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Comment: Re: The question is (Score 1) 224

by amicusNYCL (#49616989) Attached to: No, NASA Did Not Accidentally Invent Warp Drive

The NEXT trick is managing not to kill the crew from all the radiation generated by traveling very, very fast through a space full of - radiation.

Who says you have to travel through the space? Why is everyone assuming they know the physics of something that we have no clue how it would even fundamentally work? A bunch of armchair physicists suggesting theoretical problems to things that we have no clue about. How about moving the space - and everything in it - around the ship instead of moving the ship through the space? How would something like that work, you're asking? We have no idea! Just like any hypothetical you're referring to or making up!

Comment: Re:Money! (Score 1) 268

That makes little sense. If money is what you're after, the very LAST thing you should do it try to dig into climate change. Let alone finding proof for it. If money is what you want, you should slap together some research in a field that is under less scrutiny and where there are bigger stakeholders willing to pump money your way as long as you prove them right. Genetically altered crops, and how safe they are would be a great field. Less controversy and big players with deep pockets that would certainly love to have "scientifically proven" how their stuff is great for you and your health.

Comment: So, essentially, (Score 2) 46

It's the same kind of self-censorship going on that we have here. With the difference that here you're just being inconvenienced 'til you go out of business or bend over instead of being shot, of course. So, yes, we're still "more free" than them.

But it's also a reminder that "more" is not necessarily more than "much"...

In Nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, there are consequences. -- R.G. Ingersoll