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Comment Re: Doesn't sound like malware to me. (Score 1) 123

That's why the questions are syllogisms instead of "explain this analogy." It's trivial to invalidate any analogy, because analogies only make sense if you agree on a context that gives them a particular relationship. A well-crafted syllogism, on the other hand, has an unambiguous context, because it's talking about the relationship between the two sets, not the objects themselves.

tl;dr: nobody really cares if you suck at syllogisms, but you look ridiculous when you try to claim that it's because you're just too darned creative for our feeble human language.

Comment Re:Not a question, but a suggestion: (Score 4, Interesting) 157

No, those are just the actual Trump supporters. He has far more ironic supporters. People my age are thoroughly addicted to sarcasm. Hell, before I heard about McAfee running, I was thinking about voting for Trump. He'd be such a terrible president that he might actually destabilize the federal government, which is a huge net gain despite whatever ridiculous bullshit he'd do to get us there.

If my vote would be mostly a joke anyway, I'd like it to be a joke that's actually funny, and one that I can pretend might actually solve problems I care about. McAfee is my candidate.

Comment Not a question, but a suggestion: (Score 4, Funny) 157

Make sure you have a big presence on chan boards. Get memes made about you, and generally continue being your awesome-ridiculous self. Don't act professional for the sake of your campaign. That isn't what millenials want, and they are the ones you can get to vote for you if you do your marketing right. Think about that. Millenials might actually vote. All you have to do is entertain them. Get yourself made fun of on John Oliver repeatedly. Be a bigger cartoon character than Donald Trump. You can do this. I believe in you. You're the closest we could ever get to President Zaphod Beeblebrox. Please make it happen.

Comment I have a better title: (Score 1) 77

A Complicated Algorithm to Build a Crappy Looking Dungeon

Any "hallways" in any area but the periphery are going to be wonky and stupid agglomerations of whatever rooms happened to be shoved in there. Attempting to control for that factor would just make all the rooms too similarly square. And frankly, randomized connectivity is just silly to begin with. Other map generators tend to focus on sticking modules together, in part because the connectivity always makes sense that way. It makes for samey architecture, but that isn't actually boring if you're properly doing your job of filling those rooms with interesting stuff.

Mass Effect had very noticeably lazy level design for its exploration/filler material. Hey, it's that one grey box again, sitting next to its grey box friend. Oh boy, I'm going down this hole for the tenth time, I wonder if the door will open left or right. I did it all anyway, because I found the contents of these little adventure capsules at least somewhat engaging, and I was interested in the mechanical rewards from them which I could apply to the prettier parts of the game.

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