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Comment Re:Next up: Stone candy. (Score 1) 156

It doesn't matter if you "overshoot", as it just means there will be a longer time until you get hungry.

You are wrong. You have to eat at regular intervals, regardless of how much you ate earlier, in order to correctly modulate blood sugar. This is the entire mechanism of how people get both obesity and diabetes. Please actually read something about this topic before talking about it.

Comment Give Skype to Valve (Score 1) 505

In one stroke, I've increased the chance its functionality will actually be improved at some point, slowed the creep of ads getting stuffed into it, improved Steam's (and therefore any Steam game's) voice functionality significantly, and introduced a glimmer of hope that the client source might be opened.

Comment Re:Dice, (Score 2) 270

Nope. I don't even use Facebook. CAN'T, in fact. Had an account years ago and intentionally scrambled my password, since I only even signed up to talk to one person who I then fell out of contact with. Why the hell would I engage with that shitpile on purpose? Why would anyone? People "like" Facebook for the same reason they "like" their bank or their employer. Not having to use Facebook is the sole benefit of being incredibly unpopular.

Comment Wow, this shit is hilarious. (Score 3, Funny) 618

"People are sick of the politically correct narrative! SJWs won't stop playing the victim card!"


I'm not even IN it anymore and I knew that, but people here see "panel about harassment in gaming at SXSW" and they go full fucking cultist. Incidentally, this kind of dumb shit is WHY I'm not in it. The longer any given group exists on the internet, the more likely it will turn into a bunch of howler monkeys that get triggered and assblasted by words they're afraid of. The fact that tumblr SJ trash did it first and loudest doesn't make this any less idiotic.

Comment Quality and regularity are far more important. (Score 1) 315

As a man disabled by sleep dysregulation who is well aware of the consequences of his choices, as well as which contributing factors are legitimately out of my control, I can tell you exactly the difference between ourselves and paleolithic man. Paleo guy wasn't so goddamn fat he needs a machine to keep from choking to death on his own throat at night. He also didn't have anything particularly interesting to do after it got dark except fuck, which is pretty draining if you're doing it right.

Radioactive cats have 18 half-lives.