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Comment High quality labels (Score 1) 250

These are great, and I use them on all my gear. The kit includes a variety of sizes and shapes. The adhesive is very strong and will stick to virtually any surface, and the label is protected by a transparent plastic coating that makes it very resistant to scratches. The printing is rated for fade resistance after several years in the outdoors, and the price is just right.


Disclaimer: I used to work at this company. They're good people.

Comment Re:So No then (Score 0) 464

What doubts would those be? They're displays. You plug them in and they work. If you don't like Thunderbolt displays, feel free to use a DisplayPort monitor. Unless, of course, you have doubts about *them*, in which case I suggest you get a DisplayPort->VGA converter for your 1992 amber-on-black monochrome display.



Comment iOS is an option (Score 3, Interesting) 306

A 62-year old friend of mine took an iOS certification course at the University of Washington (Seattle) and promptly found a full-time position at one of the Big Four professional services firms, developing mobile applications for their clients. Prior to this job, he was a self-employed specialty developer, until his wife fell ill and he needed to procure full-time employment.

So hope springs eternal - it's at least possible to get a job after being Of A Certain Age, if you have the right skills for the right field.


Comment Talk about crying wolf (Score 5, Insightful) 152

The article makes a huge logical leap: that US laws governing items on federal lands somehow apply to items that are not on federal lands (for example, the asteroid belt). This is akin to saying that US antiquity laws would prevent a US citizen from prospecting for fossils in, say, Canada. What a load of baloney. The author is trying to conflate and confuse two issues (mining in space and prospecting on US federal lands) which are utterly unrelated.


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