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Comment This is a sick joke. (Score 1) 421

This is like letting a five year old play with matches because the child is "cold".

The level of competence exhibited by climate conjecturists doesn't inspire faith in allowing them to take such drastic measures with such little understanding of what is actually taking place. The earth has withstood humanity for millennia, and while we have at times made things worse I believe we are on track to make things better.

We need to continue with small, more subtle changes, like converting to electric vehicles. Stepping away from releasing vast amounts of carbon for the sake of stemming pollution alone. Putting out fires that would have burned coast to coast just centuries ago. Using legislation to thwart mass polluters who seek to turn a larger profit at our planet's expense.

Doing something the so drastic with such a pathetic understanding of our world is how humanity can destroy it. This risks throwing ourselves into an ice age by attempting to manipulate a balance that was here long before we arrived on the scene and will be here long after we have killed ourselves off.

I'd hope stories like this are merely attention grabbing in intent. Much like the idea of making butt plugs mandatory might be in effort reduce methane in the atmosphere.

Comment Re:Human-induced climate change is a hoax (Score 1) 458

As for "B", climate changes are not due to human activity alone. Climates change due to factors other than those related to humans as well, and that is a well known fact. Science is unable to accurately measure our effect due to the inability to properly apply the scientific process to prove global warming theories. Science tries to use data in the absence of process, but the period of recording is still insufficient to make much of a determination. Climate conjecturists will always try to convince you otherwise, and exclaim how we must ACT NOW!!!

People on both sides of this argument frequently lose track of what we can prove. Pollution is bad, period. I can take a few degrees warmer, but air and water quality is critical NOW. Maybe not so much in the middle of America, but there are places in China I would not want to visit. Not my problem because I don't live there? No, it is my problem as I contribute to the misery of humans in China who are being exploited by greed in serving me products.

Everyone I know believes humans do influence changes in climate. The difference is that a few people are complete deniers, and a few people are total climate change zealots. With all due respect, your message seems like a cut and paste from a climate zealot site.

Comment Re:VPS costs several times more (Score 1) 536

But now you have to maintain it.


No, I mean competently.


Once upon a time I maintained servers. PHP updates due to the combination of "upgrades" and exploits make me VERY happy to no longer be administrating machines. Seriously... it was like it PHP was attempting to be the third banjo in the dueling banjos of fail known as Java and Flash. Bringing something like the bane Java and Flash are into a server context, as opposed to client, is something I would rather avoid. Sure, "It's totally mature now!", just like it was when I was a server admin.

Comment Re:Um... McVeigh a hero? You lost me pal (Score 1) 449

Strangely absent from that list are Mc Veigh's actual targets. They took the day off because there was a possibility that an attack would occur against their agency knowing, full well, children were in the line of fire. Mc Veigh, IMHO, was evil. However if he was evil what does that make those agents?

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