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Comment Tie complete food components list to a barcode (Score 1) 514

The "warning label will be too big" argument is completely bogus. Food manufacturers must be mandated to provide complete component lists and ingredient sources via a barcode and public database on the Internet. Then consumers can optionally at any time of their choosing use smart phones/barcode readers to choose what they want to buy prior to or after purchase. Will consumers share their "opinions" of both good and bad food components with others? Hell, yes! And like open source software everyone sharing info about and consuming or choosing not to consume "open source food" products will be better for it. The fact that this hasn't occurred puts the "big lie" to all myths about "rational consumers" who can make their own choices about their food purchases. You cannot make rational choices if you don't have the ability to obtain the necessary information. Large food manufacturers may be causing their own continued decline by attempting to hide GMO etc. As rational consumers are left only with the option to not buy foods from the "big food conglomerates" if they want to avoid what they fear. This is already happening. I recently visited father's MD with my father for his checkup. In the doctor's reception area was a warning about GMO foods and all the brands and corporations to not buy unlabeled GMO food from.

Comment Good Luck Leaving Oracle (Score 5, Interesting) 190

Oracle products are specifically designed to make it very difficult and costly to leave the platform given all their proprietary extensions to SQL and supported programming language and development tools.

If your application was designed with Oracle development tools you are likely completely S**t Outta Luck. But if all you did was use Oracle as an RDMBS and avoided all their lock-in traps you should be able to port to PostgreSQL.

But in most situations, Oracle is the Hotel California of platforms: "you can check in anytime you want, but you can never leave.." at least not without significant costs in porting which will be more painful and risky than to simply keep paying.....

Because of this the best option is usually to specify and enforce that Oracle *NOT* be used on any new or replacement projects while the organization just keeps paying and paying and paying on the systems that require Oracle.

There are a number of very good reasons that few Internet startups run out and buy Oracle for infrastructure use.

Comment Monsanto has to label their GMO foods in Europe (Score 1) 446

and should also be mandated to label their GMO food in the US, so that consumers can choose.

The truth is that GMO foods have already so penetrated our foods and particularly processed foods that the food makers expect to lose customers if they are required to label.

Monsanto, ADM, etc are not trustworthy nor are the US food agencies that are suffering from regulatory capture. Label GMOs and let the consumer choose.

If the plant was not created by nature hybridization via crossbreeding and instead has genes that could not naturally occur in the plant genome. Label it as GMO.

Comment Re:Shows where the heart is (Score 1) 139

Well, then let's just give the credit for making the FOIA request. And the journalist and/or organization that makes the most useful FOIA requests per year as voted on by their peers, wins all their costs times 100.

Otherwise, this a brilliant way to slow FOIA requests by profit making enterprises.

Comment Re:Common sense prevails! (Only Partially!) (Score -1, Flamebait) 545

So vaccines approved by boards and other parties inside the US Food and Drug Administration with undisclosed economic interests in the vaccine companies bottom-line doesn't bother you?

Allowing individual lawsuits where the prevailing party pays will not bankrupt the vaccine makers UNLESS they've done something proveably wrong. And it will filter out the "nutters" who will end up paying the companies for bogus lawsuits. Only those parties who can prove harm with good science should prevail.

If the vaccine makers are doing their jobs right they have nothing to fear with reasonable legal protection. They only need to smash down a few suits and collect from those that could not prove their case.

This is not specifically about Autism and whether it is caused by vaccinations. It is about holding companies accountable for products that EVERYONE must use by government mandate.

The vaccine companies always talk about the "nutters." That's to keep any sensible discussion about holding the vaccine makers accountable from gaining any traction. But like the "nutters" were right about mass government surveillance and they are also likely somewhat right about government mandated injections. Those who profit from mandatory injections and vaccine manufacture and control need to held to a very high standard. Since the mid-80s vaccine companies have successfully avoided that responsibility. That must end.

