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Comment 100 years ago (Score 1) 578

One hundred years ago, there were three million fugitives in Europe. There were only two places they could go, France or Holland. But most of them could hope that one or another the war would stop and they could go back home.

There are currently much less fugitives, but their future seems much more uncertain.

Comment Re:The Nazis Could Have Won (Score 1) 295

That was one of his key errors in the first invasion of Russia. The people in the western part of Russia were glad for a change, glad to have a way to get relieved of the soviets. However, for Hitler and his cronies they were all Slavs, and those same people decided after a couple of months that it was better to take their bets at the side of Stalin.

Comment Lisp-likes and CS background (Score 4, Insightful) 267

Start with How to Design Programs and work it through, from beginning to end, even if you are a good programmer.

Then go to Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. Work through the chapters that you find interesting.

Then start with learning Common Lisp. Even after 30 years existence, there is still no other programming language which implements everything that is possible with CL. There might be programming languages which are more specialised in certain language subsets that are also part of Common Lisp, but none includes everything that CL includes.

Then learn Common Lisp macros, and realise that to get at the same level of possibilities in other programming languages, you need to embed a Lisp system. But that will be a slow interpreter, and Common Lisp can compile.

Comment Re:Make a federal case out of it - learn this term (Score 1) 42

Indeed, being Flemish myself, I resent all European parties which are anti-Europe (Vlaams Blok, Geert Wilders, French Front National). Having read a whole lot on the history of WW1 and WW2, my take on matters is that anti-European parties are in reality pro-war parties.

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