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Comment Re:GNU == GNU is not Unix (Score 1) 406

I wasn't saying that recompiling it didn't void the cert, I was just saying the kernel can be recompiled. And yes, you are right. You would have to certify say RHEL 6.5 on x86, RHEL 6.6 on x86, and RHEL 6.5 on x64 all separately, and definately a re-certification for each distribution (fun fact, only OS X 10.4 and up on Intel hardware has been certified UNIX, the PPC versions never were)

Comment Re:Which version of unix? (Score 1) 406

The only GNU package I find that I really miss on other operating systems and usually build is the bash shell. POSIX tar can be a pain (it's really nice to be able to type tar xjvf or tar xzvf instead of bunzip2 -c filename | tar xf -), but otherwise there isn't too much that is required (exempting stupid packages full of GCCisms that won't compile correctly using MIPSPro or SunStudio)

Comment Re:What is Solaris good for? (Score 3, Insightful) 99

I ran OpenSolaris as a desktop during its day, and I run Solaris on servers. It's everything that Linux wants to be, to be quite honest. The default filesystem (ZFS) has a lot of very nice features (ZFS on a desktop is like having Apple's Time Machine or Windows Shadow copies for file recovery). SMF (the service manager) is a lot of what systemd should have been. And then there is the licensing and support. CDDL allows a lot of things to be included that GPL operating systems can't - I remember when I ran Solaris 10 on my Inspiron 8000 years ago being amazed at what worked out of the box - flash player, nvidia drivers, mp3 codecs all just worked.

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