Comment Re:Common sense prevails! (Only Partially!) (Score 0, Troll) 545

The federal laws passed in the mid-80s that insulate the responsibility of vaccine creating companies to flaws in their products needs to rescinded or heavily revised.

It is the fact that the companies creating these vaccines are largely not culpable for their products that has driven the anti-VAX movement. FIX THAT or this law will be ignored.

As it is California legislators basically gave a free pass to all current parents whose children have already aged passed the ages they were supposed to get vaccinated. Those children do not have to be vaccinated.

The legislators did that to defuse the daily protests by parents.

Comment If an IOT device phones home DO NOT BUY IT (Score 5, Interesting) 131

if you cannot completely turn that intrusive privacy robbing feature OFF permanently. Devices that phone home to their real corporate master are not owned or controlled by YOU.

It is really that simple. That means don't buy Dropcam or a Nest or any of the other "easy to use" everything is stored "in the cloud" IOT devices that are out there and are the most heavily promoted.

There are nwtwork security cameras you can secure easily and control the recordings of. There are also "home automation" devices that only talk to each other within a defined area using reasonable encryption. You just have to be very careful and research what you are buying.

I note that in my last visit to BestBuy every IOT and home automation device promoted was more useful to the company who manufactured it that was collecting all the customers data than to the customer.

You can program your home router to block all outgoing traffic except from devices you select and you will find that many IOT devices will no longer work if you block their ability to "phone home."

Comment Since Repubs cannot descredit 'climate change' (Score 2) 347

they now want to discredit the messenger: Science and Scientists. With 97% of scientists seeing climate change as real. It's really the only way to keep the current system going as is.

Why? Because with climate change deemed as "real" there will be a public demand that all externalities be paid for by the parties that created the harmful externalities. Global Free market capitalism cannot survive such a change as it never pays the true costs of the damage it creates. It's purpose is to socialize externalities costs while privatizing profit. So the reality of 'climate change' will be fought via virtually all means.

Here is what monied capitalists most fear: If climate change is real, either free market capitalism dies or a sizable of chunk of humanity does.

With a 97% consensus of scientists global free market capitalism must be altered significantly so that 100 years from now the Earth is at least as livable as it is for us.

Comment Dericam IP Video cameras do this (Score 1) 263

Available at Amazon, eBay, etc. starting around $70. These IP cameras will email or ftp still images at 640x480 or you can "pull ftp" motion sensed videos at 720p. Dericam cameras are Linux based and "hackable" because the administrator password let you overwrite flash memory. They are also easy to unbrick *if* you mess up.

This example is a indoor Pan-Tilt camera:

They do have some bugs, like all these Asian made IP Cameras seem to regardless of price, but unlike almost all the others you can work or hack around them.

Comment SUPER SLOW unless a faster than light system (Score 1) 105

that does not exist is hidden within the system somewhere.

I guess it could be a backhaul for slow low priority internet traffic, but no customer in the 1st world would put up with the latency and lag given the current "centralized service" architecture of all internet services from Google, Facebook, WebMail, YouTube, "The Cloud" etc.

It could be great for bandwidth expansion with a more distributed network model than what we have now for Internet services. Email and file transfers that don't need instantaneous speed compared to interactive web pages would be natural uses for such a high latency service that would also need to be cheaper than faster terrestrial options.

Comment Re:TOR (Score 1) 145

So I guess you've given up on all the web sites that require logins and/or use cookies and JavaScript that don't work if you use TOR in the proper way that prevents tracking. Because TOR is doesn't work on many sites if you set it up to properly actually protect your identity. Add-ons like Disconnect, Privacy Badger, Self-Destructing Cookies, Adblock, and Flashblock provide reasonable mis-direction to tracking with an added VPN that randomizes your visible IP address.

And NoScript is fantastic except for all the care and feeding necessary to keep up with all the tricks the sites impose. And many sites now make it impossible to view their sites if you use NoScript.

HTML5 was developed advertising industry input built-in, so its even harder to avoid being tracked.

So now the choice is becoming be tracked or do not use the web.

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