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Submission + - Would you pay US$100 per IPv4 address? (

Bismillah writes: Companies and organisations with IPv4 address allocations may feel a little more flush than usual, as trading in number blocks has kicked off in earnest this year, potentially making them a bookable asset. Brokers hoping to cash in on the IPv4 transfer market think the price will hit US$30 per address, and could even go as high as US$100. Now where's that IPv6 internet again?

Submission + - UK intrusion software export controls threaten research, pen-testing (

Bismillah writes: Britain has released it's version of the regulations under which intrusion software and malware samples may require export licenses.

The export regulations are part of what UK agreed to, under the Wassenaar Arrangement for arms control.

Interestingly enough, popping up calc.exe for PoC demos gets a specific exemption, but the rest is pretty opaque.

Submission + - OSGeo Foundation up in arms over ESRI LAS lock-in plans

Bismillah writes: The Open Source Geospatial Foundation is outraged over mapping giant ESRI's latest move which entails vendor lock-in for light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data through its proprietary Optimised LAS format. ESRI is the dominant company in the geospatial data arena, with its ArcGIS mapping platform boasting with over a million users and 350,000 customers.

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