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Comment Re:Amazed (Score 1) 185

a) You'll note I said "immediately" - Bitcoin is volatile, but rarely that volatile

b) The same applies to other currencies. If you want to call those "scams", then I'll simply admit we have a different definition of that word.

c) I still don't see the scam. Who's benefiting? Bitcoin's value feels market-driven. "Scam" implies there's some puppeteer jerking the strings in order to make a profit.

Whether or not BTC will hold its value in the long term, I see no way to interpret it as a scam.

Comment This is a good thing (Score 1) 663

Sure, they have a very clear motive, and may bury any science that doesn't support their claims. That's bad.

But the idea that diet is the primary cause of obesity is a very intuitive one. There's no lack of studies showing the link, so burying new studies may not have a huge impact. The problem with intuitive ideas is that they're often wrong, or partially right, or ignore the root causes behind them. Research funded by a biased source is not necessarily bad research, and can uncover previously-unknown factors. That's good.

The research does come with a free frogurt, but the frogurt contains refined sugars. Just how bad that is is yet to be determined.

Comment Re:I got out years ago (Score 2) 223

Yes! Unless you have a need the better color quality of inkjets, there is no reason to buy one. I've hated every inkjet I've ever had. They would eat ink for no reason and suffer from random problems that would eat up my life in half-hour chunks.

I've owned two laser printers (a color and a B&W). The color is 3 years old and works like new. It's still on toner cartridge it came with. The B&W (HP LaserJet) is 20 years old, has printed tens of thousands of pages, and still going strong. After 15 years it did need a gear replacement - which I considered cheap based on the value I've gotten out of it.

Comment Re:Writing On The Wall Folks (Score 1) 167

Business rules are implemented however they are implemented. That can be a rules engine, or a more general language. And any rules engine I've seen tends to be infinitely extensible with your language of choice, because simply being a "rules engine" is rarely sufficient.

And I didn't say clouds were "just storage", I said that MySQL was a "cloud-based storage medium", which is certainly true for the various vague definitions of "cloud-based" I've seen.

See? My joke was accurate and - now that it has been fully explained - totally hilarious.

Comment Re:Writing On The Wall Folks (Score 1) 167

Applications will be created by Management based on Business Rules and Data Sets.

It's sad but true. That's why I've been preparing my move into Management. I've been learning to use a cutting-edge Management Suite called "Java" to implement Business Rules, and a bleeding-edge Cloud-based Storage Medium named "MySQL" to manage my Data Sets.

I'm going to miss Software Engineering, but as you say, the writing's on the wall.

Comment Re:Why is this dribble on the front page? (Score 1) 445

you can't make a statement such as "10% of them are green"....You don't seem to understand infinity is not simply a big number.

And you don't seem to have much of an imagination. Can't you think of a single formulation that would produce 10% green marbles in an infinite set?

What if we had a barrel that was infinitely deep, and filled with marbles in sequence: 9 red, 1 green, 9 red, 1 green...?

You're kind of obnoxious. This is /. - we all took math in university. This kind of pedantic crap is like arguing over "who" vs "whom" in any conversation not already centered on linguistics. It makes you feel smart, and no one cares.

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