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Operating Systems

Submission + - Slackware 12.2 Released

armanox writes: "The Slackware Project gives us a release for the holiday season. From the announcement:
"Yes folks, 'tis the season to announce a new release of Slackware. With a shiny new kernel, many package updates, and the newly added ability to install from a Samba share, we bring to you the latest in the stable Slackware 12.x series. Slackware 12.2 ships with the Linux kernel, the Xorg 1.4.2 X server (with many driver, library, and application updates), Xfce 4.4.3, KDE 3.5.10, simplified wired and wireless networking with wicd in /extra, package upgrade management with slackpkg moved into the main tree, support for non-usb-storage digital cameras through libgphoto2, pm-utils (tools to support suspend and hibernate through HAL), and much, much more. This release brings the system up-to-date without compromising stability or compatibility with the 12.x series. More details may be found in the official announcement."

Submission + - Microsoft Office 07: Free for Listening

armanox writes: "I always said that I would install Microsoft Office when I could get it for free. Well, now everyone can, just by listening to Microsoft's new release (Vista and Office) features! From Microsoft's Launch Tour site:
"Receive a FREE copy of Microsoft Office 2007 Professional and Microsoft Office Grove 2007 when you attend a Windows Vista, 2007 Office System, and Microsoft Office Exchange Server launch event near you!"
Now, getting free software is certainly a powerful incentive!"

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