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Comment Re: ZFS is nice... (Score 1) 122

ZFS is not really the supported setup for Ubuntu. I've only has issues with the proprietary nvidia driver. I've always been able to fix those issues.

When ZFS and nouveau are supports by default then that configuration will be tested and ideally more robust. I wouldn't worry.

Comment Re: "with a 2048 bit RSA key" (Score 1) 79

Let me explain a hash. You have a one way function f(password) = hash. This function cannot be reversed. The server stored the hash and then the client sends a password and the server uses the function before comparing it to the stored hash. Passwords are NEVER stored. It's a little more complicated than that, but that's the basics.

Comment Re:Have an awareness raising conversation (Score 2) 278

I once had a conversation with someone who proclaimed that if a "pedestrian" hid behind a parked car and jumped out into the lane of traffic, then it's still the cars fault. That seems ludicrous to me, but I'm not a lawyer.

The fact that every intersection is a potential unmarked cross walk also seems a little bit insane. Suppose you have a 6 lane road and a small 2 lane street intersects with it. Now extend an cross walk from the corners of that intersection and you have a legal crosswalk. Also suppose that intersection has no street lights and the speed limit is 40mph. The fact that pedestrian could step out across that road in the middle of the night seems like a death wish, but technically they have the right of way. Either you force every city to make every possible intersection safe or you should make pedestrian right of way a little more sane.

Comment Re: If the system has been gamed... (Score 4, Insightful) 203

Yes you can go after the large car companies. That should be easy. You can never stop people from installing after market equipment that games the system. You will never have a perfect system, so stop being so idealistic. I'd settle for a system that stops the vast majority of abuse.

Comment Re: Not T-Mobile (Score 1) 142

From my experience in California, Verizon works best outside the big cities. At&t is 2nd. I wouldn't even consider T-mobile outside of the city, but to be fair I don't have experience with them. Sprint has unlimited data plans and works fairly well in certain areas and terribly in others.

Submission iPhone 6S new feature: Force Touch

WarJolt writes: Apple is adding Force Touch to their iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. I'm not sure if Force Touch enough to convince an Android user like myself to switch, but there are definitely some interesting possibilities for app developers. A challenge for App developers will be to make apps compatible with both Force Touch iPhones and non-force touch iPhones.

Comment Re: Competition (Score 1) 54

it would be nice as a consumer if the devices interoperate.

Competition is good but if I buy an uplink it would be nice if it worked with the service of my choice.

It's seems to me that companies can be a little sort sighted when it comes to standard when satellites are involved. For example custom receivers were required for Sirius and XM.

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