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Comment: Re:Oracle burning bridges (Score 2) 161

Oracle should accept some losses and quietly make an amiable-as-possible exit. Why air dirty laundry about clients? Even if the State is partly to blame, being a loud asshole makes you less likely to get future gov't contracts.

You have no idea the level of arrogance that exists at Oracle...

Comment: Re:How did this go to trial? (Score 5, Informative) 236

by bobthesungeek76036 (#46426623) Attached to: Drone Pilot Wins Case Against FAA

1. Guy flies radio-controlled model plane. 2. ? 3. Guy is in court.

What happened a step 2?

From TFA: ...Pirker operated the aircraft within about 50 feet of numerous individuals, about 20 feet of a crowded street, and within approximately 100 feet of an active heliport at UVA, the FAA alleged. One person had to take "evasive measures" to avoid being struck by the aircraft, the agency said...

My guess is one of the "numerous individuals" whined to the Police/F.A.A.

+ - Ask Slashdot: Can some of us get together and rebuild this community? 21

Submitted by wbr1
wbr1 (2538558) writes "It seems abundantly clear now that Dice and the SlashBeta designers do not care one whit about the community here. They do not care about rolling in crapware into sourceforge installers. In short, the only thing that talks to them is money and stupid ideas.

Granted, it takes cash to run sites like these, but they were fine before. The question is, do some of you here want to band together, get whatever is available of slashcode and rebuild this community somewhere else? We can try to make it as it once was, a haven of geeky knowledge and frosty piss, delivered free of charge in a clean community moderated format."

+ - Alternatives to Slashdot post beta? 8

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Like many Slashdotters, I intend to stop visiting Slashdot after the beta changeover. After years of steady decline in the quality of discussions here, the beta will be the last straw. What sites alternative to Slashdot have others found? The best I have found has been, but it has been a while since I've looked for tech discussion sites."

+ - Slashdot BETA Discussion-> 60

Submitted by mugnyte
mugnyte (203225) writes "With Slashdot's recent restyled "BETA" slowly rolled to most users, there's been a lot of griping about the changes. This is nothing new, as past style changes have had similar effects. However, this pass there are significant usability changes: A narrower read pane, limited moderation filtering, and several color/size/font adjustments. BETA implies not yet complete, so taking that cue — please list your specific, detailed opinoins, one per comment, and let's use the best part of slashdot (the moderation system) to raise the attention to these. Change can be jarring, but let's focus on the true usability differences with the new style."
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Comment: I'd like to know how these journalists witnessed? (Score 1) 1038

I've witnessed an execution in the State of Ohio. At the Lucasville facility, there is a gallery of seats where the victims and inmates families and journalists sit/stand. There is a large window into the execution room that all the seats face. They pull the curtains after administering the drug and don't pull them back until the inmate is pronounced dead. Either they changed the procedure or these journalists are only reporting what those inside the room saw...

Comment: Re:"Windows 8 is a piece of shit !" (Score 1) 470

It's fine if you disagree, but be so kind as to point me to an OS supporting roughly the same amount of hardware.

Strangely enough, I found out that my scanner wasn't supported anymore after I got a new machine with W8 on it. It worked just perfectly under XP, but under W8 the only choice is to throw it away (again: throw away a fully functional piece of hardware) and buy a newer one.

I think I'll try booting into a USB linux installation whenever I want to scan something.

Or you could install XP in a VirtualBox instance and not have to reboot when you want to scan something...

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