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Comment: Solvable? (Score -1) 369

What does 'solvable' mean? Woodstock mean temperature 1968? These hippies don't even know what they're selling. Give subsidies to the politically connected? I'd rather burn by beloved hydrocarbon fuels. In the last 6 years I have made a fortune investing in companies that are out of favor. Big oil, big pharma, genetically modified agribusiness. It look like my run of luck will continue.

Comment: A civil service with less inhibition (Score -1) 97

Yeah, that's what we need. A weaponized leftist activist bureaucracy to act with even less inhibition for tyranny than they do now. And stop calling it civil service. These creeps are out to make a buck just like everyone else. Indeed, these past 6 years, the creeps have done quite well for themselves.

Comment: I'm 50 (Score 0) 370

by amightywind (#47293119) Attached to: Age Discrimination In the Tech Industry
I'm 50. I've been working in software development (mostly C++) for 25 years and my salary and bonus are at maximum levels. There are programmers under 30 that have talent but most trowel out shit code. Most know little of or care about design, correctness, etc. There may be age discrimination in some areas. I work in medical devices in MN where it must be less common.

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