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Comment Re:And for what? (Score 1) 274

It would be stunning. Observe a huge chunk of the galaxy and even be able to see planets around other stars. A entire complex of radars and telescopes, awesome stuff. Close to the horizon though, so that earth and solar observations could still be made and streamed live. A planetary effort.

Comment Re:And for what? (Score 1) 274

So it can be done. That is all that counts, so why waste money on a 'temporary' make do solution, when there is something much more worthwhile to achieve. A galactic observatory for scanning to a depth never before achievable and across a broad range of space. A truly effective early warning of impact system, a great planetary observation base and the likely ability to see planets in nearby star systems. It is feasible right now, it just requires the will. Perhaps a little less focus on killing each other in wars and a bit more focus on space will take use much further.

Comment Re:VR will be huge. Contrary opinions will be joke (Score 1) 51

You are completely ignoring psychological comfort. Imagine how long a typical couch potato would be willing to watch an idiot box if they had to stand up to do it or if they had to continually twist and flex their neck or it caused nausea. I write this from a lazy boy rocker recliner with a customised over bed table to hold my desktop, in the lounge with a nice view out the window and a big screen TV. Yeah, comfort counts and VR doesn't really cut it, in those stakes but hell, I don't care either way. You know what, lets run a test, grab some people and make the use VR 8 hours a day for a week and see what they feel like, hmm, OK? (now ramp that up to a month or how about 8 hours at work and 4 hours at home).

Simple immersion 3D video and sound are going to be difficult enough to make comfortable with extended use, without demanding people will never be allowed to rest their heads or even entire body (stresses building up in the neck, affects the persons entire physiology).

Sure likely to be fun with limited use but extended use will be hugely problematic. Simple immersion systems with no motion just cheaply extending the usability of a smart phone, turning the small screen into a very big screen, fairly cheaply with a huge improvement in usability but still likely to have limitations on extended use due to discomfort.

Seriously knuckle head, you can't seriously expect anyone could possibly believe people would accept TV if they had to wear a face mask to watch it and not be lounging about with their family, in the lounge room munching, oh yeah forget that bit huh, drinks and munchies, oh my, what will you do (hmm grope around making a mess or stop every time you had a thirst or hunger, oh yeah, that will go down well with the typical gamer). Let alone getting stoned whilst drinking and playing VR, more than the screen will be technicolor http://www.urbandictionary.com....

Comment Re: More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 560

And I wasnt arguing for trains. I merely stated that traffic jams are tge result of externalising most of the cost of driving. I wasnt arguing for any particular alternative. That said. If I was I would point out that the cost of polution means the externalized cost of driving a car is almost three orders of magnitude higher than anything else. If you factor in climate change its conservatively at least 5 orders of magnitude more than anythibg except perhaps airtravel.

Comment Re:File a Complaint (Score 1) 109

Yep. The option the poll didn't have was "Put me on your do-not-call list" then hang up.

You forgot the other one: "I'm on the Federal do-not call list. This call is illegal. Call again and it could cost you $2500."

That usually shuts them up. If they're American, anyway.

Comment Re: More nation-wrecking idiocy (Score 1) 560

Yes its theft. Yes its a market failure. These terms are not mutually exclusive. Its easy for something to be both. Externalities are market failures where part of the cosy of transactions are shifted onto unwitting 3rd parties. By definition it is not political however. When it is poliical that is called government failure. When it happens from the ordinary behavior the market without or despite government intervention it is a market failure. The definition of a market failure is any situation where a party to a transaction ends up worse off because of it. When that party us an involuntary participant who was not part of tge transaction decision and could not object bearing tge cost that is an externality. And externalities are a form of theft. They are far worse than taxes. Everything libertarians hate about taxes is true of externalities as well but we pay far more to externalities, get absolutely nothing at all in return and cant vote to reduce them or direct how they are spent.

Comment Re: Too late (Score 1) 221

Republicans aren't "free marke"t or "freedom" people - they're theocratic corporatists. You might be thinking of libertarians - they're more of the "do whatever the fuck you want unless you're going to hurt someone else" mentality. They might think that an SJW company would run itself into the ground in pretty short order, but whatever - they can destroy their company if they feel like it.

Comment Unity also kinda stinks (Score 1) 51

and I don't say that lightly. There's something off with the Cameras in every Unity game I've played. My bro thinks it's because they've written their code to be easy to port to mobile and there are too many limitations with that. Got me. But even Unity games I like (Wasteland II comes to mind) feel a tad clunkier than Unreal based equivalents. Unity space sims tend to feel more like first person shooters. That's more to the physics though but stil...

That said if my bro is right then Lumberyard might have the exact same problems. Unreal has it's share of problems too. I'm a console gamer at heart so I"m interested to see what the Japanese do with Unreal tech. As for Crytech, nice engine but like Idtech5 the dev tools suck for artists and if you're buying an engine then your artists probably have the toughest job on your team.

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