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by armanox (#47942561) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: What's In Your Home Datacenter?

Depends on what it's being used for. My collection, which has a variety of parts (SGI, Sun, PPC, and a virtual x86 env) gets used for testing and learning. I don't buy hardware that I don't have a purpose for anymore - I guess you could call that moving out of the "ALL THE SERVERS" phase. Next things I'd like to add (but not due to cost) would be a recent HP-UX server (I have no issue buying the software from HP, it's the hardware that's expensive) and AIX (once again, recent POWER hardware is more then I'm spending right now). Knowing the UNIX families well translates to money in the bank (the Sun stuff certainly does, and I've seen postings for good money doing AIX. I know a few places that are still using IRIX, would love to see one of them put a posting up).

I've also contributed patches to open source projects based on testing against some of the hardware I have access to

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I'm using a Dell Poweredge 2950 as an ESXi server, hosting a couple of VMs. I also have a general purpose Linux server running on an AMD FX 8120 loaded with RAM, SSD, etc; that mainly gets used for BOINC and network services

I've got a few "one-off" boxes in use too - a Sun Netra T1, a Sunblade 1500, an SGI O2 (currently dead) and two SGI Octanes.

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Oh yes, let's bring back twenty year old themes! That's moving forward!

Other points:
* Start up times is not useful when most users don't shut down save for Windows Updates
* I type stuff at the search bar that I need to see what's on the screen to type out completely. I need it to just be a small area (like Spotlight on OS X)
* Hyper-V doesn't handle what I need it to do. So primitive compared to it's competitors.
* I liked Areo glass effects. For the same reason I use Compiz on Linux - I want my desktop to look good.

I'd comment on battery life, but I haven't run any benchmarks myself to compare with.

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