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Comment Re: Too late (Score 1) 68

All the places I've been since joining the professional workforce don't spend anywhere near that. The place I interned in college at (2007) gave the interns the oldest crap that still functioned - Pentium 3s and CRTs were common with much of the staff there. My previous job (2013-2015, a Network Security company in between Baltimore and DC) issued me a Precision M4700 with a 1366x768 display resolution and two 1080p monitors for when I was at my desk. The company I am with now is a similar setup - I have two 24" 1080 monitors, and in both places my setup has been on the upper end of what people have (some people at my current place have triple monitors). Outside of graphics design I don't see companies spend money on displays - they keep them far longer then the desktops (we have some Sony monitors that date back to 2006 running at 1280x1024 that for a chunk of the company is their secondary display.).

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 68

I hardly consider a $600 display to be mainstream. It's availible, and it's way more then the average person is going to spend. 1080 displays are the mainstream displays.

Looking around, these displays have been available since ~early 2014, and anybody who didn't know they were coming would have had to be in deep ostrich denial mode.

Being around and being in the right hands are two different stories. Last time I checked OS X was the only operating system that properly handled very high resolution displays (I know that Windows 7 and 8.1 did not), and I don't expect Linux developers to be super far ahead of the Windows curve either.

Comment Re:I Guess You're Overpaying (Score 1) 155

I'm currently paying roughly $100/month for the entire bill - two phones (an iPhone 5 and a flip phone), unlimited talk/text, 4GB data. Verizon lowered my bill around the start of the year when they dropped "New every two" and officially made it that you were paying for the cost of your phone as part of the bill, and later upped my data from 2GB to 4 as part of a loyalty bonus.

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