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Comment A functional, minimalist mobile site/app (Score 1) 1825

Slashdot's mobile site is ugly hot garbage, and I only use it because the only Android app I've found that even works half the time (and only half the time) doesn't allow posting. The ad at the bottom consistently obscures the login button, which means that every time I want to post something, I have to fight with it to avoid pressing whatever stupid trash it's hawking that I don't care about because I'm the opposite of a businessman and have no use for any of the products or services regularly advertised here.

Also, "Informative" and "Insightful," as well as "Troll" and "Flamebait," are too similar to each other. It'd probably be better to consolidate them. We could probably also do with a "-1 Incorrect."

Comment Re: Misses the point (Score 2) 214

So, in other words, it's completely pointless and may in fact have a deleterious effect.

Math and PE have both been required portions of a public school curriculum for more than a century. In that time, each generation has consistently been fatter and more afraid of numbers than the last.

If we require programming as a way of "teaching logic and reasoning," we can likely expect future high school graduates to be unable to send an email without help from a government case worker.

Comment Re:Penny (Score 0) 702

I am getting really tired of people suggesting this. Small change is vital to stretching funds for those of us living in poverty. It is definitely a problem that pennies are worth more as metal than coinage. So just make them out of plastic, already. Nations with enough forward-thinking ideas about currency to have dropped small coins already have plastic bills, so why not?

Comment Re:Imagine, also... (Score 1) 65

People seem to really like trying to use their horns for that. Maybe we should just give every car a twitter account that goes HONK when the driver honks the horn. In addition to high volumes of HonkNet activity alerting people to traffic congestion, perhaps it could also be used to investigate crashes, tell your friends you're ready to pick them up, or make sure the whole internet knows you think that ass is fine.

Comment Please No (Score 1) 490

Why do we even need to address how monumentally bad it would be to introduce the sociological machinery that creates investment bubbles to the political process? The only way this wouldn't be a disaster is if elections were exactly as much of a sham as I've long believed they are. People were upset about the color of the President's suit for a little while, and are rarely upset about the worst of his policies. We would be better served by picking a new absolute monarch by lottery every three months.

Besides that, online voting was already a completely terrible idea. I'd think that was a settled argument around here.

Comment Re:Next up: Stone candy. (Score 1) 159

It doesn't matter if you "overshoot", as it just means there will be a longer time until you get hungry.

You are wrong. You have to eat at regular intervals, regardless of how much you ate earlier, in order to correctly modulate blood sugar. This is the entire mechanism of how people get both obesity and diabetes. Please actually read something about this topic before talking about it.

Comment Give Skype to Valve (Score 1) 508

In one stroke, I've increased the chance its functionality will actually be improved at some point, slowed the creep of ads getting stuffed into it, improved Steam's (and therefore any Steam game's) voice functionality significantly, and introduced a glimmer of hope that the client source might be opened.

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