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Comment Re:Why not just do it right? (Score 1) 162

Bad enough its basically cop-porn, federal-style, unlimited excuses for "What constitution? Constitution? Isn't that something to do with whether I catch cold or not?"

You really gotta wonder if these show producers make this stuff because it's popular and most Americans are down with that, or because the government/powers-that-be are trying to condition the population for a future with fewer civil liberties.

Comment Re:Why not just do it right? (Score 2) 162

BSG(2004) *was* awesome, in the beginning. Unfortunately they managed to completely screw it up and jump the shark by season 3. That whole "final 5" thing was idiotic. Like "Lost", it became clear they were just making shit up as they went along, instead of having an actual plan, and a good reason why the Cylons had it out for the humans, so the longer they drew it out, the more convoluted and ridiculous it had to become.

Extant wasn't *that* bad, and did have a lot of potential. I liked how it showed self-driving cars. The part about it being centered around an interracial couple where the *woman* was black was a refreshing change too. It was also nice that this couple consisted of a smoking-hot woman, and a not-so-hot, rather nerdy guy who's an engineer. Totally and completely unrealistic in American society of course, but it was nice to see. Engineers are never the stars and never get the hot women in American TV, and this show bucked that trend (as did the Iron Man movies to an extent).

Lost was not great. Well it was at first (like BSG), but jumped the shark, because just like BSG they were just making it up as they went along. It just got too tiring to watch so I gave up after 5 or 6 seasons I think. At least BSG had the good sense to have a real ending after 5 seasons instead of drawing it out for a decade.

Terra Nova was an utterly fantastic idea, and while obviously very family-oriented (it was on Fox after all), was entertaining to watch. But the bit about the angry son was somewhat lame. I still dream of making my own wormhole and moving to the Jurassic period.

These retards keep cancelling the good shows after 1 season. How the fuck do you expect to build an audience if you keep canceling the dam things??

The problem is that airheads who watch Honey Boo Boo don't care for quality sci-fi shows, and the people who do don't subscribe to cable and don't watch commercials. Netflix may change all of that, hopefully.

Comment Re:Farscape (Score 2) 162

Firefly was pretty damn good but it was more of a Western in space.

That's why it was so genius. Out in space, you're not going to have police nearby, or any kind of structured society, it'd be just like the Wild West (which actually wasn't that "wild", contrary to popular opinion). Of course, the show had to make a severe assumption for the sake of plot, which was that humans had moved to a different star system with hundreds of planets and moons most of which they were somehow able to terraform to some degree, creating a huge amount of "land" for humans to expand into; it's just like the frontier days where people settled far beyond the reaches of the law and government. But this isn't any more unrealistic than other sci-fi which assumes the existence of FTL travel, "subspace" radio, teleporters, etc., and in some ways is more realistic since it sticks to conventional physics mostly (it's just unlikely they'd find a star system with so many terraformable worlds which wouldn't be either way too hot or way too cold).

Comment Re: Why not stop making new shows (Score 1) 162

Wake me when Netflix et al start making big-budget sci-fi shows.

Until then, I'll just watch reruns of Star Trek, if anything. The last thing I want to watch is a show about how horrible prison life is. I already know it sucks; I don't need to spend my entertainment time seeing it. I want to see something optimistic.

Comment Re:Goin' to the farm (Score 1) 83

Having grown up on a farm I can vouch that farm air isn't dirty but at times it might appear to be rich to those not used to nature.

Well, define 'farm'? Is it the one from the painting? Or some more modern ag operation with a bunch of pesticides and sloppily-burned diesel, and big tires kicking the dirt up into the air? Burning the waste every year? Sometimes the air is pretty nice, sometimes it is beyond horrendous.

Comment Re:Because humans are the solution to ... (Score 1) 62

Question: should humans intervene in natural processes that they do not completely understand.

All actions have consequences. We're already intervening in these natural processes in ways which we haven't even identified, let alone understand. We're pretty clear that the reefs are important to us. We're not driving anything to extinction to preserve them. It's probably justified here. As has been pointed out elsewhere in this thread, it's probably scads better than introducing some other species to do it; you can switch off the bots.

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