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Comment Re:Now we need... (Score 1) 202

People have been claiming we were hitting peak population since we hit 1 billion.

So, sometime in the early 1800s. Now take a look at what's happened to ecological diversity since then. Check out the PPM of CO2. Examine the mass of the forests, forested area is relevant but what we really want is active and healthy biomass. That is, if what we want is a predictable climate that doesn't shit all over the spreadsheets...

Those places with an actual growing population will either die out, or figure out a way to deal with it.

Often by ignoring externalities, usually pushing them off directly onto someone else who suffers for it.

Comment Re:Now we need... (Score 1) 202

Unemployment has nothing to do with population numbers. Many (most ?) countries in this world enjoy low unemployment figures with growing demographics.

Well, that's stretching the point a bit, isn't it? First, there's no way it has nothing to do with population numbers. Second, there's not just both unemployment and underemployment; there's also reported unemployment and actual unemployment. Are you simply reading official figures? They are often lies.

Is it really enjoying low unemployment figures if A, the figures are bullshit and/or B, you're working your ass off but not really meeting your needs?

Comment Re:3D printed shoes? (Score 1) 24

Who 3D prints a shoe? Honestly!

Right now? Only experimenters and hipsters. In the future? Everybody. 3d printing is only getting better, and most shoes in the world are probably made out of an assortment of plastics already — certainly most shoes in the states are. Your stockinged foot gets laser-scanned and an ideally fitted pair of shoes is printed in your chosen style, colors, and choice of features. What's not to like, eventually?

Comment Re:Or just do it right (Score 1) 24

Or you could just design it the way you want it in the first place

This will be a design tool, in the box with all the other tools. For example, it's common for large european sedans to be offered with multiple wheelbases. Having auto-generated sliders that would let you stretch a car in between any pair of pillars would simplify design time. And someday, when 3d "printing" is far more developed than it is now, you'll stretch the car however you want it before you "print" it. Perhaps we'll come up with some way to form sheet metal panels without making stamping dies, or maybe we'll come up with cheaper ways to make and shape carbon fiber, and make panels from it... it won't necessarily be literally additive-printed. The BMW i3 proves that such a process could be used today, at least for certain very ugly classes of automobile.

Comment Re:Harmless mass: Harmful people (Score 1) 160

Weight required to kill someone from a free fall of 10 feet = .04 lbs

You must be kidding. .04 lbs is 18.1 grams and change. 3 quarters totaling 17.01 grams, plus a dime at 2.268 grams, are plenty more than 18.1 grams. So you're suggesting that if I tape 3 quarters and a dime together and drop it on someone's head from 10 feet I'm going to kill them.

Comment Re:Calculations (Score 3, Informative) 92

They're talking about the theoretical strength of SWNTs, which is upwards of 120GPa. But the highest ever measured SWNT strength, last I read, was around 60Ga - and that's the properties of individual tubes (ropes don't even approach it).

Whenever you're reading something and it mentions needing a "carbon nanotube tether", toss whatever you're reading in the "sci-fi" category. Not even the hard sci-fi category. And all for what - a ~6 year Pluto transit time? Lame.

Don't they have anything better to research?

Heck, even I can think of a more plausible approach than that - one that doesn't require unobtanium at least. Forget the "diamond anchor", land a microsat on it (approaching comet, not a retreating one). Yeah, that takes a lot of delta-V, but if it's just a microsatellite, then that's not a lot of mass. Then, forget about the "carbon nanotube tether"; use a space fountain between the large craft and the lander. Space fountains (such as paired coilguns, for example) are plausible with today's technology, requiring no unobtainium.

But the whole concept of delta-V from a comet is just not a worthwhile avenue to pursue either way. Way too much difficulty and mechanisms for failure for way too little reward.

Comment Re:i8 or nothing baby (Score 1) 80

I rate the Aztek as being less ugly that the PT Cruiser, plus the Aztek never made it outside the US.

Well, this implies you don't live here in the US, where you might actually encounter one of these vehicles. Just like the i3 is staggeringly uglier in person than in BMW press photos, the Aztek is fractally ugly. The more you look at it, the more new things you find to hate about it. When I saw it, I seriously thought it was a concept car that hadn't been refined yet. But no, it was a production vehicle already, in all its... glory. Every proportion just screams wrongness, like a bug wearing an Edgar suit.

Comment Re:Ignorant fucking asshole (Score 1) 160

Sure, but the charge should have been trespassing or something like that. The drone hit some seats. This isn't like having a gasoline fight at a gas station kind of reckless.

No, this was having a baseball game in a crowded park kind of reckless. You could easily wind up hitting someone with a ball (or even a bat) in that kind of environment. This drone was easily heavy enough to harm someone if it fell on them, and he clearly wasn't as in control of it as he thought he was. As well, odds are it was powered by a LiPo, which is a fire hazard. (I have LiPos, I use them, but any time they are outside of their protective storage, you should have an extinguisher ready and you should be able to access any place it might ignite...)

Comment Re:One more reason we need restrictions on drones. (Score 0) 160

Furthermore, behavior like this gives us an idea of what would happen if 'flying cars' were ever readily available.

Whether it's an excuse or not, you really have to agree with Moller (sp?) here. If you get a flying car, it really has to fly itself. A roadable airplane, not so much, but that's a whole other beast (and you can buy one already.)

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