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armanox's Journal: Hostname Delema

Journal by armanox
Computer system names
Hmm....I've run into a problem. I've exhausted the naming scheme that I've been using for the past several years for my computers. The scheme, based upon the game I half way wrote in BASIC years ago (abandoned due to me realizing that the gameplay really sucked, and that 16 bit DOS programs had no future), has been seen in my through my sn, Armanox, who was the main character, and through anyone whose visted any of my servers or other systems(Armanox, Anorock, ashere-laptop, Taloron (Still up at!), Anaton (my desktop for the past two or so years), apharian, Artarias, and Talarias). Since I never finished writing the game, I never finished all of the characters (many were designed, few were named), and thus had a short name list to use. With the laptop that I'm currentlly using, I need to find a new naming scheme to use.

Ideas: Norse mythology. Have the DHCP server be Yggdrasil, which would be the server that connects all of the others. And I could name an antiVirus server Thor, and have it send a message to the system it cleaned of a virus like "The hammer of Thor has come down upon your system." Might be a cool idea. But, who would trust a system called Loki (That can be a Windows Box.....)

Mental Afflictions. The Linux group has officially adopted this one, so I'm not going to use it at home.

STDs. Humourous, but probably not a good idea. Can you imagine people spreading something from the Herpes server?

Okinawan Martial Artists. Fun idea, but kinda obscure. After all, when I tell people that my laptop is called matsumura, they're really gonna think I'm nuts

Beowulf Characters. I love the epic of Beowulf. But I'm saving the names for Beowulf clusters.

Shakespearean characters. Another interesting idea. but, who would trust the MacBeth server? And poor Juliet will die after Romeo does....

So I ask you, reader of my journal, to comment and leave ideas for me to use. Thank you for your time.
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Hostname Delema

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