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Comment Re: What? (Score 3, Interesting) 44

All you need to know if that there is no way for all the machines on the bitcoin network to know when one event happens before another. This is important for financial transactions. The block cipher is a proof of work function which takes some effort to compute. Since this takes a predictable amount of time to compute it can be used to establish a sense of global time and order events. It doesn't always work right away, but eventually if someone tries to double spend a bitcoin one transaction will win out. This establish the trust necessary for bitcoin to work.

The problem is bitcoin can potentially be manipulated if you get a little bit less than 1/2 of the total network computational capacity.

I have been looking at the proof of work functions that are memory hard proof of work functions because they are more expensive financially to compute. There are tons of ASICs computing those hashes right now used in bitcoin which are far cheaper than any PC, but memory in an ASIC is always expensive. You get less of an advantage.

I think momentum proof of work function has potential, but I haven't seen any crypto-currencies use it yet. Let me know if you find one.

There definitely is a potential for safer currencies than bitcoin

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 119

They are talking about taking a container which is commonly used for implementing the 'cloud' buzzword and using it to implement the 'IoT' buzzword. Someone pointed out that 'things' generally are a lot more resource constrained than servers, so they've slimmed down their 644MB container to 29MB. Good luck fitting that into the 128kB of flash in the typical microcontroller running your consumer electronics.

It's best not to mix everything together in your head until it all becomes the same thing.

Containers are great for servers.
Even if you ran a container on an embedded device, it would need to run Linux.
That's probably not happening on the microcontroller you describe.

More importantly theres almost 0 incentive to run Docker on an embedded device simply because theres very few applications which require that kind of isolation on an embedded device.

About the only device I've seen with a justified reason to use Docker are NAS devices, which are basically mini servers now.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 2) 119

Even if you know Docker, fewer people actually think about the implications size have on cloud compute systems.

For example Amazon EC2 Container Registry(ECR) gives 500MB for the free tier and it's relatively cheap to store large container images. Most cloud services store these local registries in their network, so you don't incur bandwidth charges from external registries. Also it should start faster and is likely more reliable, but those are just bonuses.

It's true that a small image will start faster, but thats usually not a good enough incentive to really sway anyone one way or the other.

Local bandwidth within a cloud service provider rarely incurs any charges, so really there is little incentive to making it smaller from the bandwidth perspective.

The problem is that each container takes some memory footprint. Theres usually two ways that footprint size is bad. Some cloud services simply limit the max footprint size that can be deployed. Services like AWS make you manage the AWS instances that will run your container and you get charged AWS instance hours. If you have to start up huge memory instances to run your large containers you will pay more.

It's all about understanding your computation and memory requirements. Often times your containers are simply sitting their idle doing nothing, but you will always be using the memory, so memory is an important thing to optimize.

Comment Can't even deanonymize the USD transactions (Score 5, Interesting) 158

There was literally something on some TV news program yesterday about how easy it is to set up shell companies in the US for the purposes of money laundering. It was hilarious how many lawyers were busted telling the undercover reporter how to do it. Only one lawyer they interviewed said no.

How the hell do they think this can be deanonymize crypto currencies when they can't even keep people from setting up anonymous businesses?

Comment Re: What is wrong with kde on Fedora? (Score 4, Insightful) 42

I think it's fair to say that KDE maintainers for all distributions have significantly larger backlogs of software that needs to be packaged than gnome developers do. When users aren't using latest stable versions of packages it's really not good for a software community. For example you might have users experiencing issues that are already fixed upstream.

Comment Re: This is why we need givernment-controlled.,, (Score 1) 87

I just think it's hilarious you can take away everything that makes a free market insurance plan really insurance and expect Americans not to notice. I disagree a lot with what Bernie believes in, but he's the only Democratic candidate that actually says stuff that doesn't sound like complete lunacy when it comes to healthcare. Obama Care is a means to an end which is a single payer system. I'm not saying I agree with that, but the Obama Care system will collapse into a single payer or back into a free market insurance system. Although the middle ground may have been easier to pass than single payer, it's simply doesn't work. It was useful at setting up bureaucracies though.

With that said the government has a terrible history with protecting our information. I wouldn't hold then up as a shining beacon of light if I were you.

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