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Comment Going the way of FOX (Score 1) 1310


It troubles me that the dice fam has purchased the now sold out Slashdot. These days it is difficult to find unbiased news sources, and selling to a spammer company is telling. I hope everyone who made Slashdot what it was makes a killing off of Dice. I'm also somewhat pleased that I have found better sources of news for nerds on stuff that matters.

Slashdot always allowed me to turn off ads. I never did, but now I will blacklist slashdot's advertisers via ghostery through my "untrusted" browser. That is, if I ever bother to come back. I don't care for Dice. I think they are, in my opinion, a disreputable company. You may, of course, do as you will.

Comment Re:Governmentally-mandated backdoored gun (Score 1) 464

Exactly, and that is the leading reason why everyone I've ever talked to, who already owns one or more firearms, refuses to ever get one of these "smart" guns. It is the reliability issue. There is enough concern that such a tool, with a 0.01% failure rate, could strike when it was needed to preserve life.

You could see that failure rate just from ammunition. So, why add another point of failure?

Of the 4000 people polled I would wager less than that 59% of them would actually buy a firearm despite the claims of the poll.

They show a 22 on the article. A gun I would never buy. Just not enough stopping power, but decent for target practice I guess. Still, it is better to practice on a gun that you might actually have to use someday.

If the government really wants to improve gun safety they should subsidize and promote the use of gun safes and other locking mechanisms to make gun theft as difficult as possible. I have three rifles and I even keep the bolts and receivers separate from them to decrease the chance my devices will ever be stolen and used in a criminal action.

Comment Re:Facts schmacts (Score 0, Troll) 507

The problem is that people in the field disagree, the scientific method cannot be applied when you only have one earth and the data is at best questionable. I'm of the opinion that no one actually has a firm grasp of what is happening here on earth, and liken our "scientists" to be cut from the same cloth as those who may have debated the value of leeches a hundred or so years ago.

Even at the height of bloodletting these people look like idiots today where the only time leeches are used makes some sense. Not to let the "demons" out, but rather to remove blood from a localized area. Someday mankind will look back on us all and laugh. On every "sky is falling" loonie and every person who thought there is no impact on earth from the pollution of humanity.

Of course there is a study that shows the hockey stick is totally true... of course. It is an agenda. People with money and an agenda are buying "scientists" on both sides, and they are paid to publish their conjecture.

Always remember, if you aren't part of the solution there is money in prolonging the problem as a "Climate Conjecturist".

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