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Comment Re:How does Ubuntu Linux compare? (Score 1) 519

The Amazon search function is easily disabled or removed from the system. Or if you are using a DE other then Unity, isn't there to begin with.

It is my understanding (not positive on the way apt behaves, but yum/dnf works this way) that since apt-get update/upgrade has no way to report back to Canonical since it's just an HTTP/FTP request to a random mirror, which only occurs when you tell it to run anyway. Plus, Microsoft is doing much more then just checking for updates (it checks and installs at will in Windows 10, you can not disable it in Home/Pro versions).

In summary - it's not so similar after all in scope or in your ability to control it.

Comment Re: Is it the year of the Linux desktop yet? (Score 1) 110

I do not agree - Apple used to be price competitive. A Dell Precision is a very different beast then a MacBook Pro (Quadro and Firepro Graphics, multiple storage device support, you can easily work on the hardware, current generation of Mobile Precisions has Xeons and ECC RAM, etc)

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