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Comment 30-years for me (Score 1) 162

Started in 1985 as a sysadmin on a VAX 780 running BSD 4.1. Soon after that I was thrusted into the workstation world with Apollos and Suns. Touched a few SGIs, AIX, and other Unix workstations along the way. Then when Unix started hitting the datacenters (early '90s?), I moved to the server world and have been here ever since.

Comment Re:The first fuse I pull (Score 1) 451

if you have an automatic transmission, the "gas" pedal is merely a "suggestion" to the system that actually controls the throttle...

It doesn't have to be an automatic transmission. on my BMW with a 6-speed stick, the "gas" pedal is nothing more than a potentiometer that feeds the master computer and said computer controls everything including a stepper motor connected to the throttle body...

Comment Re:Do you even computer? (Score 2, Informative) 123

Yea I was having a hard time making the SMS connection. TFA speculates that SMS "could" be used to transmit the hijacked passwords:

It is then possible to intercept a user's password and send it to the attacker via SMS or any other means

pretty far stretch if you ask me...

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