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Comment Re:"living document" is a fraud (Score 1) 817

To say that courts interpret the laws is an oversimplification which borders on a lie. Their power only goes so far as to interpret applicability of the laws. Otherwise, they could interpret a word "red", in some law, to mean "green" if they so chose. In other words, it would give courts the power to completely re-write the laws.

Comment Re:"living document" is a fraud (Score 1) 817

Well, with drivers, it's pretty simple. First, they are issued by the states. So the 10th amendment gives the states that right. And second, only driving on public roads requires a license. On a private track, you drive cars which are not street-legal without a license to drive. And a "public" road is government property, so the government can dictate terms under which anyone can enter. Pilots' license are probably harder to explain other than that if you fly something that shows up on DOD'd radar, then it falls within national defense mandate.... but honestly I don't know enough about pilots' licenses and how they are issued to answer that question.

Comment "living document" is a fraud (Score 1) 817

Calling a legal document a "living document" is just a way to ignore its legal meaning. How about I call my driver's license a "living document" to be interpreted differently as technology changes... And let's say that flying personal transportation devices which can be cheaply produced. Does that mean that my driver's license should give me the right to fly those? Because the license's interpretation should change with the changing times. This is nonsense. Scalia got some arguments wrong (as in "we can legislate morality because we already legislate morality"), but he certainly was correct in calling the living document theory a bunch of bull shit.

Comment umm (Score 1) 137

French court wants to have jurisdiction over what resides on a server physically located in California? Cookie? What if China asked for the same prerogative? This is precisely why the controlling bodies of the Internet must continue to be under US jurisdiction. Imagine someone like North Korea having a say in what can be on the Internet.

Comment look on the bright side (Score 1) 555

If the science is solid, then if a new set of scientists look at the same inquiry in the future, they'll come up with the same results. I mean, Galois theory is valid despite Galois getting killed in a political duel. If the theory can be rediscovered by people not mentored (and thus biased) by the original discovers, it will have that much more scientific footing.

Comment since last we looked? (Score 1) 86 has been around almost as long as AWS has. It doesn't have all the providers (who can keep up with them all?), but tools for pricing these services, as a service, have been around for as long as AWS itself. It may not matter for those running a few instances, but people who have really spiky usage needed them since the beginning.

Comment Re: If it was easy (Score 1) 158

Since when is being insured the same thing as being healthy? Life expectancy was rising before Obamacare. It stayed flat since its passage. I'd say life expectancy is a better indicator of quality of medical care than how much resources are spent on medical care or through what channels these resources are funneled towards medical care.

Comment why isn't drag and drop coding? (Score 3, Insightful) 158

More importantly, why isn't it learning to code? Who said that text is how instructions have to be given on how to generate compiled code? And anyway, typing is not really coding. Only putting holes in punch cards is real coding. It's even more effective and has more reuse than text. You can use the same card or reorder cards around if you want to create a new algorithm. Oh, but, the historical coincidence of the widespread typewriters and emergence of electronic controls existing at the same time is what "programming" must be? Well, I learned to program from comics which had lessons and posed challenges. I wrote programs by hand on paper long before ever seeing a computer. Was that "coding"? Because most people around me thought that not writing a program out on paper and checking it before inputting it into a computer created bad habits in programmers. It made them too lazy and impulsive. It produced programs which had too many bugs. Sounds familiar?

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 229

Actually, there is a better solution. You can keep the image as bmp. But randomly rescale color bytes of each pixel and compensate by rescaling the alpha channel bytes. Do this only on the pixels on which such rescaling would result in any loss of data. The image would be identically the same, but the data bytes would be different. So it would preserve the images by corrupt any data stored as images.

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