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Comment Re:$52/yr is a lot for a subscription (Score 1) 653

Amazon has been in business for long enough that I think by now it should be clear that printing paper is not the most important cost component for anything printed.

As for the case in question, 2016 might be the year when everyone who has a website starts asking for money and then we'll what kind of business models work with what kind of online media.

Comment Re:This is big news, actually (Score 1) 571

Hi. I'll be the new type of shill and say that this is not a very detailed research on what Windows is doing and how it was set up.

The author states:

Aside from installing Windows 10 Enterprise, and verifying the internet connection through ipconfig and ping, I have not used the Windows 10 installation at all (the basis for the first part of this analysis)


I have installed Virtualbox on the Linux Mint laptop, and installed Windows 10 EnterprisePNG on Virtualbox. I have chosen the customized installation option where I disabled three pages of tracking options.

The connections to Bing, MSN and Akamai can be explained by Windows Update and by built-in apps that may update a news feed. My work PC has W10 Enterprise and while there aren't as many of these apps compared to Home edition, there's Weather, Maps, Cortana and I don't know if Skype was pre-installed or added later. "Disabling 3 pages of tracking options" is IMHO too vague for someone trying to demonstrate something wrong with Windows 10 communicating with Microsoft HQ.

It would be stupid to say "nothing to see here, move along", but also stupid to go the other way completely and be all outraged before seeing this sort of experiment properly documented.

Comment Re:I guess it's easier... (Score 1) 425

The lack of empathy is quite remarkable, but I'll give that a miss and just suggest that the size of servings is influenced by bad habits and by expectations from food sellers. In the same way that toothpaste manufacturers hoped to increase sales by increasing the size of the toothpaste lid opening, food suppliers are can adjust the size of servings to promote sales growth.

Have a look at the sizes of servings in restaurants in different countries and you might see correlation with obesity in the population. I'm not having a go at Americans, but *everyone* I know who visits the USA notices that all restaurant servings are huge. Imagine if those sizes are seen as normal from an early age, how can people not adjust their expectations (and feelings of satiety) to regularly eating enough food to obtain 3000 or 4000kcals per day?

Add to that the composition of foods offered and the logistics of food, and you'll see that it's easier to get people to eat larger pizzas than it is to overeat fish with salad. In the UK, for example, I see any shop front offering Coca Cola and many types of chocolate bars as snacks (400kcals+ per unit). The retailer can stock up on those products and not worry about wastage for several years. However, if they wanted to have less kcal-dense food on offer, their margin would be lower due to logistics and waste even if the chocolates were significantly more expensive and offered slower or less intense brain rewards than the "healthy snack" alternatives.

Comment Re:Yes, it changes everything and here's why (Score 1) 190

I suggest you all come back to this thread in 1-2 years.

Sometimes I do that, I actually bookmark authors and posts to read them again in 5 years. It's funny when the calendar reminder pops up and I have to think "why was this interesting?". Now, in your case, can I please have some directions to the research, rather than having to search for whatever is filed under "research" and "anonymous coward"?

Comment Re:Of the five (Score 1) 250

Possibly. The way I see it, MS used to have 90%+ of share of a much smaller market than what exists today. If they end up with, say, 20% of paying customers for Mobile/PC+Gaming, it will be more than enough for them to be bigger and more profitable than they've been so far.

Amazon seems to be comfortably building vertical integration in their role as the biggest retail (and logistics) operation in the world, so I'd expect them to stick around in the top 5 for a long time until China comes up with the biggest retail operation ever.

Apple might take over a nice upmarket slice of the auto market and remain on the list.

Google is so weird they might split into 4 companies and take more than one place in the top 5.

I have this feeling that Facebook might be the least difficult to displace, as Netflix and other games&media companies develop the "social" side to what they offer today. then again, FB should at some point add a consumer electronics component to what they do and become a BIG player in an expanding VR+gaming market.

I'll set a calendar reminder to review this post in 5 years so I can laugh at myself.

Comment Re:Where are the diesel *hybrids*? (Score 1) 496

The Peugeot-Citroen group has some but this configuration is quite niche. While you can google for these models, these deep links are not necessarily connected to the main page of the car model. Probably these cars did not sell enough in the UK and are on the way out. I'm sure in France it will be different: (Citroen DS5) (Peugeot 508) (Peugeot 3008)

Comment Re:This is getting tiresome (Score 1) 177

How to work against them on the same medium? Don't post equal-and-opposite reactions -- this means your message is being controlled by the enemy.

This is so right and probably what the media has failed to do so far. In most of Europe I know there is a degree of press freedom, so they can do what they like, even if their reporting and way of working has a negative effect from the point of view of military strategy (or Cream Wobbly's strategy).

As an example: in both recent occasions when there were daesh-related killings in Paris, the media was quick to interview random people on the street, which resulted in testimonies of the type:

  • They looked really well equipped!
  • They had military clothes!
  • They moved like they knew where they were going and looked professional!

If someone wants to see terrorised populations, then this sort of footage is golden. However, some time after, the press gave little emphasis on other findings. It turned out that:

  • The first victim during the Charlie attack was random Joe who opened the door to the wrong building, next door to the newspaper offices;
  • At the first sign of opposition at the Stade de France, the attacked blew himself up, causing very limited damage to others;
  • Looking at the way Charlie Hebdo attackers walked down the street, they don't look like ninja, they look like people who know they are are not facing armed opposition.

IMHO Media companies and authorities need to work better together to avoid amplifying the effects of the daesh-related violence. It would be a good start to keep "breaking news" from including interviews with terrorised victims. The next step, at a more tactical level, is to make it clear that:

  • daesh leadership stays in safe places while the young recruits go on suicide missions
  • if you join daesh, you're cannon fodder
  • if you are a martyr bride, you're making sexual abuse your fulltime job
  • Religious bullshitters love recruiting idiots for front line martyrdom. Listen to them at your own peril.

Comment Re:To higher ground? (Score 2) 289

Indeed. In wealthy regions or those that (theoretically) are living in long periods of peace, it is challenging but "interesting" to think Where do we put a few million Dutch? in Germany? In a New-New-Zealand bought from Sweden or Spain?

In poorer regions, it will be a nightmare. Bangladesh is growing fast beyond the current 160M. Even before climate change driven disasters, they already suffer a lot from flooding. Imagine a large % of those 160M+ people need relocating. Terrible stuff - they should be talking to neighbours already to negotiate ways forward

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