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Comment: Re:Let me take this one (Score 1) 107 107

My neighbour is in possession to the password to his online bank and he is very rich. I would like a new Lamborghini so I am going to spy on his computer until he types his password.

My other neighbour is very sexy and probably showers naked. So I will just put a little camera in to gather some "research" information.

Just because they want information and someone else has it in no way justifies what they do.

I think we can all agree that you can spy on an enemy. But when a country spies on its own people they don't even need to worry about foreign enemies. They have a built in one at home.

Comment: Re:Let me take this one (Score 1) 107 107

I wonder how hard they pursue people who write comments that make them feel bad?

I wouldn't be surprised if some of these asshats have serious anger management issues where they put people who cut them off in traffic onto "extra scrutiny" lists for when they travel. It certainly appears that there is no repercussions to anything they do so why not?

Comment: Re:In the USA... (Score 1) 188 188

Remember RoundUp and how EVIL it was. It's not relevant that some aspect of it is not as bad today; the damage was done and is still being done as well as new ways to repeat the same process with new chemicals and plants.

I didn't get into how they work to undermine science when it goes against them. People thought tobacco was bad with it's industry holding progress back for decades; Monsanto is more capable today than big tobacco ever was.

Comment: How to revive the Mammoth species (Score 2) 16 16

To revive a dead species, that you don't have complete DNA for: Start with the closest living relative. Change the major parts, that you know of. See how the results look. Keep adding bits and pieces as you can, getting closer to the lost species. Set up a wildlife park where people can come and see them.

Comment: Subprime Mortgage crash (Score 1) 352 352

I read an article years ago about a guy who developed the software that made transacting CDOs (Collateralized debt obligations) much easier. Basically that lead to the entire sub-prime mortgage industry which lead to 2008. So I think that he wins this whole discussion.

Comment: Convenient threat (Score 2) 55 55

The Panopticon is inevitable given the existential threats of Daesh terrorists being groomed over the internet in our midst and the convenient truth that business has already owned peoples lives without protest. (With the exception of the hated European Union's attempts to limit it).

All we can hope for now is that oversight of the agencies given snooping powers can be created - allowing a few bought off judges to rubber stamp access to peoples data is nowhere good enough. Also to restrict access to agencies with publicly sanctioned specific agendas and well trained staff - currently there is nothing to stop low level local officials from free access to peoples data and the corruption that this will create (See US policing tactics to steal money from people stopped in their vehicles).

Theresa Mays party is fameous for its bad implementation of law so expect none of the above caveats to be implemented. They are well known as the party of Law and Order - which equates to laws written by the most vocal and insane right wing media.

Comment: Mod parent up! (Score 1) 53 53

Parent post is the only post needed in response to this story. If even a quantum computer can merely get a polynomial speedup in the best case, it's kind of silly to suppose that a classical analog computer can get an exponential speedup. And what really grinds my gears is the implication that superturing computation might be possible, which would violate the Bekenstein bound.

Comment: pretty simple really (Score 2) 580 580

Price: battery powered vehicles that look like time machines or toys are still priced at the luxury vehicle level. the ones that look normal or respectable, tesla, are still commanding BMW dollars. Hell, even decent electric motorcycles start at 17k. if you want me to buy one, stop crashing the economy and start supporting a living wage.
Range: most of these cars excel in stop and go traffic, with parking garages equipped with Chademo charge stations that dont cost anything. for the rest of america outside of Los Angeles and New York, we dont have this and our commute isnt as gridlocked as you may think.

Comment: Re:Hold them liable (Score 1) 96 96

A large corporation holding millions of copyrighted recordings can't be expected to be perfect. With that many recordings and the staff to police them there is bound to be mistakes made, so you can't penalize them to that extent. There should be a fee to file a takedown request($100), and a financial penalty for a wrong one($5000 or 10% of revenue). That makes DMCA spamming expensive enough that they will stop.

Comment: Let me take this one (Score 5, Insightful) 107 107

It is very simple as to why they did this. Amnesty was pestering some bad people. These bad people were doing a deal with the UK government that would come under the umbrella of "realpolitik" in order to smooth this deal the home office was asked to help out with some information that would interfere with Amnesty's work. All the little spy drones would say things like "These orders came from the highest level"

So if you were to ask almost everyone at almost every level if this was a good or a bad thing that they have done they would pretty much all agree that it was in the greater interest of the UK. Thus they did bad things to us for our own good.

What they never seem to ask themselves is what the average person in the UK would think about dealing with these very bad people. Most people would quickly say things like the ends not justifying the means.

If you look at the former prime minister TB and his dealing with Libya's madman leader then you know that these people will pursue their own interests, their career interests, and the interests of their friends and supporters long before they would even give a shrug about the interests of the citizenry.

Also when it comes to these people, I don't see the whole "a few bad apples." because if they know that this is going on and do nothing then they are just as bad as the rest. It is no different than if I know my neighbour is murdering people and I just buy earplugs to not hear the screaming. I might not be guilty of murder but it doesn't make me a good apple.

Comment: Re:At least he included warrants (Score 4, Insightful) 256 256

Spying on everyone isn't effective if everyone knows about it. They need to publicly back down on the spying, let this blow over, then bring it all back in secret. If they don't do this it means they are not interested in gathering intelligence, but rather in the chilling effect.

"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." -- John Wooden