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Comment Re: Fundamentals (Score 1) 343

So, you just want to let them go? Forget all this trial business and just SAY that up front....

If the military can't prove that they should be held, then yes they should be released. Right now there are 46 people there who are designated to be detained indefinitely because the military says they are too dangerous to release, and that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute them. That doesn't sit right with me, I don't like the idea of that. If the military can prove that they are too dangerous to release, fine, let them. If the military just wants to claim that they are very dangerous but they have no evidence then I don't like what that says about us as a country.

I realize that several of those people that might get released would try to fight us again, and frankly I'm more comfortable with that possibility than letting our military just claim that they are going to be held indefinitely without trial. If they get released and go right back to the battlefield, fine, we'll kill them on the battlefield. If they want to plot attacks then what's the difference if it's them plotting or one of the existing free people plotting? Either way, the intelligence services should be able to do their job and stop the attacks, and then you have evidence that you can use to try them and legitimately lock them away. If the people have no desire to fight at all, and they don't want to plot, they just want to go try to live their lives, then I don't want my military keeping them locked up just because the military claims they are dangerous.

I don't see much of a very valid reason why they should have fewer rights than I do, I don't see much of a reason why the military should be able to lock them up indefinitely because there isn't enough evidence to charge them. I just don't like it, that's not who we are supposed to be as a country. The fact that those people may (or may not) have taken up arms against our soldiers doesn't diminish their humanity.

Comment Re:Insanity (Score 4, Interesting) 241

The point is to get through to a person though, and then waste their time. Listen to the video in TFA. The bot will ask the caller if they are a person, and if the caller does not stop to consider the question then the bot will press 1 a few times to get through to a person, and then proceeds to waste that person's time. In other words, the bot does exactly what a robocall bot does, tries to reach a person then wastes their time.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 2) 241

Oh yeah? Well I know someone who makes a piece of software that modifies the hosts file, with the intention of blocking advertisements, but then in order to market his software he goes online and spams Slashdot. He knows that people hate spam, but he has to feed his ego.

Comment Re:Bwaahahaha "browser extensions"? LOL! (Score 1) 256

No, APK, it's still obvious when you post. Guess who the only person is that I've ever seen capitalize my username.

Seriosuly man, this is getting really sad for you at this point. I'm sorry you feel the need to keep on replying to everything that I post. Really, it doesn't look good. Linking to this discussion does not look good for you. You need to just drop it and move on.

And, seriously, grow up.

Comment Re:Oh good, a reason (Score 1) 343

I know Sanders won't get everything he wants, but socialism isn't something positive in this country.

The term isn't seen as positive, but in practice it's fairly well liked. Social Security and Medicare are pretty good examples. Many of his policies are favored by a majority. His problem is really an image problem. If he called himself a Social Democrat he would be more well-received than calling himself a Democratic Socialist, even though they both describe the same kinds of policies. Referring to himself as a socialist causes a kind of knee-jerk reaction in a lot of people who just instantly hate him. The label "socialist" is the only label that will cause fewer people to vote for you than if you label yourself "atheist". That's changing among younger people, but it's a fact. It has a bad reputation (possibly deservedly so), but in practice a little bit of socialism can do a lot of good. That's what he's trying to illustrate with the comparisons to some of the European socialist countries like Denmark or the Nordic countries.

But, all labels aside, this is really what I want to move away from. That cluster in the upper right (Clinton included) I think is a problem for this country. We just need more voices and more ideas, and we as a country need to be able to listen and react to those in a rational way without just casually dismissing anything that isn't conservative authoritarian. It may take someone on the far left to help pull the country more towards the center.

Comment Re: Fundamentals (Score 1) 343

And what, let them just die in a prison in Cuba?

I'm also saying that what ever they did to get into Gitmo, a military run establishment on foreign soil is a matter for the military NOT our criminal courts.

So, don't question the military then, right? Whenever the military decides to lock anyone up for life you just sort of assume that the person deserves that, right?

Comment Re:Bwaahahaha "browser extensions"? LOL! (Score 1) 256

Haha! Wow, I really hit a nerve there, didn't I?

It's nice to see you come out of your anonymous shell and post as you again. I think that's a defensive mechanism, when you don't like what's happening you try to hide and play anonymous and write messages in support of yourself, that's your defensive mechanism. Too bad you can't do that offline, huh?

Seriously man, you've got a lot of growing up to do. And seriously, suck my balls.

Comment Re:AmicusNYCL's "APKolypse" #2/2 (Score 1) 256

Asking again. Question: You on topic?


You can't prove apk wrong on hosts.

I've never attempted to. I don't care to.

I figured you'd avoid a simple question with a lame evasion.

Truly, you are a master of the "I know you are but what am I?" school of debate, APK.

This is what your little fit is down to now, throwing out the same lame non-insults and evading any questions about your spamming habits or the fact that you dishonestly misrepresent yourself. You're a paper tiger. You're pathetic. You think that if you claim victory enough times then people will start to believe you've won. You haven't won anything, you're desperate to appear intelligent or meaningful when in fact you're a spammer relying on anonymous posting to try and make yourself look good. And, what's worse, you think that people can't tell. You won't even sign your posts any more, just stringing along some vain misguided attempt to appear respectable. No doubt at some point you'll decide again to post "as yourself" where you once again declare victory, once again point out that I'm not proving you wrong when I'm not even trying to, and throw out the same stupid taunts and insults while trying to show "support" coming from yourself posting anonymously.

I feel bad for you, man. You've got a lot of growing up to do.

Suck my balls.

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