you established the relatively constant endpoints.

I guess if you want accurate measurements you shouldn't use feet, but is great for estimating... You can visualize the length of a foot pretty easy and the length of an average adult male's pace is just about 2.5 feet which makes for a nice 10ft per 4 paces. There are advantages to every system, why do you think the one based on arbitrary science benchmarks and decimals is better than the one based on human experiences and fractions?

Comment: Re:What are... (Score 1) 273 273

In Fahrenheit, it is obvious as well. 0 is the coldest you can get saturated salt water and 100 is human body temperature. Slight adjustments were made to the scale over time and measurements got more accurate which is why these aren't the exact values anymore. Still doesn't change the fact that the system is intuitive as 0 is cold and 100 is hot as perceived by humans. If water cared what the temperature was, Celsius might make sense for water to use.

Comment: Gamers (Score 4, Funny) 76 76

During the study, gamers tended to attempt to strafe and run while jumping in a random pattern instead of seeking cover... When shot, they shout out, "HAXOR!" before dying. During the study, the fake "terrorists" were unhappy with their success claiming a high ping made them miss more targets.

Comment: Re:Don't worry, they'll try again (Score 1) 229 229

That's if you are lucky enough to find a lawyer willing to take your case too... I got fired for bullshit with no severance. Lawyer was willing to write a letter, but not pursue it to court when the company declined to respond to the letter.

Also, these are probably mostly white men. Since when do white men win wrongful termination litigation?

Comment: Re: Just take it in (Score 1) 479 479

Of course, the downside is when you call support they will blame every problem on your modem instead of their connection. Even if your modem is logging repeated disconnects from their servers timing out... When you have connection problems with cable, the only way to fix it is to leave for competing service if you are lucky enough to have that option. Otherwise techs will come out and replace splitters, couplers, reboot your computer a billion times, and will never check their end.

Comment: Re:the world was supposed to end years ago (Score 1) 637 637


Looks like he tweeted a picture of a low hill to me. One that does not have year round snow pack. The actual Teton mountains do, but that's not what he posted a picture of. He posted a picture of what looks to be East Gros Ventre Butte with a dusting of snow. That hill is green in the summer time. The fact that it got less snow than usual last winter is as much of a sign of a drought that has been going on in the west as it is climate change.

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