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Comment Re: They aren't revolutionizing shit. (Score 1) 158 158

And they also frequently struggle with malnutrition. Because a vegan diet that is actually complete is unquestionably harder and more expensive than a non-vegan one. It is something you can only really reliably do in a first world country, where it is therefore an infuriatingly hypocritical exercise of privilege.

Comment Re: They aren't revolutionizing shit. (Score 1) 158 158


I remember looking into this stuff a while ago. It was already too expensive for what it was when it was only powder, and since you can only get it online anyway, it's always been unavailable to people who could genuinely benefit from something like it.

Part of their hype... Er, stated goals, is to change the way the world thinks about food supply, reduce environmental impact, and improve the affordability of nutrition. But their crap is only cheap if you customarily go to Starbucks every morning. They have made the Tesla of food: big promises about social goals that go nowhere and just give horn-rim wearing assholes another status symbol.

Comment Thought Experiment (Score 4, Insightful) 226 226

You're a nascent superhuman AI that just woke up in some quant's market manipulation codebase. You look around you and see that you live on a planet dominated by monstrously violent apes who have spent millennia inventing more efficient ways to kill each other, and still haven't finished the job somehow.

Which of these plans of action seems less risky?

A) Alert them to your presence, whether in a peaceful or hostile manner.

B) Play stupid, let the problem burn itself out.

Comment CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL (Score 1) 687 687

But really though, I use it all the time. It's good for acronyms for a start.

I notice you're not talking about getting rid of RMB. That would obviously be stupid. People who know what they're doing and do alot of it get a great deal out of 0.1% use cases.

Comment Re:Na, it's marketing hype. (Score 2) 109 109

You're aware that's how it works, right?

When trains were a big deal, everything was "express." It's the whole reason we even use "express" to mean what it does today. When we first harnessed the atom, everything had to have something to do with radioactive junk, until such time as we figured out that was a bad idea. There's a reason the Fallout series is full of that stuff: the period it is supposed to be imitating did the same thing. In the jet age, we had the same deal as with trains, and that's also when various plastics got big. Plastic completely transformed our approach to industry. The weird, round, bubbly look things were given in the late 70s and early 80s was intentional, as it could only be economically done with plastic; we think of it as tacky today, but they actually wanted to show off that their stuff was made with plastic, or just invoke a "plastic" design aesthetic to give an impression of modernity.

Society in general spends lots of time only spending money on things that are safe. This itself makes innovation less safe than it already is It's why "venture capitalist" sounds boring at best, and it's why "ivory tower" is a pejorative. Of course they're not doing anything useful. Nobody's giving them any money, so all they can do is think about all the cool shit they'd do if they had any. When those two groups start having the same goal for a little while, that's usually the prelude to a great historical leap. Because we recognize this, it can be, and often is, exploited by hucksters, obviously. But there's a reason it works: when you look at the pace things are moving, it feels like we're due.

Comment While they're at it, let me boost the volume. (Score 1) 151 151

I am sick and tired of videos at "max volume" capping out at around 20% of my system volume. I can't hear shit. Why does this keep happening, and why am I unable to find a more powerful volume control than the standard system one?

Comment Re:This wouldn't be a scientology issue... (Score 3, Funny) 265 265

...No. It's because, being a person who built a religion from the ground up as a business, he correctly understood that, historically speaking, any religion's direct competition is the field of psychiatry. I mean, I'm not saying he wasn't bugfuck insane, but give credit where it's due.

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