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Comment 18 million pounds (Score 2) 243

OK the average British bobby earns about 45k a year. Lets have 18 of them, that gives us 6 policemen x 3 spots which should cover weekends and 3 shifts easily. 18 cops x 45k gives 810,000 a year. Ok let's round that up to 1 million pounds a year. Assange has been there 3 years now, so thats 3 million pounds. Now I realize there's plenty of other stuff to cover other than actual manpower, but I'm wondering where the other 15 million pounds is coming from.

Comment Re:This is how the Borg get their start (Score 5, Informative) 57

How much longer before you get your iPhone embedded in your head?

Funny that you mention that. Last night at the theater, there was a guy who kept getting texts on his iPhone during the movie. I was thinking of how much longer before I embedded his iPhone in his head. His girlfriend finally took his phone away and turned it off. I thanked her on the way out.

Comment Here is my Nobel prise winning theory (Score 1) 326

The mathematics of economics appear to be very similar to the mathematics of weather. There are elements that are predictable do to natural climatic conditions. Some elements are driven by distant events such as the formation of hurricanes. There are even black swan events such as volcanoes.

Thus it is very tempting to begin to look at people in a very statistical way just like the weather. In Canada is is probably a good idea to buy a snow shovel in the fall and a bathing suit in the spring. Not always, but a good plan.

Economists can very easily see that most people spend their time living most of their lives in a very simple statistical ebb and flow. Except there is one huge problem with this:
Assholes. Unlike the weather, the world is filled with assholes. This is where economists such as Milton Friedman get it exactly wrong. He seems to think that people will all work together in harmony in an invisible hand sort of way making the world a better place. Except that this is where you get complete assholes such as the people who put melamine into milk to improve its apparent protein levels. Why did they put melamine in milk, because they had previously been watering it down so the milk companies started testing for nitrogen as a way to test for protein. Assholes.

If you haven't dealt with people on Wall Street before then you simply can't take to heart the levels that genuine psychopaths will stoop in order to make a buck. People often think of not playing fair in ways such as deflategate or someone putting their toe over the line when serving at tennis. No, on Wall Street they will happily destroy an entire country and all it's industries so that they can make a few million dollars. They will guide regulations so as to ban competition. They will pay off politicians to empty the government treasuries in their favour.

Think about the rolling brownouts and massive increases in power costs in California, all so that Enron could make a tiny amount of money (vs the costs). By some estimates California lost over 40 billion dollars because of those exploits.

So unlike the weather and the nice pretty mathematics that surround it, economics forgets that these asshole hailstorms will take out all the car windows a week after the asshole tornado targeted the competing glass factory.

Some economists are pointing to game theory to explain even the assholes. But again, here they get it wrong. Take the prisoner's dilemma. But there are all kinds of other players in that game. First there is the DA who will hide exonerating evidence to make a name for himself. Then there is the prisoner who has the other prisoner shanked so that there is now only one player in the game. There is the corrupt police chief who arrested the two prisoners in the first place because he is in the pocket of a competing crime boss. Then there is the private prison system that has pushed the laws and courts so that the bail for the two prisoners is so high they can't afford it and the courts so overbooked that they will then spend months or maybe years in a private jail awaiting trial.

So if you want to win a Nobel in economics and actually come up with a system that has at least weather level predictive abilities then figure out how to model the impact of psychopathic assholes.

Comment Re:Irrelevant (Score 1) 172

He did a LOT of things that a lot of people didn't like, almost all of which were for the longterm good of the country...

Like raise 90% of the population's taxes?

Like sign an amnesty bill for illegal immigrants?

Like give arms to Iran?

Like send death squads to Central and South America?

Like crap his diaper in the oval office?

Yeah, I'd say that Reagan did a lot of things that a lot of people didn't like. I would have to respectfully disagree about the "good of the country" part, though.

Comment Re:Sorry, Bernie... (Score 1, Troll) 172

Bernie has a snowballs chance in Death Valley a in mid summer heat wave... Shame though, as a republican it sure would be fun to watch him as the democratic contender...

I don't know if you remember about this time in 2007, but Republicans said the exact same thing about Obama. How "Americans would never vote for a guy with the middle name "Hussein"" and "America wasn't ready for a black president". The entire campaign season, through April of 2008, was "Hillary is the presumptive nominee". Remember how Fox News had the "Stop Hillary Express"? Just don't be surprised if a filthy pro-gun socialist hippie is gonna drink up your milkshake.

Be careful what you wish for, Republicans. You might want to look at the turd logs in your own eye before howling about the speck in someone else's.

Comment Re:Good. Better private than public. (Score 1) 231

Actually tax pays for things like the free healthcare in the UK, which whilst without the better outcomes in the US costs far less as a proportion of GDP. The rich are free to pay extra for better care in the UK so I do not understand why they want to take away the right of the poor to healthcare. Unless it is of course because they are evil.

Comment History (Score 2) 502

People who find this interesting are maybe too young to remember what it was like during the oil embargo last century when gas stations would run out of product. There were long lines at the gas pumps, fights and shootings. Local governments had to enact "odd/even" day refueling to prevent riots at the gas stations.

And this story? Here's an example of how insufficient charging stations has made people "meaner":

"Employees are calling and messaging each other, saying, 'I see you're fully charged, can you please move your car?'"

This is apparently what millennials think is "mean". I mean, for chrissake the guy said "please". In my day, if you wanted to be mean to another driver, you broke his headlights, cracked his windshield and pissed in his gas tank. Now THAT was mean.

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