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Comment: Re:Not even close to the worst. (Score 2, Informative) 290

The CANDU reactor program got it right decades ago and keeps getting better, but since it's not from the US, and has the false reputation of promoting nuclear proliferation, the US is not interested.

CANDU also, unfortunately, has a politically-fueled false perception of promoting nuclear proliferation partly because it was falsely accused to have aided the Smiling Buddha program (that was CIRUS, not CANDU, but who's paying attention?).

Oh, there is that unavoidable 1% tritium release rate, though.

Comment: It is not "coal sludge." It's coal ash slurry. (Score 1) 290

It is not "coal sludge." It's coal ash slurry.

Did the OP even read the article? Even TFA refers to the flood as consisting of coal ash slurry.

There is no such thing as "coal sludge," but there is "coal slurry" which is something entirely different from coal ash slurry that allows transport of coal through pipelines in a very expensive process.

Comment: Gaming and security don't mix (Score 1) 212

by kriston (#46436441) Attached to: <em>Portal 2</em> Incompatible With SELinux

Simply put, gaming and the security model enforced by SELinux, just don't mix. The whole idea of SELinux is to provide fine-grained control to system resources. You can't have that and expect acceptable gaming performance. The specialized way that Miles' uses memory is just one example. The modern "direct" graphics drives are another.

How to solve this? Simple. Don't play games on your security assets. The security provided by SELinux isn't really intended to protect your checkbook from buffer overflow attacks.

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Journal: Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook problems

Journal by kriston

The Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook has a number of problems that require too much attention. Perhaps that's why I bought one new today for over $400 off list price. This Ultrabook has a 12.5" 1920x1080 screen, touch screen, Intel Core i5, 4 gigs of memory, 128 GB SSD, and has a nifty screen flipping feature so you can use it like a tablet.

Here are a few problems so far.

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