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Comment: And for that kind of money there should have been (Score 4, Insightful) 159

by Sycraft-fu (#49566605) Attached to: Valve Pulls the Plug On Paid Mods For Skyrim

I mean if you are going to take a 75% cut, well then you can afford to spend the fucking time curating your shit. If they are going to charge that kind of cut, they can afford to have people review the content. Given that they are taking a much larger cut than the dev, it should stand to reason that goes to paying for some work on their part.

Have it where you submit a form to Valve with what your mod is, what it does, etc. They screen it to make sure it sounds like a reasonable idea, and then send you stuff to sign where you declare that this is your work, you aren't violating copyright, you've paid commercial licenses for software used on it, etc. Once they have that, mod gets submitted and then it goes off to Bethesda for QA. They test it to make sure that it does what it says, doesn't crash the game, and so on. Maybe even help fix bugs possibly. If that's all good Valve does a final check to make sure they don't see any copyright violation (maybe an automated system that flags and then a human checks i there are flags to see if it is legit) and it then gets posted.

If they were doing something like that, then ok maybe there's some justification of the price. Ya there's a big cut getting taken, which means higher prices, but you are getting something more along the lines of paid DLC. QA like that might be worth it.

However they were just letting anything and everything get posted. They were treating it with the same indifference as the rest of Steam, which is just not ok.

Comment: Re:danger vs taste (Score 1) 566

by jellomizer (#49563655) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

That is the problem with Diet food anyways.
If you want to lose weight. Stop eating "Diet Food"
If you are going to indulge in something, you are better off in eating the non-Diet equivalent.
1. It will satisfy you more. You can have a piece of 300 calorie dessert and you will satisfied. Or you chow down on 4 or 5 100 calorie diet snacks.
2. Gives you energy. If you can get non-empty calories. You get more energy out of your day. So you can go out and get more active.
3. Too few calories, puts your body in starvation mode. This means it will slow your metabolism so when you do eat it will go to fat, because it won't known when you will eat again.

If you are going to have a Soda, I like real Cane sugar soda. It tastes better, and when you drink a potion you feel satisfied and you really don't want an other glass.

Diet Soda, sends your body mixed messages. So it thinks it has sugar but it doesn't so your body will try to process it. Leaving you feeling hungry.

Comment: Interesting since Aspartame spiked Sachirine (Score 1) 566

by Maxo-Texas (#49562619) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

Basically funded bogus studies and had a negative press campaign as they came out.

Sacharine-- it turns out-- is actually quite safe while aspartame is bad for some people regardless of how it is handled. Handled improperly (over 100 degrees) it breaks down into bad stuff... but also many people break it down into bad stuff anyway and get headaches from it.

Comment: Also it is a lot of calories, and empty ones (Score 1) 566

by Sycraft-fu (#49562409) Attached to: Pepsi To Stop Using Aspartame

Soda has around 100 calories per 8 fluid ounces (varies slightly with type of soda). So you get a 32 ounce drink, that's 400 calories. That's a fair bit, even by fast food standards. Most fast food burgers are in the 800-1200 calorie range (a double quarter pounder with cheese is 740 calories for reference). So you are adding 33-50% more calories to a meal with a 32oz soda.

Well the thing is, the calories in that soda won't do much if anything to fill you up. Drink as much as you like, you still feel hungry. Not so with a hamburger. While it isn't high quality nutrition, it is still plenty of protein, fat, and carbs and your body is going to be satisfied by the consumption of it.

Thus cutting out the soda really can help. You reduce a non-trivial amount of calories and it isn't likely to make you feel less full. Ya, you are still eating fast food and it is not high quality nutrition, and it is high calorie for what you get, but it is better than just drinking sugar water which is more or less what soda is.

Weight loss and eating healthy isn't an all or nothing proposition. There is better and worse, and cutting out soda is doing better than leaving it in.

Comment: Re:First post... (Score 1) 31

by jellomizer (#49550241) Attached to: Patents Show Google Fi Was Envisioned Before the iPhone Was Released

Before the iPhone we were not primitives. They were smart phones years before the iPhone was released. The big players was Blackberry and a slew of windows mobile phones, and Palm. They had a keyboard you could browse the web you could even get apps, and watch videos. Android OS was in development. But the idea of smart phones were all centered around a full keyboard and some sort of pointing device. The key features where there. So it would make sense for Google to look for ways to improve bandwidth without the iPhone designed phone.

However after the iPhone was released it put the smart phone market in shock. It seemed that a larger screen was preferable, people picked up in using gestures quickly, and was willing to sacrifice a physical keyboard for it. This made all the other companies future plans obsolete thus giving Apple a two year lead.

But saying before the iPhone we wouldn't imagine trying to get faster mobile data is naive.

Comment: Re:Common sense here folks (Score 1) 115

Sometimes common sense is just wrong, particularly when it comes to predicting the behavior of other people who might not agree with what you consider "common sense". If you check his publications in Google Scholar, this guy's been publishing surgical neuroscience papers in real journals since around 1990. I think he really intends to try this.

Comment: Re:Apple may outlive Acer - But will they make PCs (Score 1) 417

by jcr (#49545867) Attached to: We'll Be the Last PC Company Standing, Acer CEO Says

Apple are merging OS X into IOS, albeit very slowly.

Nope. I've been there, and nobody at Apple has any such intention. Features will get passed back and forth between them, but they're very aware of the reasons that Tablet PCs failed, and they're not going to copy MS's mistakes.


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