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Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 101

So you're still holding onto the "Macs are immune to viruses" line, even though you said in the post I quoted that "Nobody said that macs are immune to viruses". But you are, in fact, saying that "Macs are immune to viruses."

macs are immune to malware that would otherwise be blocked by antivirus

So does this mean that:
1) Flashback is not malware
2) Flashback would not be blocked by AV
3) Macs are immune to Flashback

Taking just one recent example, Flashback. We could also include iWorkS, RSPlug, or Leap/Renopo if you want to talk about how those are not malware, or wouldn't be blocked by AV, or that Macs are immune to them.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 2, Insightful) 101

Nobody said that macs are immune to viruses

Plenty of fan boys have, actually (including you, 2 posts up). And Apple certainly tried to make that implication, with lines like "immune to PC viruses" in their sales pitches. While it's true that Macs don't execute Windows code (wow, really?), Apple still didn't have a problem with blurring that technical line in their advertisements aimed at non-technical people. The reason why there are so many results for "are Macs immune to viruses", and why it looks like the vast majority of results for "are PCs immune to viruses" are articles about Macs, is not because "nobody said that macs are immune to viruses."

macs are not vulnerable to the types of malware that antivirus software could protect against

So if antivirus software protects against viruses, and you're claiming that Macs are not vulnerable to that type of malware, then aren't you claiming that Macs are immune to viruses? Are you just using the same kind of doublespeak that Apple used in their marketing?

Here's a question: if Macs are not vulnerable to viruses, then why are there antivirus programs for Macs? What exactly are those programs protecting against if not viruses? Do they "scan" the machine against an empty threat database and then say it's all clear?

Comment Re:Seems like a piece is missing (Score 1) 140

It's like some general took a crayon and with a shaky hand drew it out and said "this remote and distant ocean is now ours".

I bet that's almost exactly what happened. You can tell by the name - "the nine-dashed line". The only name they have for that line is the number of dashes that were used to draw it on the first map, almost as if they didn't think a more permanent name would be necessary.

Comment Re:Compustick (Score 3, Insightful) 157

You can get a Intel compustick for like $100. Full pc that can simu wifi to a shared folder and play whatever you want, plus as it runs windows or Linux you can do anything you want

A PC that can play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in high-definition and costs 1/6th as much as my video card? Impressive. Or are you using a slightly loose definition of "play/do whatever you want", more along the lines of "do anything it was designed for?"

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