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Comment Re:aren't these aimed to prevent not detect? (Score 1) 150

As for the whole "France has more experience in terrorism", a simple Wikipedia search proves you wrong

For the knowledge of others to be useful some understanding on your part that you can link it to is required. You've just given an example of a failure in that respect and in using a metric for a purpose it was never intended for. That metric does not prove what you have written in any way.

Just accept the criticism at face value.
I'm not even going as far as you did in telling you what to do.

I'm just pointing out that others who know more than you do don't really need your very stupid suggestion and it's likely to annoy the shit out of people like me who are in no way experts so would not attempt to run down those who are - yet someone with less understanding than would be expected in the general population is having a go!

Comment Re:W.C. Fields Does Politics (Score 1) 6

What could they possibly reveal about Trump that is worse than what everyone already knows about him? He's widely known to be Mafia connected, and he's made statements at Republican primary TV debates about bribing politicians.

(And add to that the fact that any "scandal" is likely to be another thing the establishment cares about and nobody else does.)

I doubt, at this point, even dead girl/live boy would do it.

Comment Re:aren't these aimed to prevent not detect? (Score 1) 150

And another thing - why should the country that fruitlessly warned the US Marines to watch out for Hezbolla truck bombs in Beirut take advice from you? Maybe unlike you they have been thinking of the problems and dealing with some of them for many years. I'll give you time to look up what I've written about since you probably don't even know about that major incident because it happened outside California.

Comment Re:aren't these aimed to prevent not detect? (Score 1) 150

Maybe the first step would be people with less of a clue than average putting up idiotic ideas as solutions.
The Israeli situation is both very different and nobody is pretending it is anything other than managing the risk.

and also you claim to know more about terrorism than Wikipedia

I haven't put forward anything other than pointing you towards massive holes in your understanding of the issue - so sorry - you are not fooling anyone by trying to offload your faults onto me. Maybe you should start with wikipedia and keep going before telling people what to do instead of insulting half the fucking world in your ignorance.

Comment Re:Holy crap ... (Score 1) 52

The security difference between chip-and-signature and chip-and-PIN matters in only one case, and that is if your physical card is stolen from your wallet. Skimmers, data breaches, shoulder-surfing, all the hacking attacks won't yield the secret key inside the chip, preventing it from being counterfeited. If you don't like the security of your chip-and-signature card because you're afraid your card might be stolen, ask your bank to issue you a chip-and-PIN card instead. If your bank won't, there are plenty of other banks who will, and who will be grateful for your business.

Visa and the retailers originally figured U.S. customers would prefer chip-and-signature because it makes selling things "easy". But that's a pretty stupid attitude, because lots of people (including you and me) are wary about identity theft. Customers need to complain to their banks so that they learn we'd rather have PINs than signatures.

Overall credit card security will still remain terrible for a long time to come because static mag stripes still exist, and online card-not-present transactions still use static authentication data like CVV2 codes. What really needs to happen to actually improve security is that mag stripes and static numbers like CVV2 need to be flat-out outlawed. The recent "liability shift" is the opening salvo in the conversion, but we're probably still a decade away from actual security.

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