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Comment: Re:And so preventable (Score 1) 141

Adults are moral entities with agency, and can damn well decide on their own whether to wear a seatbelt or not.

It's not so easy : by not wearing a seatbelt, you make it easier for others (taxi driver and other drivers on the road) to accidentally kill you. It's a big burden that you could put on other "moral entities".

Comment: Re:I guess that if a Mathematician... (Score 1) 141

And by the way, usually this argument tends to come up from people who want to claim economics isn't a "real science" or something. I won't get into that argument, but well, neither is "peace" or "literature."

Those people are right, and you're right about peace and literature.
Nash's contribution was really in mathematics, though, so that's fine by me.
BTW, the best proof that economics isn't a science, is that it isn't even included there :

Comment: Re:Renewing the domain name? No (Score 5, Interesting) 182

by BlackPignouf (#49659805) Attached to: The Challenge of Web Hosting Once You're Dead

That, and many more problems. A good friend and our main developer committed suicide 5 years ago.
With the ceremony, the emotional shock and many organizational problems, 1 month got by, the bank account got closed, the provider didn't get paid and deleted the whole VM on which our website was running.
During this period, 2 disks died at his place on the Raid 5 NAS backup, and nobody noticed.

When people tell me I'm being overzealous with backups now, I tell them that worst-worst-case scenarios do happen sometimes.

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