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Comment Re:WTF is "guard"? (Score 1) 122

Came here to ask this. Glad to see it asked, disappointed that there's no answer. The article does a terrible job of explaining guard, making it look like an alias for "if", but it seems there are real benefits.


It still looks like it provides some benefits, but I don't know Swift that well, so it could be that all the alternatives that come to mind aren't possible or are more cumbersome than I expect. The primary benefit I see is quick assign-and-check for Optionals.

Comment Re:Just how well-studied was ESP? (Score 1) 49

When I said "was", I meant during the period these experiments were running. It seems they started in the 50s and ended in the late 70s. Just how ridiculous was it during that period for the military to throw a few million to "paranormal" studies?

"99% chance there's nothing there" ridiculous, or "been studied for a century with nothing to show for it" ridiculous"?

Comment Just how well-studied was ESP? (Score 2) 49

ESP and similar phenomena inhabit an interesting place in our history. There have been accounts and claims throughout history and undoubtedly prehistory as well. But as far as my 5-minute Googling tells me, these claims were never tested with scientific rigour until late 1800s.

So I wonder if there was some justification in doing these studies. Does anyone know if ESP had been scientifically ruled by the time these studies were done, or if these were the first large-scale studies with the appropriate level of rigour?

It seems foolish to us now, but at some point, we had no evidence of the null hypothesis. I'm just curious at what point in the timeline that changed.

Comment Re:Here we go. (Score 3, Insightful) 432

Which story was this? I skimmed the articles, but didn't see this story described (and am far too lazy to actually read the articles in full).

Also, I don't know about whether punishment is fair, but it's certainly not fair to the student to ask them to find another advisor. An academic advisor isn't something you can change like a pair of shoes, and requiring a change can have an impact on your academic career.

If the man had serious problems with the idea of continuing working with her, that sounds like a mental problem on his part. Maybe the solution is to find the student another advisor, but to simply say "you're too sexy, out of luck" is the wrong way to frame it, even if it leads to the same outcome.

Comment Re:lovingly hand-crafted by Space-X's engineers... (Score 1) 108

I think the sea platform was a different issue. My understanding was that they weren't authorized to try a land recovery because it's they hadn't proven the technology, and no one wanted to be the scapegoat when the rocket blew up an orphanage full of nuns.

While this summer's sea landing failed, it was still successful enough to justify letting SpaceX use a land-based landing point.

Caveat: I have no idea where my brain got this information, but it was probably from reading uninformed posters like me. I could very well be wrong.

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