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Comment Re:Why not both? (Score 1) 221 221

So called Brushless DC motors are actually permanent magnet rotor, synchronous AC motors?

They are virtually identical, yes. There might be some nuanced differences in their physical construction or drive (sinusoidal vs trapezoidal waveform, for example) but the operational principle is the same.

For fractional horsepower motors there's no cost-benefit to doing sophisticated controls in most cases. You just need it to turn on and off at one, sometimes two or three speeds and the load is more or less constant. I wouldn't expect that to change any time soon.

Comment Re: The only intuitive interface is the nipple (Score 1) 157 157

Actually, no, they don't. And yes, I have been present at a child's birth, and because my wife was sedated and lost huge amounts of blood during the sectio, for the first few hours, I was holding the child. And no, he didn't start to search for a nipple all by himself, I actually had to hold the baby bottle right to his mouth until he grabbed it with his lips and was starting to suck on it.

Comment Plastic optical fiber (Score 1) 128 128

In addition to the "use ethernet over power line" (PLC = PowerLine Communication) as mentionned by the other,
there's also the solution of using optical fiber.

Recently there's been development in plain plastic optical fibers (POF) - the same cheap one that you use to carry digital audio, not the expensive glass ones (GOF).
(Though as they are only permeable to red light, and not so much to infra-red, you need a pair of them).

It's just a pair of fibers, so it much easier and more space saving than pulling Cat6 cables.

Latest generation of devices can carry gigabits link up to 25m with the cheapest plastic (PMMA) or even longer distance with newer plastics (perfluorinated polymers - which are also permeable to infrared, by the way).

Termination is super easy: there's none, you just plug the end of the fiber into a mecanical receptor. It's as complicated as plugging copper wires into a speaker.

Random example of constructor of gigabit transciever.

It has better an more stable signal than PLC, and wwaaaaayyyyyyyy better signal than wireless, though you still need to run cables through your wall.
It's much easier to run thourgh walls than ehternet Cat6, it's closer to running a pair of small coper wires for analog phones.

But if you can't even run a fiber, then go for PLC. Forget about Wifi for anything but the mobile devies that only have wireless (phones, tablets).
That will give you much stable connection overall, and leave much free bandwidth for the mobile devices.

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 773 773

Rents have risen by 400% in Texas (and similar top states) in the last 15 years.

Housing has risen by 500% during the same period. But... if you owned your house, your value rose but your payments increased only by the tax increase. My house payment before i paid the house off in 2012, was $700 a month. Total- including taxes. Now, it's $330 a month.

Once your house is paid off, property taxes, insurance, and repairs are approximately 1/3 of rental costs or new home costs.

I totally agree- it's right for you right now. But it's a terrible option for anyone who ever hopes to retire unless they are earning in the top 10% of all citizens.

Comment Re:awkward! (Score 1) 165 165

Nonsense. It is true, however, that Windows and Linux use different (overlapping) subsets of the SATA (and SCSI) command sets and, in particular, use very different sequences of commands in common use. If you test heavily with Windows and not with Linux, then you may find that there are code paths in your firmware that Linux uses a lot but which are mostly untested.

Comment Re:Difficulty (Score 1) 157 157

The 'tray' that Raymond describes in his second article looks very much like the Shelf from OPENSTEP 4.1, which was released just after Windows 95. I wonder if some of the NeXT people were playing with early betas of Windows 95 and, as their company CEO later quipped, started their photocopiers...

Comment Re:Major change? No. (Score 1) 157 157

Win32s was released for Windows 3.1, but it just added some win32 APIs, not the UI. The UI was first introduced in the Chicago betas, which were eventually released as Windows 95. NT4 was released shortly afterwards and wasn't a bad OS, but hampered by the lack of plug-and-play support and perpetually having old versions of DirectX.

Comment Re:MenuChoice and HAM (1992) (Score 2) 157 157

There are a few differences. First, symlinks are a property of the filesystem. This means that the normal filesystem APIs just work with them and you need special APIs for things that care about whether it's a link or not. In contrast, shortcuts are just another kind of file and everything that wants to follow them needs to know what the target is. Second, shortcuts contain a lot more information than just a path: they include the path to the destination file, an icon, the set of command-line arguments to pass, and some other flags. For example, I used to have a load of different shortcuts to the WinQuake (and, later, GLQuake) executable that all had different -game flags, for launching different mods. Many of them also had different icons, if the mod came with its own icon. You can't do that with symlinks.

The closest thing to symlinks on *NIX systems is .desktop files.

Comment Germany has reciprocal spying agreements (Score 0) 52 52

They would never prosecute the NSA, they don't want to lose those agreements.

The NSA spying on Merkel is a diplomatic faux pas, but it changes nothing. The German people get angry, German politicians say a few huffy words, and no one doers anything. Because Germany is playing the same game the NSA is in every capacity with the BND.

You are a fool if you think it will ever be otherwise and you are bigger fool if you are German and you think it should be otherwise. The point of spying is to gather vital intelligence. Every nation does it. Every nation always will. What kind of airhead thinks it will ever be otherwise or should be otherwise? To respect people's private information? Am I supposed to laugh?

Does anyone think a few idealistic naive bloggers is ever going to change the nature of espionage? Are there really people out there who think espionage can ever be respectful or honest or straightforward?

I agree they should not prosecute the bloggers, but exactly what the hell were these bloggers thinking? They were going to shut down or change the nature of spying? Make it respectful and transparent? What kind of quixotic cluelessness about reality is this?

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