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+ - SPAM: Iggy azalea lyrics

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Recording creative person Kimberly Cole joins Australian rap sensation Iggy azalea for a promo pic shoot with notable celebrity creative person brooke Nipar...."
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+ - Australian Government tries to force telcos to store user metadata for two years->

Submitted by AlbanX
AlbanX (2847805) writes "The Australian Government has introduced a bill that would require telecommunications carriers and service providers to retain the non-content data of Australian citizens for two years of it can be accessed — without a warrant- by local law enforcement agencies.

Despite tabling the draft legislation into parliament, the bill doesn't actually specify the types of data the Government wants retained. The proposal has received a huge amount of criticism from the telco industry, other members of parliament and privacy groups."

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+ - Google finds vulnerability in SSL web encryption->

Submitted by AlbanX
AlbanX (2847805) writes "Google researchers have discovered a vulnerability in a version of the SSL (secure sockets layer) web encryption protocol which allows attackers to break its cryptographic security.

The 'POODLE' attack allows attackers to steal secure HTTP cookies or other bearertokens. CDN provider CloudFlare has already disabled SSL 3.0 by default across its network, and Google said it hopes to do the same in the coming months."

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