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Comment: Re: Would most people be better off undiagnosed? (Score 5, Interesting) 329

by aussie_a (#43707915) Attached to: Psychiatrists Cast Doubt On Biomedical Model of Mental Illness

I suffer from major depression. When I go off my mess I feel like crap. I stop being able to concentrate and I feel overwhelming hopelessness. On the wrong medication I was failing basic courses at uni. On the right medication I got credit/distinctions on average and have not only held down a job for 3 years but excelled at it.

I have gone off my medication in the past because I wasn't convinced that the problem was chemical rather than environmental. When I go off my medication I'm sometimes fine for months. But eventually things get worse. I've been on the same medication for 4 years now, I've yet to have any issues.

I explored several options before settling on medication. Even then I explored the possibility that the depression was environmental or situational. I've been proven wrong each time.

Are some people incorrectly medicated? Definitely. But the idea no-one needs this medication to live a fulfilling life is reckless and ill informed.

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by aussie_a (#43157053) Attached to: High Tech Vending Machines Transform IT Support At Facebook

How grubby are facebook employees? I've had maybe five broken keyboards in the past 3 years. One of them was from a spilled drink onto the keyboard. That's 0.3 people a year due to a spilled drink. Now sure, we only have 250 staff. So let's assume facebook has 30,0000 staff. That's 40 keyboards a year. I can't believe these vending machines are cheaper then ordering 40 keyboards a year.

Just how messy are facebook employees to need enough keyboards due to coffee spills? Is it an American thing?

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by aussie_a (#39753359) Attached to: If You Resell Your Used Games, the Terrorists Win

I'm happy to buy DRM'd products (as long as they're reasonable. Unreasonable DRM such as requiring I always be online is going too far). I'll also happily download un-DRM'd copies of the games should my bought copy ever stop working.

I feel this is ethical as I am supporting the company while ensuring I gain the entertainment I desire.

If games are priced reasonably (in Australia I can get Mass Effect 3 for $79 for the PC. That might seem unreasonable to Americans, but in Australia $100 and below has been the standard price for years) I'm happy to buy the original. If they're unreasonable ($120+) I'll look for used copies.

I've all but given up on consoles for 2 reasons. 1) I find it much easier to play modern games with a keyboard and mouse. This isn't the main reason though. I had initially given up on games completely before I discovered I could play them on PCs. The main reason is (2) I'm tired of the upgrade games Sony keeps playing. The PS2 was a worthy investment as it could play my PS1 games. The original PS3 was a worthy investment because it could play my PS1 and PS2 games. It's doubtful the PS4 will had backwards compatibility (based on the PS3 life-cycle) and so I'm getting off this roller-coaster while I'm still ahead.

Also making legally owned backups of games that are playable on a PS4 will be quite difficult and even possibly illegal.

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by aussie_a (#36759856) Attached to: Pastafarian Wins Right To Wear Colander In License Photo

there are no atheism-motivated wars or ethnic cleansings.

You may be wrong on that front actually

Also the Cold War was partly motivated by atheism (it was more motivated by economic principles, but religion was thrown in on the Russian's side at least).

Before you say "that's only one time!" How many powerful atheist dominated societies have there been? I don't think us atheists really have anything to be proud of.

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by aussie_a (#36759836) Attached to: Pastafarian Wins Right To Wear Colander In License Photo

Now, what percent of internet atheists post smug shit every time they see a shadow of an opportunity?

So you're comparing the actions of reasonable people to the actions of those found on the internet? Talk about a double standard.

What percent of people, in your day to day life, throw their religion in your face?

I'd say about 5% of the religious people I know throw it in my face, and about 2% of the atheists throw it in my face.

Now, what percent of internet atheists post smug shit every time they see a shadow of an opportunity?

Well I can say a ENORMOUS percept of religious people post smug shit every time they see a shadow of an opportunity, and about an equal percent of atheists do as well.

See how the comparisons work out to be roughly equal when you compare valid samples?

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