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Comment: Re:The universe does not need us.... (Score 1) 313

by Wolfrider (#46753531) Attached to: Russia Wants To Establish a Permanent Moon Base

> On the flip side, billions of humans on earth need food, shelter, clean water, and education right fucking now. Once we get our house in order I could see wasting a few trillion dollars on a cosmic vanity project, but not until then.

--The thing is though, we have had THOUSANDS OF YEARS to "get our house in order", and things are as bad (or worse) as they have ever been. We deserve a chance to start over in a new territory at this point. Charles Sheffield has some good stories that illustrate why doing this is a Good Idea, if you're interested.

Comment: Re:There isn't enough rubles in Moscow (Score 1) 313

by Wolfrider (#46753501) Attached to: Russia Wants To Establish a Permanent Moon Base

--I'm with you 99%. The prospect of a new "space race" to the Moon is exciting for me, for the same reasons that you listed. We need to get Mankind into space in a big way.

--Anyone who hasn't already read "The Moon is a harsh mistress" turn in your geek card - it should be required reading. And if you get a chance, go visit the Saturn V rockets on display in Houston and Cape Canaveral.

--My greatest fear is that the US will treat this as rhetoric, and fail to get the fire lit under the space program again (that badly needs a cash infusion, as well as buy-in from the general public - hearts and minds help train future astronauts.)

--There's too many people as it is on this damn f'd up ball of rock+water, and we have a single point of failure. If we expand into space, eventually that will mean less congestion on the roads and in the cities. I may already be too old to live the dream of going into space in my lifetime and staying at the Space Hilton, but dammit I would support it financially for the future of the species.

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by Wolfrider (#46619017) Attached to: Facebook To Begin Deploying Btrfs

--You sound like a Luddite. Sure, in a blue-sky world ALL filesystems could have ZFS capabilities. But the ZFS implementors decided to get past all the cruft and implement it from scratch, and for the most part they've done a fantastic job. Quit complaining and being bitter and try FUNDING CODE DEVELOPMENT on the dev mapper subsystem if you want to see it happen in the next 5-10 years, or it likely never will - it's easier right now to keep those features at the FS level. LVM(+RAID) on Linux is a *horrible* hack in comparison to ZFS.

--Btrfs is playing catch-up tho; realistically I prolly wouldn't trust it entirely for the next 1.5 - 2 years, but it does have some things that ZFS lacks (more flexibility, and supposedly stable on 32-bit systems.) Once it matures it will be a fine alternative/complement to ZFS, and *damn* the layering violations - as long as it Just Works.

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by Wolfrider (#46581265) Attached to: Job Automation and the Minimum Wage Debate

--Call me old fashioned, but my 1st job was literally bagging groceries - so I like having someone else bag them when I shop. I *hate* self-checkout stations - I flat-out refuse to use them.

--When I go into a fast-food restaurant, I like being able to tell a person what my order is. It gives them a job to do (and income, even if it's not really enough to live on by itself), and some human interaction for me. I have no desire to punch a possibly complex, 1-off order into a limited touchscreen interface if I'm feeling like getting something different today - that's their job.

--Try and take that away, and workers should rise up en masse and demand protection from the law - because *millions* would be put out of work if we tried to automate all the Mcdonalds. We have so many people out of work as it is, why would you want to make it worse? That's why the tax laws haven't been reformed BTW - you can't put all the H&R Block, etc tax preparers out in the cold with nothing to fall back on.

--Our best bet is expanding into SPACE - we need a new Frontier.

--America was arguably at its best as a country when we were expanding into the West. After WWII (and especially Vietnam), we started the long slide downhill. 'Murika is becoming East Germany with all this spying bullshit anymore - give us a new planet to build on already. The Moon is right there and not being exploited yet - that would be a good start. After that, the asteroids. And after that, we can terraform Mars. Give us a dream!

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by Wolfrider (#46570823) Attached to: Iran Builds Mock-up of Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier

> OTOH, the US is very sensitive to the loss of their manpower. If too many US soldiers die in a war half a globe away, the general sentiment towards the war can very quickly change. This ain't WW2 anymore where something like that could work. Vietnam already showed that it's easy to lose support at home if too many of our boys die in what is then deemed a "pointless war". Drones work beautifully here because nobody gets hurt.

--And at that point, war becomes a video game. $Side1 sends our robots against $Side2, few to no human beings are in danger, and the war never stops.

--I remember that I had to register for the draft when I came of age. Using Human fighters and human-controlled battle engines keeps the proper perspective - war is hell, and there really needs to be a damn good reason for it. There's no good reason to let robot armies demolish each other just to keep being replenished, or have one side's robot army deploy against (fairly) defenseless/underarmed humans.

--Science fiction has gone over this extensively - looks like some people need to read up and learn from it.

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