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+ - A DC-10 Passenger Plane Is Perfect at Fighting Wildfires->

Submitted by Daniel_Stuckey
Daniel_Stuckey (2647775) writes "Friday night in Southern California's Silverado Valley, relief flew in on an old airliner. In this summer of drought and fire the DC-10, an airplane phased out of passenger service in February, has been spotted from Idaho to Arizona delivering up to 12,000 gallons of fire retardant in a single acrobatic swoop.

The three-engine DC-10 entered service in 1970 as a passenger jet, and the last airplane working in that capacity, operated by Biman Bangladesh Airlines, made its final flight on February 24. But some designs defy obsolescence. The DC-10 had already been converted to function as a mid-air refueling airplane for the Air Force, and in 2006, the first fire-fighting DC-10 was unleashed on the Sawtooth fire in San Bernardino County, California."

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Comment: Re:Why VPN? (Score 1) 238

by Wolfrider (#47924019) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Advice On Building a Firewall With VPN Capabilities?

> I agree. I've been running a similar set up on a PIII-100 (remember those?) with 96MB RAM and a 200MB disk for almost twenty years.

--Dude, how high is your electric bill? o_O

--If you hook up a kill-a-watt to that beast, you might want to consider replacing that ancient machine with something like a Raspberry Pi / Cubietruck / Atom box - it will likely pay for itself within a year due to the power savings...

TS-836A Plug Power Meter = ~$16 on Amazon

+ - NASA awards "space taxi" contracts to both Boeing and SpaceX->

Submitted by ugen
ugen (93902) writes "Contrary to the rumor posted on Slashdot earlier today, "NASA will partner with Boeing and SpaceX to build commercially owned and operated "space taxis" to fly astronauts to the International Space Station, ending U.S. dependence on Russia for rides, officials said on Tuesday... Boeing was awarded $4.2 billion to SpaceX's $2.6 billion. ""
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Comment: Re:Hate Amazon for this (Score 1) 77

by Wolfrider (#47914963) Attached to: Amazon Instant Video Now Available On Android

--I agree with you there. Having Prime is really good, but adding a streaming video to your Q on amazon and then getting "Please go to to pay more $$ for this movie" when you try to watch it, is bogus. Netflix is much more straightforward - and has a better video library, for the most part.

--The only movie I've actually paid the extra $2 for was "The Raven" with Vincent Price, because it was rare and I hadn't watched it for decades. Everything else I just look for on Netflix and add it there if they have it.

+ - Researchers Closer to Industrial Graphene Production Due to $10 Bet->

Submitted by AaronW
AaronW (33736) writes "After trying and failing to convince Nina Kovtyukhona to test her technique of separating layers of graphite and boron nitride to instead try graphene, Thomas E. Mallouk made a bet with Nina that her technique method would work. If it worked, Nina would owe him $10. If it didn't, he would owe her $100. Thomas is now $10 richer and we are now a step closer to industrial scale graphene production."
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+ - AT&T says 10Mbps is too fast for "Broadband," 4Mbps is enough 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "AT&T and Verizon have asked the FCC not to change the definition of broadband from 4Mbps to 10Mbps, contending that "10Mbps service exceeds what many Americans need today to enable basic, high-quality transmissions." From the article: "Individual cable companies did not submit comments to the FCC, but their representative, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA), agrees with AT&T and Verizon. 'The Commission should not change the baseline broadband speed threshold from 4Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream because a 4/1 Mbps connection is still sufficient to perform the primary functions identified in section 706 [of the Telecommunications Act]—high-quality voice, video, and data,' the NCTA wrote.""

+ - The first suspension bridge connecting mountain peaks

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 (797399) writes "Switzerland is about to open the first suspension bridge ever built between two mountain peaks.

The bridge, suspended 9,700ft in the air, will also have a partial glass floor to allow visitors a once in a lifetime view of the 6,500ft drop between the Glacier 3000 and Scex Rouge.

It is scheduled to open in November, and is being built in an effort to attract more tourists to the Swiss Alps."

Comment: Re:Moving to FreeBSD is probably more a ZFS thing (Score 1) 613

by Wolfrider (#47814137) Attached to: You Got Your Windows In My Linux

--I would dispute you on this. I was running my main backup RAIDZ2 server on PCBSD, and had to break a ports upgrade compile. Ports was irrecoverably broken after that. After about a year I switched to Linux + ZFS, and it runs with BETTER speed on the same hardware. And on top of that, Linux has a better disk-naming system -- as well as a functional fdisk -l.

Comment: Re:What's wrong with Windows Server? (Score 1) 613

by Wolfrider (#47813957) Attached to: You Got Your Windows In My Linux

> The shell still sort of sucks (powershell). I wish someone would write a 'native' shell for windows that was cool. I'd event settle for a dos prompt you can resize like an xterm.

--Ever heard of 4dos? Check this one out:

--No affiliation, just satisfied user. 1st ran into it back in the 90's when Norton Utilities bundled Ndos. The TCC/LE version is free.

Comment: Re:Not the correct application for this (Score 1) 107

by Wolfrider (#47813169) Attached to: Raspberry Pi Gets a Brand New Browser

--Submitting personal experience, Palemoon on Linux 64-bit is beating Firefox all hollow WITH THE SAME PLUGINS running.

--In my work environment, Xubuntu 64-bit, Firefox would regularly use ~2GB+ of my 6GB of laptop RAM - and become extremely slow. I open and close tabs all night. Palemoon is *much* more memory efficient - and I haven't noticed the same slowdown effect.

--Right now I have 15 Palemoon windows open and God knows how many tabs, but one of the best changes they made to the Firefox base code is not loading all tabs on browser launch - only when they're active. That said, Palemoon is the better browser in my experience.

+ - Why hackers may be stealing your credit card numbers for years->

Submitted by angry tapir
angry tapir (1463043) writes "The PCI Security Standards Council, which develops PCI-DSS, has recommended that merchants switch to using point-to-point encryption to prevent the largescale siphoning of credit card details from point of sale terminals (think Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, UPS Store and others). However, retailers often have long technology refresh cycles, so it could be five to seven years before most move to it — not to mention that the fact that PCI-DSS version 3.0 doesn't even mandate the use of point-to-point encryption."
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