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Comment: Performance-driven projects (Score 1) 233 233

My most productive hours are from 10pm till midnight, at home.
Everybody else is sleeping, nobody calls, no colleague can bother me.
I listen to a CD I've listen to a few hundred times, and I work in a very focused manner on important new features or bugfixes.
Before going to bed, I send a short email to my boss describing what I did.

After about a week, we have our usual meeting, during which colleagues say "we should do this and this, it'll probably take a month or two", with the hope that they won't be the ones having to do it. I just tell them "No problem, I did it yesterday night". Everybody's happy.
I tell my boss I'd like to take my day off, and go skateboarding.

So for me, it began by working the usual 9 to 5, adding some very productive overtime, and showing my colleagues and boss that I don't actually need the 9 to 5.

Comment: Re:Goldman Sachs (Score 1) 1253 1253

In the end, none of the responsible people will be punished.

Not only that, but Mario Draghi (former managing director of Goldman Sachs) is now the president of the European Central Bank.
But it's okay, because

the deals were "undertaken before my joining Goldman Sachs [and] I had nothing to do with them"

This unelected thief has more power than many european presidents.

Comment: Re:Reading her mind... (Score 1) 132 132

My GF got post-partum psychosis 4 years ago.
She spent 2.5 years in the hospital, trying new medications combination (including electroshock therapy and strong, old drugs that are kinda forbidden now) every 2 month.
She's healthy now and we're a happy "normal" family again.
But oh boy, we went through hell, and I'm happy to have forgotten half of those damn symptoms and side effects that we've seen during those years. E.g. :
* Hearing friendly voices that advice her to jump from a bridge
* Forgetting her name or the city we live in
* Parkinson symptoms that'd make Muhammad Ali proud
* Stealing my mobile phone, because hers was allegedly bugged
* Looking like a zombie
* Living in a separate universe with no link whatsoever to ours
* Leaving our daughter (6 months old) alone at the mall

I still cannot believe she's perfectly fine now.

Comment: Re:a bright future (Score 1) 40 40

The burden of proof is on you.
I showed that typical airplanes would need 500m2 of pv panels per passenger in order to fly, even with a perfect propulsion system and maximum solar irradiance.
You need to describe a functional airplane that somehow needs about 10 or 100 times less pv panels to fly.

Comment: Re:a bright future (Score 4, Informative) 40 40

it makes it very clear that it's entirely possible to replace our environmentally destructive planes with solar planes.

Once again : Not, it's not possible.
Here's a comment I posted 5 years ago :
The laws of thermodynamics haven't changed much since.

Comment: Re:Google is too wild . . . (Score 4, Informative) 328 328

If you try to access from Germany, it automatically redirects you to
If you want the "original" Google from abroad, you need to type
This link should work the same all over the world :

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