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Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 196

I'm not a Christian, but Paul was not Jesus, and didn't even live at the same time. Just because some other people took Paul's writings, shoved them into a book together with 4 other guy's books who wrote down orally-passed-down stories about some guy named Jesus, and called it "the Holy Bible" does not mean that Jesus endorsed this Paul guy who lived decades later.

Now, I'll agree that everything in the Bible is part and parcel of "Christianity", because modern Christians believe it so, but the OP never said anything about Christians, he specifically opined about what *Jesus* would think, not what Paul or any other Christian, ancient or modern, would think.

Comment Re: But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 196

You're a complete idiot.

ISIS holds territory, and defends it militarily. They collect taxes, and they provide services to the populations under their control. They have a government, they pass laws, and they enforce those laws with police. They are a state in every sense of the term. You don't have to be recognized by other nations to be a valid state, you just have to be able to hold and defend your territory and have a government, which they do.

Comment Re:But they're not white, so it's OK (Score 1) 196

And Americans are awfully quiet when christian politicians harass transsexuals with...

Oh bullshit. Anyone who isn't a Christian decries this crap all the time. And then, in response, the Christian conservatives all bitch and complain about how Christians are being "persecuted" for wanting to "exercise their freedom of religion". It's even an issue on the GOP side with the Presidential election.

Did you somehow sleep through the media flap when that fat, ugly woman in Kentucky on her 4th marriage refused to sign marriage licenses for homosexuals?

Muslim extremists, Christian extremists - they're just two sides of the same coin. Fortunately, the majority in both camps don't go along with this crap

That's incorrect. Pew research has conducted polls showing that majorities of regular, everyday Muslims believe in policies like those.

The thing we have going for us here in "Christian countries" (the West) is that 1) much of Christianity has gotten away from the Medieval, violent stuff thanks to the Enlightenment (unfortunately, it seems that parts of America are slow to catch up; all the craziest and most extreme Christians are here in the US), and 2) the native-born occupants of Western nations are (thankfully) becoming less and less religious, and more secular. However, the same is not true in Islamic countries: everyone there is Islamic, there is no growing agnostic or atheist movement, and Islam never went through the Enlightenment.

Comment Re:Gnome... (Score 1) 29

I've tried newer versions of it. It still sucks. It's completely minimalistic, there's barely any configuration settings, and it's buggy as hell. I hate it. The only reason I use it at all is because that's what my work machine comes with, and there's no easy way to install KDE (it's CentOS7).

Honestly, I feel like Gnome is just like Windows Metro: a UI that I hate that people are trying to force on me. On the Windows side, it's MS trying to force their shitty UI on me through their market dominance and the fact that it's pretty hard to get any kind of job that doesn't require you to use Windows in some fashion (even if it's just email and Office). On the Linux side, it's a cabal of distro makers that have all, for some weird unknown reason, decided to push Gnome as the "preferred" UI. For Red Hat, it makes sense because it's their ugly baby (though again, it only makes some sense because it's a shitty UI and doesn't help adoption, esp. in the corporate/government sector that they work in), but this doesn't explain why everyone else including Debian loves it so much. At least Ubuntu tried to do something different, but it's no better.

Comment Re:But that would destroy the economy! (Score 1) 153

If people can store cash in their mattress, you can't jack up negative interest rates and force consumers to spend like they should! The flow of money to the 1% would decrease slightly! Won't anyone think of the 1%?

No, you just print more money, and hand it to the 1%. That keeps the money flowing that direction, and devalues the cash in mattresses.

Comment Re:Forced to accept cash? (Score 1) 153

In general, deadly force may not be used to simply defend ones property, and can only be used to defend someone's life or safety. An unarmed thief who has grabbed a cash box right in front of the landlord and then tries to immediately run away is not a threat to one's life, and shooting him to stop him would be highly illegal.

Depends on the state you live in.

I believe TX allows you to blow someone away if they are stealing your property.

I remember a bit before Katrina, there was a case in New Orleans East I think, a couple of kids were in an apartment parking lot, stealing stuff out of a car. The owner shot them and killed at least one of them, from his upstairs balcony facing the car.

The actually tried to press charges on the property owner, but they couldn't find a jury that would convict him....and I agree.

If the kids hadn't been committing a crime, they'd still be living today.

But most states I know of..if your able to in any way at all, think you are threatened, you can shoot someone, and no one shoots to injure, you're a fool if you try doing that. Heck, some states have weird old laws too, I remember in AR, that if you see someone trying to commit arson, even if you are not the property owner, you can legally shoot that person.

Things like that...

Comment Re: Smart! (Score 1) 153

I can imagine many gov't entities that may choose to not accept 'cash', because accepting cash requires additional security that checks, CC, and money orders don't, requires you to keep sufficient change on-hand, make bank deposits, etc.

No, government agencies cannot refuse to accept cash for anything which is mandatory, and they can't refuse pennies either. On the other hand, if you think pissing off your local government with a shitstorm of pennies is a good idea, you've got another think coming. The definition of legal tender is that you can use it to settle a debt. If someone doesn't want your pennies, they have to tell you before you incur the debt that they won't accept them, same as how a gas station has to post a sign saying no 100s if they don't want those and they let you pump before paying.

Comment Re:Uh... let me think about it (Score 1) 499

I'm curious why you pay for an app that others do better for free. When I traveled in western Europe google did wonderfully. I was a little apprehensive to travel where I didn't speak the language but I did fine.

There are specialty applications like mariners and truckers who don't have good free options.

Comment Re:'Reversable' (Score 2) 92

Or better yet just spill that forty of Old English 800 right on your keyboard

Eew. I'll have you know I drink quality microbrews, they match my neckbeard. Right now my favorite is Knee Deep, but I'm a hophead.

Don't worry without shitposting on Slashdot

Well sorry, I come from BBSes and USENET. My people invented shitposting.

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