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Comment: Re:Limits of Measurement (Score 1) 119

I like to think of an electrons a droplet of water (well, droplet of EM-field) with some very exotic properties.

  • It tends to stick together, but can be pulled apart.

  • When an electron is pulled apart (forced through a double-slit, for instance), it's strongly self-attracted, and tries to spring back into an electron-sized droplet very quickly

I think there's a very good reason electrons bound to an atom act like an "electron cloud". It's not that the electron appears and jumps randomly, it's actually everywhere.

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I hate this point of view - the one that says our math is everything, and there's no objective reality underneath driving it all. The math absolutely has to match observations, but describing physics without trying to understand what's ACTUALLY happening is like describing a baseball game purely in terms of Newtonian interactions. You'll understand individual phenomena very well, but you'll never understand the model well enough to make accurate predictions.

Comment: Re:Oh, bore off (Score 3, Insightful) 569

by DahGhostfacedFiddlah (#47545447) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

The reason we're still "blathering about non-existant [sic] WMDS" is because "WMD" is a shorthand for "nukes". The yellowcake uranium evidence, the aluminum tubes that "were intended as components of centrifuges to enrich uranium", the quote "we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud".

All of the WMD arguments for war were in the context of nukes, not chemical weapons.

So yes, you're technically correct - which is the best kind of correct - but you're also missing the point. None of the WMDs that we were warned about were found.

Not to mention if chemical weapons were a casus belli, just about every country in the world would be a legitimate target.

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by DahGhostfacedFiddlah (#47497427) Attached to: Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17

This is an incredibly disappointing comment to see modded Insightful. It's a non sequitor, it insults the parent, and most importantly, it adds nothing to the conversation.

I guess you can no longer use the traditional response to accusations of Russian misdeeds, since the US has stopped "lynching negroes"?

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by DahGhostfacedFiddlah (#47417647) Attached to: Physicists Spot Potential Source of 'Oh-My-God' Particles

Okay, I've read through a number of your replies, and one question keeps coming up. Who the Hell are you? What skin do you have in this game?

Companies pull books all the time for all kinds of reasons. Why is this one worth disrupting the site over? Are you Dinesh himself, trying desperately to get more income (or mindshare, whatever). Or has he hired you to spread the word on whatever sites you can? Are you simply a Concerned Citizen for whom this one book is the final straw?

Or are you a crazy lib who hates Dinesh D'Souza, and intends to delegitimize him by being a dick on websites in his name?

Or are you just trying out a new trolling technique? In which case, full marks for creativity, full marks for getting the bites. But 0/10 for pulling at the emotions like a traditional troll does. You're stirring up more confusion than anger.

Comment: Re:Buy the book BANNED by Costco! (Score 1) 144

by DahGhostfacedFiddlah (#47416395) Attached to: Physicists Spot Potential Source of 'Oh-My-God' Particles

If you want the book to reach people, maybe you should apply the same persuasive techniques to Costco stores that we've seen in this very thread.

For instance, you might find yourself in a Costco and see a small group of people gathered around telescopes, discussing the many wonders of the universe they hope to see. You could shove your way to the center of their attention and shout about how Costco censors a completely unrelated book! I can think of no finer way to win the respect and admiration of the scientific community.

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by DahGhostfacedFiddlah (#47281981) Attached to: Will 7nm and 5nm CPU Process Tech Really Happen?

We're trying to make smaller and smaller cars out of silicon, because then we can fit more cars onto parking lots. The number of cars we can fit onto a parking lot has been doubling approximately every 18 months for the past half-century, but we appear to be approaching some hard physical limits for the actual size of cars. In addition to the limits imposed by the size of the cars themselves (below a certain size, cars start interacting at a quantum level with the other cars around them), there are also challenges inherent in manufacturing cars at such a tiny scale. There is some new car-making technology on the horizon that may resolve these issues by using higher-frequency car-making lasers in our car foundries. But top researchers still have technical hurdles to pass before they can manufacture cars that are smaller than 7nm.

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by DahGhostfacedFiddlah (#47010227) Attached to: Air Force Prepares to Dismantle HAARP

If I wandered into a programming-language-of-the-week thread and started posting about Syrian refugees, I'd rightly be chastised and modded down. In no way is that the appropriate forum to air my grievances.

In fact, I'd go so far as to say that "no reasonable person" would think it's appropriate. So, yeah. Insane. Unable to grasp or understand social norms.

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