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Comment Re:blowfish-cbc ! (Score 1) 75

While blowfish-cbc is going away, which uses Cipher Block Chaining mode, I find it a little strange that OpenSSH does not offer the more secure blowfish-cfb, blowfish-ecb, or blowfish-ofb ciphers. They're certainly in OpenSSL, though blowfish in CTR mode is curiously not present in OpenSSL.

Frankly, why not offer CFB, ECB, OFB, and CTR modes for all ciphers that support it?

Comment Re:Insecurity culture.... (Score 0) 585

Wow. I have colleagues who routinely borrow from their 401(k) accounts to buy exotic performance cars and things like that. Their 401(k) retirement accounts are doing just fine, thank you, thanks to financial literacy.

Anyone who doesn't bother to understand how a 401(k) works deserves the penalties they get. The US education system needs to teach this as a part of their required curriculum NOW.


Comment I'm perplexed by your problem (Score 1) 189

I'm perplexed by your problem. Every toner cartridge I have ever bought, both OEM and off-brand clones, have been shipped with prepaid return labels to ship the spent cartridge back to be recycled. The off-brand clones really want them since they're going to refurbish and refill them, anyway.

The solution? Find a better toner supplier.

Comment These stories always happen (Score 1) 843

These stories always happen during the adolescence of the development lifecycle of expensive airframes. It happened with the Osprey, the F-15, and even the F-16, arguably the most successful of the affordable fighters.

The F-35 will evolve into a competent fighter as they always do. We really don't want different fighters for each branch of the military anymore.

Comment This is basically what the Volt should have been (Score 1) 249

This is basically what the Volt should have been.

Even though the Volt degraded into a disappointing electromotive hybrid with engine assistance while still being far in advance of the Toyota HSG, it took least one billion dollars of research before GM went bankrupt. Hopefully, GM can recoup some of those lost dollars with the Bolt and give us the electric vehicle we were promised with the Volt, but this time, it will have no petroleum engine.

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