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Comment Re:I wonder (Score 1) 258 258

This whole "who prevents cargo from being stolen" argument is moot in my opinion. If a someone wants to steal cargo, they can threaten driver with a gun. Maybe he will be able to draw a gun soon enough, maybe not. If cargo is expensive enough, he may even be killed. Also only in US drivers can have a gun. In europe there is also many trucks. What happens when driver hears something strange at night? He just pretend he's still asleep so that thieves don't threaten him. Cargo is insured and his employer will prefer to have alive driver.

Comment Re:I saw a documentary about this on TV last night (Score 0) 77 77

As an aside IMHO that article the other day asking about where is decent SciFi nowadays seemed to miss the point that for a good show character interactions and growth are what makes it good and that technology by itself is merely a prop.

In MY humble opinion, character interactions and growth makes a good space opera (SyFy), not SciFi.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 533 533

Then one day a programmer notices the dependence on the uninitialized value, which would clearly produce a severe failure if fed the correct inputs, and he thinks "surely this hasn't been running for thirty years deployed on hundreds of thousands of nodes, and never triggered a fatal anomaly" and yet there it is.

And then it breaks simultaneously in the whole world.

Comment Re:Stay behind the line! (Score 4, Insightful) 388 388

So strong, that you are willing to go to jail for a few hours, at the very least.

Nope, now you can be accused of terrorism and held for a month just as an example or slapped with a nice fine of several thousand dollars for costs of detainment.

Comment Re:Other red flags (Score 1) 247 247

The point is, had he grown up in any other area in the country, this guy would be stocking shelves at Wal-Mart and complaining about "the system."

What can we say about NSA when such a guy can go in, take many secrets and publish them while successfully escaping wrath of The President?

Comment Re:OT: Question about waveforms (Score 4, Informative) 242 242

Yes. You have this effect in double slit experiment, there are places where waves cancel out and you have dark place. The problem is that it's almost impossible to generate an inverse waveform from source other than the one which generated your photon. Typically it's done by splitting one waveform.

Comment Re:The real issue: U.S. government corruption. (Score 1) 555 555

I'm not an american, fifth amendment doesn't apply to me. Also terrorism trumps all amendments. Maybe it's the law, but what use has your lawyer when you can't see him when you're in gitmo and nobody want's to even admit that you are held there?

Comment Re:My pedantic solution to surveillance gag orders (Score 1) 255 255

Yeah, then service provider gets secret order that it has to provide data about user AND continue sending those emails. What, can't they ask that? Who will prevent them when you can't even talk to your lawyer about this....

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