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Comment Re:ROI (Score 1) 61 61

AMD has had a big focus on their OpenCL performance lately - they could be banking on people buying their cards for that reason (and for say companies that are looking to buy the really expensive cards, but they'll need to actually get those cards working correctly with the new driver).

Comment Re:Yeah, check back in a few days (Score 1) 405 405

Video chipset is one of the big ones that I've noticed (which is why my Toshiba, which was one of those "Vista Ready" systems that did have a WDDM driver for the GPU (Radeon XPress 200m) ran it so much better then my Latitude D610, that is a pretty decent laptop under Windows XP but nothing newer), yes. And Windows 10 does what OS X does where it software renders the desktop effects, rather then disabling them like Vista/7 did (don't remember for 8). Windows defender was the single biggest slowdown that I experienced while testing though - it ate up so much disk and CPU time that I would have removed it if I could have.

Comment Re: Coffee break (Score 1) 93 93

Except his response (until the insults) is fairly reasonable - the OS is alpha quality at best, and is not suitable for production use. He also points out that the project is lacking in drivers and firmware currently. Furthermore, he comments about having issues with a 1440p display - there is a fair chance the developers do not have access to a 1440p display to test with (not exactly a common display resolution). Finally, I doubt marketshare is a goal of the Haiku project (and there are many projects (see the GNOME desktop) that claim that marketshare is not a goal of theirs).

Comment Re:Dammit (Score 1) 106 106

I'm interested to see what happens when it switches to RTM - I wonder if debugging stuff and all that is slowing it down because of it being a "testing" build. Regardless, it reminds me of testing Windows Vista on my Pentium M laptop (and I only had 512MB RAM in it back then vs the 2GB now!), and at 2GB of RAM Windows 7 and 8 both ran a lot better in their CTP stages.

Comment Re:Kernel size and compile reduction (Score 3, Informative) 110 110

The same way it has always been done - unpack it, move into the directory, and use "make menuconfig" for a nice easy menu system to pick the parts that you want. If you really want to trim things down only compile in the options you need and remove loadable modules (useful in some setups).

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