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Comment: If it's on Twitter, it's public (Score 1) 166

by bazorg (#49810009) Attached to: Orange County Public Schools To Monitor Students On Social Media

Not playing devil's advocate or anything, this is an interesting idea. In the same way that "customer sentiment" is gauged with this kind of tool, it may be in schools best interest to have their students' twitter and FB accounts tracked. What's private remains private if the user wants to, but if the student is writing in public "I'm feeling a bit suicidal" everyday on FB and Twitter and the school is only notified when there's a body at the bottom of a stairwell, then they might realise "oh I wish we knew what was going on".

Comment: Filthy business practices (Score 3, Insightful) 198

by bazorg (#49704515) Attached to: European Telecoms May Block Mobile Ads, Spelling Trouble For Google

I am not a huge fan of Google and what SEO/advertising has done to the www, but I have to say that these guys are in the wrong. Sabotaging the competitor and demanding "protection money" is not fair competition IMHO. I want my ISP to be a carrier, not a curator or a gatekeeper. I have Adblock and I know how to use it, thank you very much.

Comment: Re:Why do companies keep thinking people *want* th (Score 1) 125

by bazorg (#49636187) Attached to: Ubuntu May Beat Windows 10 To Phone-PC Convergence After All

I don't want "convergence" between my devices. Why would anyone?

because there's a lot of people out there with their own views and needs that may not match yours?

Look at office-type tasks on a tablet. People like the idea of turning the tablet on and off instantly, but dislike having to spend extra on a normal PC to get SSDs and still fall short of that kind of performance.

The applications built for mobile are smaller and optimised for fewer tasks on a device that is less likely to require maintenance, with OS that is updated by someone else.It makes a lot of sense to want to get from this situation from one where people benefit from better ways of using PCs, while retaining the nice things about traditional PCs (like keyboards and big screens!).

Comment: surprise... disbelief (Score 1) 58

by bazorg (#49626447) Attached to: Report: Microsoft Considering Salesforce Acquisition

Microsoft Corp. is evaluating a bid for Inc., after the cloud software provider was approached by another would-be buyer, people with knowledge of the matter said.

I wasn't expecting this kind of acquisition news even if I work for n the MS Dynamics field, but then again, the Blomberg piece is written in such a way that they can't he wrong no matter what happens next.

The Dynamics CRM product/SaaS has improved a lot in the last few releases,I'd be sad to see MS lose focus on its development by having to fit a direct competitor in the product family. While in the early 2000s the Navision acquisition brought 3 products with some overlap and life moved on, I get the impression that working with sfdc would be different, especially because this company has seen and positioned themselves as anti Microsoft and as an ally of whoever could disrupt the MS Office dominance.

Comment: Re:Those terrorist sucks (Score 1) 1097

by bazorg (#49610107) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

If you go back to the reports about the Paris attacks, they walked into the wrong office, killed the guy who gave them the right directions to find the Charlie Hebdo offices and then carried on gunning people down. Some people wrote they looked like highly trained soldiers, but to me it looked like morons with guns and uniforms catching civilians off guard.

This other pair or plonkers got trolled in Texas and probably wasn't even a big challenge to catch and shoot them. It's not nice of me to say it, but I'm not sorry they died.

Comment: 1 year may have been enough (Score 1) 137

Assuming that IT pros outside of Slashdot are about as smart as IT pros posting on Slashdot, it's quite likely that those PCs have been replaced, reconfigured (remove network card and USB ports, seal the PC case?) or placed in different areas in their networks to mitigate the risks of running XP. Adding extended support at that price needs to be part of the solution, not the only thing they've done. Hopefully they've used that time for deploying and testing new security measures.