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Comment Re:This makes sense if gov is the customer (Score 0) 306

Let me slow it down for you. Corporations want to save money - period.

Since it costs less than $100/year to run a PC (, replacing PCs to save energy would rarely make sense (e.g., you don't spend $1K to save $50/yr), but if you can fund a replacement with a government grant or other "energy savings" program you're MUCH more likely to buy (and PC makers are desperate to goose sales now that desktops are on the decline).

Could you follow that?

Comment This makes sense if gov is the customer (Score 0, Flamebait) 306

Computer salesperson: "Hey, it's time to replace your old machines."
Gov buyer: "Fuck off, they work just fine."
Computer salesperson: "But these shiny new Intel models SAVE ENERGY."
Gov buyer: "On second though we've got plenty of taxpayer money to blow on 'energy efficiency' projects. Why don't ya' put us down for half million new laptops and two million of those tablet thingies so people can plug them in next to their desktops - I mean 'replace their energy-sucking desktops' - and see if you can't find a new boat for 'my nephew' and a trip to the Caribbean for 'my travel agent' while you're at it."

Comment Why isn't headline "Obama willing to bend over..." (Score 2, Interesting) 136

>> British and U.S. officials have been negotiating a plan...Congressional approval would be required of any deal negotiated

Do these US officials report to the executive branch? Then why isn't the headline something like, "Obama happy to bend over for British wiretapping of US citizens" or some-such? This stuff doesn't happen in a vacuum...

Comment Re:the point (Score 2) 129

As a developer, I though the entire point of Docker was to reduce dependence on an entire layer of IT: the human gatekeepers in charge of the release systems and procedures and eventually the care and feeding of maintenance systems (who often f*** something up with manual fumbling or delay things with meetings involving coffee-swilling waterbags).

At least that's how I've seen Docker used in corporations so far, anyway.

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