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Not forced into a corner exactly, but there are a lot of people who regard themselves as Russian living there and who he is expected to defend.

Why is Putin expected to defend people living in Ukraine? Isn't that the job of Ukrainians? There are Mexican nationals living in the US as citizens, is it the job of the Mexican government to protect and defend those people or is that the job of the US government?

Their government, whatever you think of it, was overthrown and they wanted to go back to Russian rule.

The solution for that problem is to move to Russia. That's where Russian rule is. If Ukraine is under Russian rule, then that's an obvious problem in itself.

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"No more financial ties to Russia?" They're neighbors, it's like not all ties instantly evaporate. Gas still goes through Ukraine to get to Europe, right? It's not like Ukraine, regardless of leadership, will ever be completely and utterly separated from Russia, regardless of leadership. Both countries will continue to trade with each other because they're neighbors. Even North and South Korea have various economic agreements.

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the new Mexican state is openly hostile to Americans and is threatening to exterminate them.

This is just a hypothetical, right? Not actually based on true events, correct?

What would I do? Well, I guess I would probably threaten to nuke Mexico. That clearly seems like the obvious and rational choice. That would most definitely move popular support in my favor, and people would not think that I am legitimately psychopathic. I would also send several thousand troops down to Mexico to bombard and lay siege to various towns while claiming that those soldiers are actually lost and/or on vacation with all of their military equipment, because that would allow me to both intervene militarily, and also let the world know that I am in no way in control of anything that my armed forces do. And of course I'll shoot down a civilian airliner, because it's not a party until someone shoots down a civilian airliner, but then I'll claim that I didn't do that and people will eventually forget it happened anyway. I'll also claim that Mexico was really always a part of the US, and so I would invade and annex the Yucatan peninsula, because why not? Then I'll meet the new democratically elected leader of Mexico and shake his hand while making a weasel face like this, and I'll have the leader of Canada stand behind me ready with the double-stink-eye.

Or I'll just tell everyone living in Mexico who would rather live in the US that they should probably just move here. I'd probably do one of those two though.

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Am I for real? I'm not sure, as far as I know I'm sitting here at my desk posting on Slashdot while appearing to the casual observer to be working instead. But, for all I know, I could be in a mental institution screaming at a white wall about Russians (with apologies to Jim Jefferies).

Back the the actual point though, you think it might be possible that word could come down from on high for one commander to start talking about nukes, which would give the actual leadership plausible deniability? I don't know the answer to that, it may or may not be time for my alleged medication.

But, just out of curiosity, when a nuclear weapon is used, who do you think uses it? Do you think the president personally flies down there to deliver it? If commanders don't have access to the weapons, then who does, the privates? Also, like CrimsonAvenger points out, does the threat of a nuclear attack necessarily need to involve the person making the threat actually having the capability of carrying it out?

And AM I for real? Can anyone provide any evidence for that? I'm feeling pretty vulnerable right now, if you don't stop harassing me I'm going to nuke you. From orbit.

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most of the First World countries are going to immediately join forces to invade and permanently occupy Russia.

Yeah, but by the time their biggest enemies attack, all of their military units will have gained a ton of experience points from skirmishing with their neighbors all those years. High-level modern armor is nothing to sniff at.

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The whole idea that there is no actual Russian invasion falls a little flat when there are captured and dead Russian soldiers in Ukraine, and the official Russian line is that those soldiers, apparently with all of their military equipment and supplies, voluntarily invaded Ukraine on their vacations. You would think that Russia wouldn't want their soldiers taking tanks and artillery on vacation with them, but maybe they just do things a little differently in Russia.

By the way, it's just "Ukraine", not "the Ukraine". I would expect 8 former intelligence officials to know that, or at least be consistent in their so-called "memo".

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by amicusNYCL (#47809971) Attached to: Astronomers Find What May Be the Closest Exoplanet So Far

You seem to completely not understand the subject, which makes us wonder why you are posting.

"Us?" Do you have a turd in your pocket? Is Slashdot only for people who are 100% knowledgeable in all given subjects?

Snark aside, I read the original equation wrong. I didn't realize that the reason that the second half of travel was as long as the first half was because of constant acceleration switching directions. But that doesn't mean you need to be a dick about it. But, by all means, don't let me stop you from explaining how one would travel a linear distance of 11 light years in 6.6 years.

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by amicusNYCL (#47786187) Attached to: Astronomers Find What May Be the Closest Exoplanet So Far

As a larger planet, however, since force of gravity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, the surface gravity of a world otherwise equivalent in density to another ends up rises linearly with the diameter of the planet. If it is of similar composition to earth, then 5.4 earth masses would make it cbrt(5.4) times the size of earth, or roughly 1.75g at the planet's surface.

Doesn't that assume that the source of the gravity is a point at the center of a planet? Is that how planetary gravity actually works in practice?

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by amicusNYCL (#47731055) Attached to: 33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater

Something similar happened to a friend. He got pulled over on his motorcycle while clearly drunk, the officer was apparently having a good day and let him go on the condition that he leaves his bike there and picks it up the next day. So, naturally, he goes back less than an hour later, gets his bike, gets pulled over by the exact same cop, charged, fined, jail time, lost his license, lost his job, etc.

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