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Comment Kind of like some families named "Koch" in the US (Score 0, Offtopic) 149

Some people here in the US are unhinged about the "Koch brothers" and send hate mail and death threats:

But some people aren't smart enough to distinguish between the real Koch brothers and other business owned by people named "Koch":

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1, Interesting) 428

>> look where that naive world view got us

Except he didn't implement it. Obama dicked around with the Iraqi government and fucked up the withdrawal from Iraq, then "regime changed" Libya and Egypt in another fuck-up, then had to "reinvade" Iraq in an ongoing fuck-up and is now dicking around with Syria in still another fuck-up with a French aftermath.

Comment I have an idea (Score 5, Insightful) 428

Let's start World War III over a piece of land in the middle east we all gave fuck-all about five years ago.

Didn't we elect someone to get us the hell out of some sandy region where everyone hates everyone else, and the only people they hate more is anyone who shows up to help? Are we really going to do this all over again with the advisers and the airstrikes and then another Iraq/Libya/Egypt clusterfuck?

Comment Speaking of crappy ads (paid posts) (Score 2) 193

Speaking of ads, SlashDot, what's with these brain-dead, demographic-curdling "paid posts" you're running? The one I see on your home page now, and I swear I am not shitting thee, reads:

>> Poor, misunderstood cloud computing. As it turns out, most Americans have no idea what it actually is. (Hint: it has nothing to do with the sky.)

Comment Re:WTF is with the US utility tie-in? (Score 1) 140

>> The blackout ultimately shone a spotlight on some of the city’s long-overlooked shortcomings, from glaring flaws in the power network to the much deeper-rooted issues of racial inequality and the suffering of the “American underclass,” as TIME dubbed it.

So...we need to spend ludicrous amounts of money keeping the lights and over-employing the "homeland security" sector to avoid race riots. Got it.

Comment Re:WTF is with the US utility tie-in? (Score 4, Funny) 140

>> probably is within reach of some guys with truck bombs and suicide drivers

Like I said, then it's probably not something to worry about (i.e. fund excessively) in the US today. People with the ability to deploy truck bombs and suicide drivers are much more likely to target people instead. The kinds of conversations that would need take place to do the things you're talking about would only happen in an Austin Powers movie or Monty Python script.

Terrorist Leader: "OK, Ali. Your mission is to drive this truck full of explosives into the Great Satan's (duh duh duh) electrical transformer! Muh-huh-huh."

Ali: "Well...OK, and my sacrifice will kill off dozens of Satanic patients hooked up in the hospital in the next town over?"

Leader: "Well, no, because the Great Satan's critical infrastructure is already protected with its own batteries and generators. But you will (duh duh duh) inconvenience thousands of people trying to watch TV and open their garage doors remotely. Muh-huh-huh."

Ali: " my sacrifice will inconvenience thousands of people for weeks, at least right? "

Leader: "Well, maybe for a couple of days anyway, since the Great Satan will probably reroute power and bring in replacement equipment under an armed guard that we probably can't disrupt. But it will (duh duh duh) make the evening news. Muh-huh-huh."

Ali: "Look, I don't think this group is for me. Can you recommend any other evil terrorist organizations that ARE a little more focused on my career goals?"

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