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Comment Re: Who cares (Score 1) 431

I don't think this qualifies as news for nerds. Someone cares, but /. in general is a bit too pragmatic to care about this stuff. Not to say there isn't a significant environmentalist community here, but most /.ers know even if man made climate change exists the chances of cataclysmic results of climate change is highly unlikely.

I kinda feel sorry for the kid though because I don't think he's prepared for the backlash. By suing the president for climate change he's alienating both the left and the right and doing little for his cause.

Comment Re: Go Work for the Competition (Score 4, Interesting) 192

If the UI stinks and it is an extreme hassle to change it then you probably didn't follow a model view controller pattern or some other kind of pattern appropriate for your application. The authors code probably needs to be rewritten scratch and proper design patterns used.working for the competition is usually the best way to force change. Usually when UI designs suck it's because adequate abstractions haven't been used to seperate views from their underlying implementation, but chances are that's only the tip of the iceberg. The author has some serious problems.

Comment Re: Like RF Limits In Wireless Firmware?? (Score 1) 91

Interestingly WiFi limits 5GHz channels due to use by weather radar commonly used in airport. If you're using WiFi near an airport, you turned off the country restrictions and your router doesn't do DFS correctly then you may be causing more aviation hazards than the drones. Careful which channels you use.

Comment Re: Like RF Limits In Wireless Firmware?? (Score 1) 91

I'd like to add that due to public perception and possible regulation things are getting bad.

Ideally there would be more fields where drones are allowed to fly as interest has increased. I was told that one park no longer allows rc planes. Of course this same park also host paragliders and hang gliders, so I'm not sure what the real reason is.

Its really a shame that communities aren't springing up to encourage safe use in safe areas. At least they aren't where I live.

Comment Re: Oh, goody (Score 4, Insightful) 91

You have as much right to use airspace as you have a right to a public road. You just have to follow the rules. The FFAs primary concern is to make sure the airspace is safe for everyone, so ya they can restrict its use.

You can fly a drone near an airport if you contact the tower first. Class C airspace typically goes to the ground near airport. The typical requirement for aircraft is you must be in 2 way communication with the tower.

I do believe that the requirement for commercial drone flight is a bit to harsh. You currently need to hold a private pilot certificate. The intent is if you're already a pilot they know you can read a chart and follow the rules. Additionally you need to file a section 333 exemption and wait 4 months to give you the same boiler plate exemption they are giving to everyone else. Really this is a temporary measure thats is probably going to take far too long. The exemption that they give comes with restrictions that pretty clearly spells out what they view the requirements should be.

On the other hand non commercial use is a bit too permissive. You should at least have to pass a simple training course, so you at least know what not to do.

If you contact the airport before flight you can fly in your back yard near and airport as a "hobbiest".

Comment Re: Port? Really? (Score 1) 131

Android runs portable byte code unless you're using the NDK. It's not java bytecode. For example one big difference is that it's register based instead of stack based. Arm had a ton of registers. X86 only has a few general purpose ones.

To get the integration that Microsoft seeks they would have to reimplement a good portion of the runtime, which heavily depends on Linux. For example android has a rather sophisticated IPC mechanism.

It's unlikely this will get done without QEMU.

In summary most android apps are usually architecturally portable, but the runtime is not.

Comment Re: Data data everywhere and not a drop to think (Score 1) 366

My guess is that the 737 was built about 20 years ago. The ipad is taking place of what is essentially a circular slide ruler.

Airliners have had scales built into them for years, but you still need to calculate load based on fuel, passengers and cargo.

What's concerning is they didn't notice the velocity not rising fast enough to increase throttle. Additionally they didn't have enough intuition to recognize their calculations were way off.

Computers can figure out all kinds of problems, except the things in the world that just don't add up.