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Comment Elekit TU-879s (Score 2) 135

My suggestion is not super cheap at $589 yet very satisfying: an Elekit tube amplifier kit. Elekit is a good japanese kit brand and their tube amp kits are very well regarded. In fact a similar quality ready made product would cost a lot more.
Here is the link to the importer in Canada who delivers to the Americas. He supplies the construction manual in English, this is I think not the case if you buy straight from the japanese Elekit website: http://www.vkmusic.ca/TU-879S....

Comment Re:Mechanical with digital features (Score 1) 55

i know people who like their smartwatches. My sister in law is such a practical person. She had a nice dressed watch, style Cartier or so, and now she only wears the apple watch for practicality. She loves the calendar and message warnings on the wrist.
I do prefer a mechanical watch, but I can see her point.

Comment Re:Grade 2 Titanium Casing (Score 1) 55

Actually Titanium is an interesting material for watch cases because:
- it is not allergic at all (important for some)
- it has excellent corrosion resistance
- it is lighter than steel which becomes noticeable in a big watch like this
- while it has the above advantages it is not crazily expensive (well of course TH would ask for a bigger upmark)

The only real disadvantage is that it scratches more easily than steel. It is possible that grade 2 is actually an alloy to reduce that surface softness (I am too lazy to google it)

I must say that its classic case makes it look rather nice. Is it better than a stainless steel Apple Watch which is also quite premium in its finish with innovative straps to boot? Not so sure.
Amusing detail that you can eventually swap (in a service center) the innards to a traditional mechanical watch though the total end price becomes high then.

Comment Re:le fantom demographique (Score 1) 174

I know many not so technically inclined people who don't hate either platform. In general they liked the uncluttered iphone 4(s) experience but then large screens were even more attractive. Those that I know who moved back did it not out of hate for Android, simply they liked the elegant usability of the iphone on a big screen. Also, in general friends did like the quality of the iphone photo camera.
So this is more detail about the people I know; I don't know about others but it is quite obvious in the metro that big 6Plus iphones have snatched back market share from big android phones.

Comment Re:They've been going about it wrong for years (Score 1) 202

>> Rolex makes some relatively cheap watches. The ones I've seen in shops (and therefore probably cheaper online) start at around £250. They are, however, monumentally ugly.

I think you must be mistaken. I am not aware of any even old and not fake Rolex in the price range of around £250. They start at a multiple of that.

Submission + - The French Scrabble champion who doesn't speak French (theguardian.com)

Camembert writes: New Zealander Nigel Richards won the French language Scrabble world championship without knowing the language; rather he memorised the word list in 9 weeks.
While Richards was already 3 times champion in English this is still very impressive.
To me this also seems to indicate that being good at Scrabble is more a matter of being very good at the puzzle optimisation it requires, rather than to have a good grasp of language.
Link to source:

Comment Another interesting rumor: the camera (Score 1) 191

Force Touch could yield to interesting app behaviour.
But I am more interested ln the expected camera improvements. Apple bought a company specialising in a new kind of multi sensor camera thet promises much improved picture quality, more so in low light and it could be used for 3d pictures.
i have the 6 plus which is already capable of surprisingly acceptable pictures, and if the low light quality still improves then the phone could convince me to leave my bigger gear more often at home.

Comment Re:three hundred dollars for a desktop speaker?? (Score 1) 104

$325 for good audio can be a sensible investment for the music loving computer user.
That is, if it is indeed good audio.
Instead of designer desktop speakers, I bought this at approx $400/pair inline retailer Price: http://www.krksys.com/krk-stud...
Bigger and uglier but musically quite satisfying and fun to edit my home movies on.

Comment A good initiative (Score 1) 98

When it was launched I found it more interesting than the watch which was presented at the same event. I also think that this initiative would not hace come from Jobs. And even habitually Apple bashing slashdotters must grudgingly respect that it is open source.
One of the research areas was particularly interesting: it was if I remember well a study about asthma symptoms, and the participants phone location was used together with a grid of a few 1000 air polluants sensors in New york city, to better find correlation.
With future generations of the Apple watch likely gaining in sensors (I read that they hired a guy who made a phd out of creating a non-invasive blood glucose sensor, for example), I can indeed imagine that more and more diverse research with 1000s of participants can become much more easy to realise.
Yes, cynical slashdotterd will perpetually try to focus on negative sides of anything Apple does, yet this is in my opinion a worthy service, one that we should rather be thinking about how to create valuable research with.

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