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Comment: It's everywhere (Score 1) 260

I called the local call-before-you-dig number because I was having foundation work done and you have to have an underground lines located before you can so much as plant bedding plants around here. A lady showed up and followed procedure for the gas and electrical lines then she pulled out her water witching wands to locate the rest of the stuff. Crazy. I called and left a complaint but they never got back to me. One day she's going to have some equipment malfunction and she's going to use her wands to locate an electrical line and it'll kill someone.

Comment: Re:Walled garbage approach (Score 4, Insightful) 126

by Russ1642 (#47774759) Attached to: Microsoft Dumps 1,500 Apps From Its Windows Store

They should crowdsource this. Simply mark new apps as being in a probationary period and give downloaders the option of tagging the app as misleading, malware, abuse of permissions, etc. It would greatly help their human staff find the bad apples quickly. Of course the same goes for Google and Apple.

Comment: Stupid (Score 1) 105

by Russ1642 (#47715879) Attached to: Do Readers Absorb Less On Kindles Than On Paper? Not Necessarily

Unless they had a high suspicion that e-readers cause poor retention then why even study it unless they were skewed from the start? This is like pitting peanut butter cookies versus chocolate chip cookies as cancer cures. You'll likely find that one works better than the other just by chance, but the fact is that neither of them has any cancer curing effect whatsoever. It's a suspicious, stupid study.

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by Russ1642 (#47673503) Attached to: Can Our Computers Continue To Get Smaller and More Powerful?

What's obvious is that we can continue to get smaller and more powerful than what we have already. Do you doubt that in a year's time, let alone five, computers will be smaller, more powerful, and consume less energy? And then there are mobile devices, which have a LONG way to go, especially in regards to batteries. Thinking that we've already reached the limits of speed and size is laughable. It really is up there with "shut down the patent office because everything has been invented" attitude.

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