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Comment: Re:BS (Score 1) 157

by WarJolt (#49008617) Attached to: Automakers Move Toward OTA Software Upgrades

>> and deploy networking topologies such as Ethernet, with proven security.
Ethernet is already widely deployed in cars for data hungry applications ( infotainment) For other uses, ethernet is absolutely not suitable ( price, power, wiring constraints, EMC, safety, .....)

That's why they are using 2-wire ethernet.

I'm not sure where you got that information about Ethernet widely deployed in cars for Infotainment. If you can send me an article about that I'd really like to read it.

Comment: Re: track record (Score 1) 293

by WarJolt (#48934695) Attached to: US Air Force Selects Boeing 747-8 To Replace Air Force One

I think everyone's ignoring an important point. The aviation industry is extremely intolerant of accidents; especially due to manufacturing and design defects. This is a good thing for the presidents safety. The president doesn't give a crapy about fuel economy or the latest carbon fiber designs like the rest of us. They need something with a proven track record of safety.

Plus it's probably easier to add to the 747 Missle defense and reuse the radiation hardened avionics

Comment: Re: Its a cost decision (Score 5, Insightful) 840

It's not about cost. It's about design. They used to build things to last. They'll build products with improper snubbing. They know that the back emf will eventually burn out the IC and they depend on it. It lowers cost and means you buy a new electric carving knife every couple of years.

Comment: Re: Science, bitches, that's *how* it works! (Score 1, Interesting) 197

by WarJolt (#48635367) Attached to: Quantum Physics Just Got Less Complicated

"That's how science work. You don't base your decision on the mere principle that it more or less looks kind of logical."

Newtonian physics looks kind of logical. It's completely wrong, but plenty of decisions are based on it. Despite that we know is wrong we still use it today because it's incredibly useful.

Science constantly bases decisions on kinda logical principles until those principles are proven to be wrong.

Comment: Re:Grinch is not a flaw - has no CVE!!! (Score 1) 118

by WarJolt (#48629155) Attached to: Grinch Vulnerability Could Put a Hole In Your Linux Stocking

Relax dude. Now that the media is hyping vulnerabilities, this is just a way for the TV networks to make a movie about the vulnerability that stole Christmas from some poor sysadmins. They'll replay it every Christmas until the end of time. Our great great grandchildren will have to suffer through it.

Comment: Re:Hope he doesn't lose power (Score 1) 56

by WarJolt (#48596335) Attached to: Raspberry Pi In Space

This has nothing to do with a RPi. It is a common file system problem.
RPi has 2 file systems.
      1. Fat32 for the bootloader, proprietary firmware and kernel
      2. Linux rootfs that can use many different kinds of file systems.

ext2 wasn't very good at handling unclean shutdowns.
ext3/4 are a little better.
fat32 is terrible.

Fortunately the fat32 partition doesn't need to be written very often, so you're good. Reads aren't dangerous.

What you really want to do is make sure your Linux kernel has an initramfs installed in the kernel image, so it can fsck and fix any file system errors if the partition wasn't cleanly unmounted.

There you go. Not a hardware issue.

Comment: Re:Cloud Managed? (Score 3, Interesting) 36

by WarJolt (#48592503) Attached to: OpenMotics Offers Open Source (and Open Hardware) Home Automation

If you're interested in home automation, then you're probably familiar with the different protocols that exist which can work either wirelessly or over the powerline.
This system requires you to run 2 wires for the rs-485 to each module + power. This is not really convenient.

ZigBee and Z-wave seems to be taking over. I love open source, but I'm probably going to go the proprietary route.

Comment: Piss poor open source (Score 3, Informative) 36

by WarJolt (#48592463) Attached to: OpenMotics Offers Open Source (and Open Hardware) Home Automation

You can't even compile the firmware without paying for a compiler.

"The firmware of our modules is written in Pic Basic Pro (except for the power measurement module which is written in C). Pic Basic Pro is an easy to use programming language that can be learnt very easily. We provide all source code free of charge (GPLv2 licence). The Pic Basic Pro compiler however is not for free so we ask everyone to play fair and to purchase the compiler (PBP Gold edition that supports the Microchip 18F) from" -

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