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Comment: Wealthy thrill seekers (Score -1) 164

I have no sympathy for these wealthy thrill seekers. Everest is dangerous, even if he does have poor Sherpas to haul his oxygen espresso maker to 26,000 feet. Base camp for these yahoos lies right at the foot of an unstable icefall. I'd like to see the avalanche footage during the quake.

Comment: A pretty ugly attempt (Score -1, Flamebait) 113

by amightywind (#49490067) Attached to: An Engineering Analysis of the Falcon 9 First Stage Landing Failure
It doesn't sound as much like an analysis as more excuses and spin from Elon Musk. You must admit, it was a pretty ugly attempt. ULA's engine compartment recovery scheme makes more sense. Self-respect would ULA them from ever attempting the crudely engineered spectacle we just watched.

Comment: Mars mission impracticle at present (Score -1) 137

by amightywind (#49475265) Attached to: Road To Mars: Solving the Isolation Problem
Why or you all obsessing on a trip to Mars when Obama has done everything in his power to sabotage the space program? He slow walked SLS like he slow walked Keystone XL. To get to Mars we need large (Saturn V) class rockets to fulfill the mission. Elon Musk's toys aren't enough. Let's get it done!

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