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Comment Re: GOOD GRIEF! (Score 1) 546

Maybe if you had bottled water, you'd drink it instead of coke and other nasty things.
Despite popular belief, tap water, even with a Britta, is nothing like bottled water which is actually nice to drink.


Speaking of bullshit:

How does it feel to be sitting at that table, Chas?

Uh. Maybe you didn't read what I wrote. You are referencing an episode of Penn and Teller's "Bullshit!" where they covered bottled water. And the fact that a significant chunk of the US industry's bottled water comes from municipal sources (aka TAP WATER).

My "bullshit" was meant to address the person who stated that tap water, even filtered, is "nothing like bottled water".

Comment Re:Laurels (Score 1) 27

The Nobel prize is 8.000.000 SEK this year or ~960.000 USD. Divided by three that's $320k each. That you are very likely to only get once for a career in research stretching over decades. I suppose you could say it's a whole lot more than nothing, but if you wanted to make money you should have become a NFL quarterback or something.

Comment Re:the lard of hosts for fat ads (Score 1) 302

No it doesn't have to time out. If no web server is running on, the connection attempt fails immediately. This is faster than a 404 even. If you had iptables dropping packets then that would result in a timeout. That's why I have iptables use the REJECT target for outbound things I'm trying to block. That way the connection fails immediately.

Comment Re:Break The NDA (Score 1) 366

This is about ethics, not law. I was also referring to allegations of Apple's wrongdoing resulting in Apple punishing the accuser (sort of a vigilante version of SLAPP), but you knew that, didn't you?

Of course, corporate charters are conditional on being in the public interest. Free Speech is in the public interest and so restrictions on it imply that the charter should be revoked. Apple doesn't HAVE to support other's speech but ethically it should not impede it either. They could satisfy that by allowing side-loading.

Comment Re:Handled (Score 1) 52

EFTE is considered nonstick, as is common among fluorinated polymers - will ice even bond with it? Plus, "thin plastic membrane" and "unfiltered UV radiation", "ionizing radiation", "blowing perchlorate-rich dust", etc doesn't sound like a good combination. EFTE is considered resistant to UV degradation, but I have to question how long any thin film would last on an environment like Mars.

Not saying it's a bad concept, but it's definitely a concept that's not ready for prime-time as it stands.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 4, Insightful) 332

no evidence that arming the victims prevents mass shootings.

What's your next guess? Read and learn.

Besides Volokh's very informative research, I'll ask if you've ever hear of a country called "Israel"? There's a reason why the Palestinian terrorists gave up on trying to shoot up shopping malls and switched to half-assed rocketry.

1 in 5 chance that a mass shooting will use weapons the killer didn't own but obtained from gun owners on site.


Why is it that when you leftards pull a number out of your ass, you always go for 20%? That's just like the bogus claim that one in five women will get raped in college.


Comment Re:Are and storms that fierce on Mars? (Score 1) 102

Are you really incapable of doing the math?

A LED headlight is something like 30W. Times 2 for two of them. Times three for "super ultra powerful Mars headlights even though an actual Mars mission would be about saving power". Times 4 for "all of the other things you mentioned". That's still only 720W, what you might use to light up a single square meter.

Don't you get it yet? You simply don't "scrounge up" enough light bulbs to grow an entire person's diet worth of food. It's an impossibility - unless you happen to be trapped in a grow light warehouse or something of that nature. Nor do you just "scrounge up" 100kW of electricity. Plants take orders of magnitude more energy to grow from lights than Weir pictures, end of story.

Remember, individual care of individual plants, optimal temperature and humidity, exploiting the soil to the max,

Please don't make me get into why indoor growing in these situations, even with a person who knew what they were doing rather than Weir's countless things that would actually have killed his plants, is a recipe for terrible yields even if the light was ample. Because it'd be practically a book on greenhouse plant raising, and I really don't have time for that.

Comment Re:Break The NDA (Score 1) 366

So you want Apple to sue iFixit in order to get them to submit an application back to Apple to have Apple remove the app from Apple's own store. As a response for violating Apple's developer's program, which already includes terms that Apple can pull apps from the store for violating the agreement.

Yes, that is correct, or at least threaten to sue if iFixit doesn't voluntarily remove the app.

The key here is that Apple shouldn't have the power to arbitrarily disappear an app (which may constitute speech) from a significant portion of all phones for any slight real or imagined. They should either surrender that power by allowing side loading or they should run these things past a judge to provide due process.

Consider, next time it may well be a negative review that gets someone's apps yanked. Or an allegation of wrongdoing. Or perhaps someone supports the "wrong" presidential candidate.

Comment Re:Guaranteed to put stress on any car? As if. (Score 1) 107

Yeah, I have to agree. Autobahn has very strict rules about not passing someone to their right, and people actually follow them.

Because it's the slower car's job to get out of the left lane so if there's space and they're impatient they'll be sure to blink or honk to get you out of their way. I guess it's a cultural thing, if it's the faster car's job has to find a free lane to pass that system works too. Mixing the systems don't though, if both switch lanes at the same time the result could easily be a crash. And then there's the systems where lanes are fluid or non-existing including but not limited to opposing lanes, if it fits do it and if it doesn't then honk and do it anyway. There are countries the Google car won't touch with a ten foot pole.

Comment Re:So what, nothing new. (Score 1) 107

Highways are very simple, continuous lanes, very little complication, city roads are a whole different story. Non-story.

On the other hand... if you have a bunch of depots in conjunction with the Autobahn, you just pick up/drop off goods at the one closest to you and automated trucks bring it to the depot closest to the destination that could be a much quicker road to implementation than dealing with inner city traffic. Also much easier to map out, assuming you need that. The point is to start somewhere.

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