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Comment Re:They do, but it's stupid. (Score 1) 212

I found the location :

The facades are actually west and east. They'll get about 715 kWh/m2.a of insolation.
North and south facades would get about 655 kWh/m2.a
Still, a southern roof with a 30 tilt would get 1230kWh/m2.a

Considering that the 2 top rows won't produce much, if at all, the tower won't produce 30000kWh/year, even with 20% module efficiency and 90% performance ratio.

Comment Re:They do, but it's stupid. (Score 1) 212

Ew. I think I see what they're doing.

First, congrats on your analysis, which seems on point.
But it gets worse :
As you see on those pictures, the panels seem to be custom made with 3*18 big monocrystalline-cells.
With 9 rows and 9 columns of panels, you get 3888 cells per facade, which means 7776 for both facades (so you were right for north and south facades).
Notice something? The big fat Porsche logo has been stuck on the friggin tower, and covers about 28 out of the 81 modules.
The modules that are behind not only do not produce anything, but, depending on the way the modules are connected to one another, they might also prevent other modules to properly work. This mismatch can lead to overheating and panel damage.
Nice design, here!

Comment Re:Units (Score 2) 212

Most people get a photovoltaic installation because it generates money, not because it delivers clean(-ish) decentralized electricity to the grid.
And you get paid a given amount of c€ per kWh for this electricity.
The average power output is interesting though, because it shows that it's not even enough to power 1% of a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (521 PS = 383 kW).
What a load of greenwashing bullshit.

Comment Re:Fuck the SFPD (Score 1) 464

Thanks a lot for your story.
I had a similar experience in Germany. It was definitely feces on the wall :-/
I spent half a night in a cell, only knowing that the charge was something like "sexual assault" and that a witness said I kinda looked like the culprit. You *really* don't want to land in jail as a foreign rapist, even for just a night.
They released me after 4 hours, not telling me anything else. I received a letter after 1 month, inviting me as a "witness".
Those assholes actually wanted to take pictures of me, and I realized too late I was still a suspect.
My lawyer asked for the files, and told me the sexual assault was "boob gropping", and that the victim described the culprit as being 16 (I was 28 at that time) and about 20 cm shorter than me.
Oh yes, fuck the police.

PS: RIP Ian, and thanks for the hard work.

Comment Re:Not coming to a sky near -me- (Score 2) 26

Yes, light pollution sucks big time.
If you can see bright stars, you can surely see Venus, Saturn and Jupiter.
They're pretty fun to look at, even with a small and cheap dobsonian (e.g. http://www.telescope.com/Teles...).
I love mine, and it helps me connect with our sky even in a light polluted area. I can also see some of the brightest nebulae and galaxies.
I'm pretty sure you'd be able to see Catalina with it even from the Sprawl.

Comment Re:this will be a joke (Score 1) 292

You know why China has to build about 1 coal power plant a week?
That's because the US and Europe moved all their manufacturing industry there.
You want to help China stop building new coal power plants? Buy less stuff from there.
That sucks, because I love tech gadgets but I do buy much fewer gadgets since I realized the hidden environmental impact they have.

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