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Comment Re:No shit. This is why we all have our "lucky" D2 (Score 1) 131

That does explain a lot... as a D1 only has one surface it would have to be spherical; aka... a marble. Those *would* take a while to stop rolling around.

But I have ask why bother... the result is always going to be '100' anyway... unless you lose some of the marbles into the furnace vent or something?

Comment Re: The painful truth about freelancing (Score 1) 129

You say this as though freelancers don't have a steady paycheck and don't have a family. When in fact, I am a freelancer (in the sense of a contractor), have a family and a nice house.

The trick is to save a couple of months of expenses, start freelancing and then continue to save in your business account. From the business account, pay yourself a regular salary. I've continued saving into the business account until I had a year of living expenses. And I'll probably continue saving.

Comment Re:Corporate death penalty (Score 0) 109

You missed the point of Asimov's robot stories. The laws are in insufficient and don't work IRL. Also corporations exist first of all to enrich the owners and shareholders, all other functions are tangential to that goal.

You want this behaviour (patent trolling) actually to stop? The only thing that is required and that can work is to ban government from setting rules. All patent and copyright laws need to be abolished.

Comment Re:Devs continue to develop for these gimped thing (Score 1, Insightful) 129

Oh please, that strawman was debunked ages ago, its no different than the *.A.A claiming that piracy cost them more than the GDP of the planet! All one has to do is look at the incredible mountains of cash valve is generating without putting out new AAA titles in years to see PC gaming is a HUGE money maker and that users do not mind DRM if its not intrusive always online horseshit like UbiSuck.

No lets cut through the bullshit, shall we? The REAL reason that you see so many developing for consoles is that console users are easy to fuck and fuck hard, end of story. They can keep the prices jacked for FAR longer on consoles because they do not have to deal with a free market, with consoles they have a captive monopoly so they are the only game in town. With PC you have Steam and GOG and the Humble Bundles and Origin and UbiPlay and Greeman Gaming and Amazon, with PCs the users have a huge market to shop from and endless titles going back 30+ years so they don't have to put up with the "take it and like it" bullshit. Check a new title 3 weeks after release, where is it cheaper? PC. 3 months? PC, 6 months, a year, 2 years? PC, PC, and PC, simply because if you don't compete? You ain't getting that money.

So don't give us the party line bullshit, its because of money alright, its because they can royally fuck console users and they have no choice but to bend over and take it.

Comment Re:Summary is so broken (Score -1, Troll) 129

Are the console OSes really so primitive that they cannot handle these things without dedicated cores? Because I have an 8 core and despite the OS having much more to do i have zero effort doing any of the above while playing games and running plenty of background tasks. Considering the hardware of both consoles is really nothing more than an HTPC it seems kinda ridiculous that it cannot perform basic tasks that PCs have been able to do quite easily for ages with hardware that powerful.

Maybe somebody that actually works console dev can chime in with the inside scoop, how primitive are the OSes on these things?

Comment Re:Not on the list: time for getting new client (Score 1) 129

Another form of contracting is a traditional contract - you have to do X and produce Y deliverables in preferably a Z timeframe, which is more project oriented

I've done these on a much smaller scale, moonlighting during my previous (regular) day job. But I found it's pretty easy to sign yourself into bankruptcy. Just make a faulty estimate, then let the client sue you. And there are always surprises. So personally, I wouldn't want to do fixed price projects as a one-man shop.

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