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Comment Re:I would laugh but that's too much effort (Score 4, Insightful) 253

The fastest DSL is slower than the worst cable connection Comcast or Charter can make

DSL is also available in some areas that cable markets won't serve. My parents' house 10-12 miles outside of the area served by any cable company, but they get DSL just fine, and trust me 3Mbps may be slow by today's standards but it sure as heck beats dial-up.

My brother lives just a little further out and even the DSL isn't available. His only options are dial-up (worthless these days), satellite and cellular. The latter two have bandwidth caps that make them very undesirable - particularly to his 7 year old who is used to streaming Netflix at her mom's house.

Comment Re:almost 40 million (Score 1) 705

Two things:

1. An account isn't necessarily a unique person. One person may have 5 accounts if they change emails every now and then.

2. This is an international site, not an American site (actually even the company itself is Canadian). Those 40 million members are taken from the world's ~7 billion person population, not the United States' ~320 million.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 2) 687

I work for a municipality (and actually, on the property tax software). If you don't pay your taxes (for several years - a tax auction doesn't occur for a 1-year delinquent property) it is forcibly sold at auction . . . and you get the proceeds - after the taxes are taken out.

And even then you still have a year to reclaim your property from the buyer as long as you can pay the taxes plus 3% of whatever their bid for the property was.

Don't confuse the concept of ownership with things having requirements. You live in a modern society - we collect property taxes (or at least some places do), and we have to have a means to get people to pay those taxes. If we didn't, no one would bother.

Comment Re: buh, bye (Score 1) 494

Based on what? I hate Jeb but he is still the most likely nomination. He has a huge money advantage


Jeb Bush net worth: $10 million (according to the article I'm linking,though I've seen lower estimates and some as high as $22 million)
Donald Trump net worth: $10 billion (again, according to the link, though this could be as "low" as $4 billion)

Even taking the highest and lowest numbers for Bush and Trump, respectively, Trump has at least 2 orders of magnitude more money.


Comment Re:More stupid CONservative posts (Score 1) 231

I actually have no issue with speeding. People tend to drive at a speed they're comfortable with anyways and all "speeding" typically does is act a revenue generator by making a crime to drive above a speed usually ~10 MPH under what is actually safe for an area.

Drunk driving I attribute to reckless endangerment, which is bad. Owning the gun is equitable with being able to get drunk in the first place - no problem. Driving drunk would be the equivalent of walking outside and pointing it at your neighbors.

Bringing a bomb on an airplane I think shouldn't be a crime (because I actually have no issues with people owning them in general), but against airline regulations to carry one aboard on your person, and willful violation of a contract should be a crime.

Freedom comes with some costs. We'll send a million men to war to fight and die to preserve our freedom but if a half-dozen people die in a shooting the plebs all start thinking about ways to ban things and make things illegal.

For the most part, let people live their lives unobstructed by the government except for the most obvious of crimes. I don't want the government to ban just about anything: guns, video games, porn, gay marriage, drugs, prostitution, large sodas, or any other "vice" from EITHER side of the political spectrum: just let people live their lives how they want.

Comment Re:More stupid CONservative posts (Score 2) 231

You have to understand my reasoning - I'm against laws against things because of potential domino effects.

For example, a lot of people "justify" outlawing drugs or prostitution because if it's legal it will "cause other crimes" just by their very nature.

My viewpoint is always that only things that are already bad - in and of themselves - should be illegal. Rape? Already bad. Illegal. Murder? Same. Theft? Yep, that's bad, it should be illegal.

HOWEVER, simply owning a gun does not harm anyone. Even if you completely set the constitutional angle aside, guns are only "bad" to people worrying about ancillary crimes that they might "cause". That's a line of reasoning I will never accept, because it leads to a nanny state.

If you seek to prevent murder, then outlaw murder, not guns. If you seek to prevent rape, then outlaw rape, not prostitution. If you seek to outlaw theft, then outlaw theft, don't impose curfews.

Comment Re:More stupid CONservative posts (Score 2, Insightful) 231

We get it. The new rulers of /. are Republicans and hate us.

You do realize that Republicans (at least publicly) are generally the ones that are the most against porn right?

I swear I wish I could found the "Hands off" party with the simple goal of not messing with people.

Guns? It's a constitutional right - don't mess with them.
Porn? Same. Leave it alone.
Video games? It's not turning kids into murderers. Leave them alone too.
Weed? Doesn't harm anyone else. Legalize it.
Prostitution? As long as its between consenting adults (and if it's not its rape, not prostitution anyways), then legalize it too.

Each party is pandering to their respective bases trying to ban whatever that group doesn't like - I just want politicians to leave things alone for once.

Comment Probably not bad (Score 1) 135

Honestly Japan being much more condensed it probably makes sense. In the US we're too spread out to abandon certain technologies yet. My parents still have (3Mbps) DLS as their only option. I have a brother who doesn't even have that. He uses he cell phone for all his internet browsing occasionally tethering it to a desktop.

I live in a town - a small town (population ~8,000), but still a town, and we have good cable modem speeds but only the newest neighborhoods have fiber available (the local telecom company has installed it in new developments since 2010 or so, but hasn't retrofitted any older subdivisions).

Comment Re:Privacy (Score 4, Insightful) 279

Yes, definitely. Facebook IS a social media site. That's ALL it is. When I post things or pictures on there, it's stuff I'm explicitly putting out there for public consumption.

Google on the other hand, has a TON of services that contain private data. GMail, the search engine, and Drive. Heck even Picasa - it's a photo album program but many people were using it before it was "social". I'd upload pictures to link to in various forums and such. Took me by great surprise when I uploaded one right after Google+ went live and started getting comments on it. Granted, it was nothing embarrassing as I was linking it in a public discussion elsewhere, but what had been a gallery I had to provide a link to earlier was now just open for people in my "circles" to view. It's not the situation that's bad - it's that it STARTED as something else and then morphed into that.

Put simply - I don't have any issue with social media existing, but I don't want every single thing I use to be "socially connected".

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 528

If he was using buckshot, he'd have nine (or fewer) pellets to work with.

Well, not necessarily. The "standard" 00 load for 2.75" shells is 9 pellets, but you can increase the pellet count by either going with longer shells or smaller pellets.

Most 3.5" 00 12 ga loads have 18 pellets. I've also seen 12 ga 3.5" loads with #4 buckshot pellets rather than 00 that have 33 pellets.

I will say that PERSONALLY, when I shoot buckshot (mostly when deer hunting - it's legal at certain times here), my most common load is a 3" 12ga 00 load with 15 pellets.

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