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Comment: Not surprised (Score 2) 86

by Camembert (#48553051) Attached to: China Plans Superheavy Rocket, Ups Reliability
I currently live in Hong Kong, and I do several business trips to Chinese cities. I am not surprised that China is catching up in the space race, based on the general impresson of ambitious, intelligent and thorough workers. Indeed, they have not caught up everywhere (both as in the geography where there is a divide - but closing, and as in product categories), but it is obvious that China will only get more dominant.
A lesson for western countries (I am European btw) may be to increase school quality. Schools in HK and China can be VERY high in quality (perhaps pushing the kids too far), andI learned twice already from chinese expats in the west that their kids found the supposedly excellent local western schools too simple. Eduation is investment in the future, and I notice that China does that well.
Meanwhile, when I go back to Europe every half a year, I am saddened by the general lack of ambition. People tend to wait for th e government to do something for them. Over here, people are much more ambitious and enterprising.

Comment: Re:I don't blame WalMart Employees (Score 1) 287

by Camembert (#48431257) Attached to: Customers Creating Fake Amazon Pages To Get Cheap Electronics At Walmart

It's taking it from WalMart, not the Walmart employees.

Walmart is worth almost $500 billion - I'm sure their bottom line can afford to take a hit.

( I imagine some of these scammers are being total dicks to the poor employees, which is awful of them. But scamming the company? I don't really see a huge problem with that. )

I detest that twisted logic that because a company is rich, it is acceptable to steal from them.

+ - Microsoft losing the schools to iPads and Chromebooks

Submitted by dkatana
dkatana (2761029) writes "Microsoft licensing scheme, high cost of support and difficult management of devices are the key factors making schools drop Windows for better alternatives as iPads and Chromebooks.

Google is making a dent on education with Chromebooks. The internet giant has been promoting the use of Chrome OS with specific tools for schools to manage the devices, their apps and users. Its Chromebooks for Education program is helping schools deploy large numbers of devices with an easy management system.

While Google is successful with Chromebooks as school laptops the clear winner on tablets is Apple. iPads are a the preferred platform for schools deploying tablets as digital learning devices."

+ - World's First Flying 4k Camera DJI Inspire 1->

Submitted by garymortimer
garymortimer (1882326) writes "San Francisco, November 12, 2014 – DJI, a global leader in aerial photography and cinematography platforms, today announced the release of the DJI Inspire 1, the world’s first flying 4K camera that offers midair transformation as well as a built-in wireless HD video transmitter, stabilization indoors without GPS and more camera control than ever.

This tool bridges DJI’s consumer and professional products that are the aerial platforms of choice for professional photographers and cinematographers worldwide.

“We see this as the perfect combination of the Phantom and Spreading Wings series, being able to take off at the touch of a button while simultaneously giving users fine control of the images they capture,” said Frank Wang, DJI CEO and co-founder.

In addition to incorporating a groundbreaking 4K aerial camera, the Inspire 1 camera maintains stability even in strong wind conditions via an integrated 3-axis gimbal.

The Inspire 1 integrates DJI’s patented wireless HD transmitter, Lightbridge, and comes with a fully redesigned mobile app that runs across both iOS and Android devices, broadcasting 1080p video at a distance of 1.7km."

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Comment: Re:Honest question (Score 1) 67

Correction: Final Cut Pro costs $300 these days. For someone who is serious about their video, that is not too bad. It is good enough for the Coen Brothers after all. But for non professional use, something like Premiere Elements or iMovie may be more than good enough, except of course if you use Linux. Does Pitivi offer more features?

Comment: The details are a progression (Score 1) 415

by Camembert (#48276187) Attached to: How Apple Watch Is Really a Regression In Watchmaking
Yes, it is true that the battery is currently still a pain point, and it will take a few more years to break the 1 week barrier. I don't think it will stop sales though, people are so used to charge their phone daily.
But I also think that the battery is just one of the many elements, and even an Apple hater has to admit that they were thorough and innovative in several areas, most notably in the straps and bracelets. These things have been in status quo since decades inthe traditional watch world, while Apple truly started from scratch. For example you can resize the bracelet without tools. No sales clerk hammering on it. Then you have the straps with the magnetic locks. And the sporty straps wher ethe leftover bit folds under the strap, which is very neat (I expect that this last one comes from designer Mark Newsom who is assisting Apple with the watch design, he had done similar straps for his ikepod brand). Also the lugs of the straps are integrated and can easily be replaced, meaning every strap can have the ideal lug instead of the generic one on traditional watches.
In general the material choice is also more akin quality watches than the Pebble etc, for example the ceramic back.
All in all, while the local Apple hate puts blinders on the eyes of many slashdotters, if you have an open mind you have to admit that they really thought things through.
Will I buy one? Maybe in v2 or v3 when they will have added more sensors. The health focus will be the killer app for commercial success.

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