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Comment Re:Vitality is defined by users, not developers. (Score 1) 141

Extremely slow, mind you, because most desktop systems that do not support the required level of 3D acceleration have fairly slow CPUs in them (usually Pentium IV and Pentium III systems. May God have mercy on people trying to use a Pentium II or older for a desktop these days)

Comment Re:Laptops, anyone? (Score 2, Informative) 93

For me Linux runs slightly better then Windows 10 on my laptop (Precision M4500). Windows 10 keeps breaking things (like my touchpad), so for smooth operation Linux actually wins in my case (battery life is roughly the same, CUDA works great on my Quadro card, I don't have switchable graphics, but I'm told they're a pain). Matlab is one of those wonderful cross platform pieces of software - works great for me in Solaris, OS X, Windows, or Linux.

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