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Comment Re:Change Windows' file path separator to forward- (Score 1) 494

You know you only need to use blackslash on the command line, right? And that's because Windows originally used - and still does, in many cases - forward slash to indicate command options. Changing that would break their users' stuff.

In most places other than the command line, forward slashes work fine; in C, "c:/Users/Jeff" works just as well as "c:\\Users\\Jeff".

Comment Re:The blindingly obvious (Score 1) 358

So, just from the Inspiron line, we have 3x4x3 options to choose from. That's 36 options. Alienware is a little more sane at only 16 options total, and XPS has 8 additional options.

The problem is not too much choice, but that none of the choices is exactly what you want; or you can find exactly what you want, but you can't afford it. In my experience, this is true for most things, and technology, especially.

Comment Re:PL/B (Score 1) 429

FWIW, it's still being actively used by some big/important places

While I'd debate your use of "big/important", I know it's still being used; I have to deal with it every day. I was kind of hoping to stimulate a discussion where I could complain about it, but it seems there aren't enough people still using PL/B.

Datapoint's 8-bit computers could not fit COBOL into their limited memory.

That actually explains a lot.

Comment I was... (Score 1) 159

...at the very first Red Hat conference, in New Orleans, with my (very) young children, just a few weeks before Katrina hit. We flew in there from another city, so I can't imagine how we would have evacuated, if it had hit while we were there.

Comment Re:Too soon to tell? (Score 1, Flamebait) 250

With the .NET platform now being available for cross platform development I can't see how there could be a decline in C#.

You'd have to be an idiot to use .NET for cross-platform development. In five or so years, Microsoft will discontinue cross-platform support, giving some BS excuse, like "no one was using it." What will the cross-platform developers do then, rewrite their code in a language that's really cross-platform? Doubt it.

As I've said here, before, this is just more Embrace, Extend, Extinguish.

Comment Re:I'll bite (Score 1) 265

Having used powershell a few times, it really just feels like a kludged attempt to bring CMD.exe to something closer to bash.... 20 years later.

I think it's cute, how Windows people gave Unix (and Linux) people grief, for 20+ years, because they thought the command line was "archaic". Now that Microsoft has a halfway-decent shell, it's the best thing ever.

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