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Comment: Re:Tell that to 3D movies as well. (Score 1) 125

Am I the only one who thinks the frame rate isn't whats getting everyone sick?

Resolution and convergence are my big issues. I think the holy grail is a high resolution light field display, but this will require significantly denser pixels if you use microlenses for head worn VR. Maybe once you tackle that you can go for the high frame rate.

Comment: Re:uh... (Score 1) 170

by WarJolt (#49574251) Attached to: Verizon Tells Customer He Needs 75Mbps For Smoother Netflix Video

That's why there's a buffer. 300ms of ping only needs an extra 300ms of buffer, in theory.

The buffer is for the jitter, Not the transmission time. Ping is round trip time, so your latency is only 150ms assuming that the path there is about the same cost as the.trip back. I suppose that's more important for live streaming content.
You need a round trip to begin streaming, so the 300ms is important for that.

Comment: Re:BS (Score 1) 157

by WarJolt (#49008617) Attached to: Automakers Move Toward OTA Software Upgrades

>> and deploy networking topologies such as Ethernet, with proven security.
Ethernet is already widely deployed in cars for data hungry applications ( infotainment) For other uses, ethernet is absolutely not suitable ( price, power, wiring constraints, EMC, safety, .....)

That's why they are using 2-wire ethernet.

I'm not sure where you got that information about Ethernet widely deployed in cars for Infotainment. If you can send me an article about that I'd really like to read it.

Comment: Re: track record (Score 1) 293

by WarJolt (#48934695) Attached to: US Air Force Selects Boeing 747-8 To Replace Air Force One

I think everyone's ignoring an important point. The aviation industry is extremely intolerant of accidents; especially due to manufacturing and design defects. This is a good thing for the presidents safety. The president doesn't give a crapy about fuel economy or the latest carbon fiber designs like the rest of us. They need something with a proven track record of safety.

Plus it's probably easier to add to the 747 Missle defense and reuse the radiation hardened avionics

Comment: Re: Its a cost decision (Score 5, Insightful) 840

It's not about cost. It's about design. They used to build things to last. They'll build products with improper snubbing. They know that the back emf will eventually burn out the IC and they depend on it. It lowers cost and means you buy a new electric carving knife every couple of years.

Comment: Re: Science, bitches, that's *how* it works! (Score 1, Interesting) 197

by WarJolt (#48635367) Attached to: Quantum Physics Just Got Less Complicated

"That's how science work. You don't base your decision on the mere principle that it more or less looks kind of logical."

Newtonian physics looks kind of logical. It's completely wrong, but plenty of decisions are based on it. Despite that we know is wrong we still use it today because it's incredibly useful.

Science constantly bases decisions on kinda logical principles until those principles are proven to be wrong.

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