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Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 224

Actually, there is a better solution. You can keep the image as bmp. But randomly rescale color bytes of each pixel and compensate by rescaling the alpha channel bytes. Do this only on the pixels on which such rescaling would result in any loss of data. The image would be identically the same, but the data bytes would be different. So it would preserve the images by corrupt any data stored as images.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 2) 224

It's not steganography. It's not data hidden in image. It's data wrapped in bmp header. Pretty simple solution actually. In fact, this would probably look like random noise picture if you tried to view it. Bmp's are just raster images (direct pixel data) with a very thin header in front of it. So anything can be stored as "pixel" data. Steganography usually refers to storing data along with image data (so it degrades the quality of image, but still would look like a real picture when viewed).

Comment Re:JAVA (Score 1) 414

Higher level abstractions were invented not because programming in assembly is tedious. They were invented because it was tedious and repetitive (just lilke programming in C and C++). It required a lot of training of, otherwise smart, people to do menial tasks which could be done by machines.

C and C++ are powerful and general-purpose languages,

If a language takes a lot of effort to say something simple (how many qualifiers can a method symbol have in C++?), it's not powerful. Having a lot of options is not a freedom to choose. It's inability of language designers to make the right choices (ie, restrictions) themselves.

Comment Re:She lives in pretend land (Score 1) 571

None of the articles of impeachment mentioned infidelity. He was impeached for lying to the grand jury. It was, in fact, a lie because his privilege to practice law before a number of courts was later removed for the very reason of having been caught lying to the court. So, even though he survived the political trial, the courts have confirmed that the charges against him were valid.

Comment Re:JAVA (Score 1) 414

No matter what language you think is "real," I guarantee it is probably implemented in C or C++ or based on them.

By this rational, assembly is a real language. And, yes, I do know that compilers can be written in C/C++ to implement generation of assembly... This only re-enforces my argument (because assembly is not a real language, by modern standards, and is best left to be generated by the code written in higher-level languages).

I think what you are referring to are CASE tools that can be useful for any boiler-plate code construction.

No. I am referring to the fact that writing C or C++ by hand, rather than treating them as plan text to be generated by languages which are more expressive in generating text, is something that is only done by people who have not learned modern solutions to age-old problems.

Comment what the hell? (Score 2) 183

There were no revelations made about NSA which were not already suspected by non-general-public security specialists. Who else would administer it? UN? Most of its members would look to put in rules in place to increase censorship. US still remains one of the few places in the Western Civilization where speech is free by law. Even if it means offensive speech or speech which is not politically correct or speech which is "unethical" by some other subjective standard. Releasing control of ICANN from the US government would mean giving up the tenant of entirely free speech.

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