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Comment Re:This is why we can't have nice things. (Score 1) 225

Technically, this is already done affordably by the Cable TV industry. Fiber is run to the neighborhood loop, and the homes are served via coaxial cable and DOCSIS to 100 megabit.

I have Verizon FiOS and the cable that is run into my house is exactly the same as my old Cable TV service. The "FiOS" modem in my house is exactly the same modem given to me as a Cable TV subscriber.

My old Cable TV service has speeds competitive to FiOS up to around 100 megabits, but for less than 1/20th of the cost that Verizon spent building out the FiOS plant.

And, today, DOCSIS 3.1 will allow the same speeds as FiOS over the copper Cable TV plant. The old and already existing Cable TV plant gives customers the same speeds as FiOS for 1/20th the cost that Verizon paid for building FiOS.

This is why Verizon is not building FiOS anymore and sold off a few regions to other companies. They're only building out Washington DC because they were forced to. Verizon will not see dime one for 25 years. Fiber-to-the-home was a mistake and they admitted as much.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 225

I tell people to use CrashPlan, instead. It is unlimited data and provides unbreakable encryption on the client side just like SpiderOak does. They also have a family plan so you can back up your whole house for one price.

I gave SpiderOak a try recently and I really wanted to like it but I had two serious problems with it. The client software uses an unreasonably large amount of memory and CPU time when the program is not doing anything, and what's worst, they don't provide an easy way to put it to sleep.

And, inexplicably, the SpiderOak company doesn't have a reasonable refund policy. Practically every other backup service has a trial period or a no-questions-asked refund policy. SpiderOak has neither.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 225

I use Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited Everything. The service is excellent but regular users are probably not going to like it because the client software is not very robust and lacks features.

If you use a third-party software application with Amazon Cloud Drive the service is quite fast and reliable. Rate-limiting is almost negligible and data transfer is very fast. I use the program Syncovery from here:

They recently introduced a Linux version that works with Amazon Cloud Drive.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 225

This is true, but the Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited Everything plan (currently $60/year) really is actually unlimited data of any kind.

Nobody expects Amazon to maintain the "Unlimited Everything" plan for much longer.

But, on the bright side, while it is rate-limited, it's not as bad as Microsoft OneDrive's horrendously restrictive rate-limiting and slow data transfer.

Comment Amazon really screwed the pooch on fonts (Score 2, Insightful) 141

Since Day 1 of the E-Ink Kindles, Amazon has been indignantly screwing the pooch on fonts. It is hard to understand why this is still the case. Bookerly is not a good font; there is no actual science behind the claims made in their marketing about it. There's just no good size to select, either.

At least they finally started allowing you to ignore the publisher-preferred font in recent years. Some books published that way were illegible and it's obvious that Amazon employees do not use their own products.

Submission + - MapQuest Discover shutting down February 15 (

kriston writes: MapQuest Discover, the feature that in 2013 the media fawned over for keeping the long-dying AOL MapQuest brand relevant, is no more. Since not many people used it, I'm quoting the email sent to those of us who tried MapQuest Discover.

Thanks for the adventures.

You are receiving this email because you currently have a MapQuest Discover account. We wanted to let you know that on February 15, 2016, we will be closing the doors to Discover and your account will no longer be accessible.

When we created Discover, we set out with one goal: To inspire travel and exploration. It’s been a great journey and we hope we inspired you to get out and explore new places, meet new people, and experience new things. As we look to the future, we will be focusing our energy on improving our core product, MapQuest, while taking on new adventures at Parachute, a contributor-fueled site providing authentic and informative local content.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us by contacting our Support team. You can also learn more about this decision by visiting our FAQs.

We are eternally grateful for your continued support. And we hope to see you again at Parachute and MapQuest.


The MapQuest Team

Comment The body dies were destroyed, maybe not? (Score 2) 276

It was widely reported at the time that the government (who were very unhappy) had the body dies destroyed. None of the articles mention how they will build new cars after the legacy stock of body parts is depleted.

But there's evidence that they're at the bottom of Ards Bay, Connemara, being used as fish net anchors.

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