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Comment: TLDR - here's the list (Score 5, Informative) 213

Extreme climate change
Nuclear war
Global pandemic
Major asteroid impact
Super volcano
Ecological catastrophe
Global system catastrophe
Synthetic biology
Artificial intelligence
Future bad global governance
Unknown consequences /karmawhoring>

Kind of weak list, IMHO. For example, where is "overpopulation?"

Comment: Are you sure you were running Linux? (Score 4, Interesting) 716

by xxxJonBoyxxx (#49028157) Attached to: Is Modern Linux Becoming Too Complex?

>> it was simple; only two pieces to fit together

To me, the Linux experience has been based around the use of simple, command-line oriented tools that could be easily scripted together. That's the opposite of "only two pieces fit together" - just like Legos you have thousands of pieces that could fit together to make billions of different things.

Comment: Data mule-ing and brick-ing? (Score 4, Informative) 78

by xxxJonBoyxxx (#48940153) Attached to: Reverse Engineering the Nike+ FuelBand's Communications Protocol

As I understand the analysis, this exploit could be used to turn Fuelbands into data mules. It could also let someone temporarily brick all the Fuelbands within range (could be fun at the start of a marathon or at the gym).

>> Cmd_Bootloader: Set the device to bootloader mode ( basically it locks down the device, the official app won't work either ... only resetting it with the usb cable will unlock it ).
>> Cmd_SampleStore: Use the device memory to store a custom object (!!!)

Comment: Re:My experience is different. (Score 2) 29

by xxxJonBoyxxx (#48927405) Attached to: Book Review: Designing and Building a Security Operations Center

>> In my experience it is not the budget but the politics.

Politics are usually about budget. You really can't separate the two.

>> Is your company's security worth the expense of an additional tech? Or are office politics the reason you cannot get an additional tech?

This is an entry-level "think of the children" argument. Come back when you can express your needs for an additional tech in downtime, lost customers, etc. (i.e., money).

>> Does whomever is in charge of your technology have the authority to say "no" to requests from other departments? And the political capital to make it stick?

Surprisingly, they often DO have the authority, but they're smart enough to know that a cost center that says "no" too many times is a cost center begging to to replaced.

>> Retrofitting security is not the answer.

Unfortunately, it usually is, because replacing all systems and processes from scratch would be significantly more risky, expensive and (wall clock) time consuming.

Comment: Step One: Build a separate silo (Score 1) 29

by xxxJonBoyxxx (#48927147) Attached to: Book Review: Designing and Building a Security Operations Center

Step One: Build a separate silo. You sure as hell wouldn't want to share data/equipment/space/staff/etc. with your existing NOC.
Step Two: Replace your existing SIEM.
Step Three: ??? (Don't worry, you'll never get here: see "Step Two")
Step Four: PROFIT (or at least play the official anthem of your little fiefdom)

Comment: They tried this in the early 1980s (Score 4, Insightful) 212

by xxxJonBoyxxx (#48910869) Attached to: Why Coding Is Not the New Literacy

>> furious effort over the past few years to bring the teaching of programming into the core academic curricula

They tried this in the early 1980s and all we got was the Internet at everyone's home, online shopping and news, free video conferencing, entirely new ways to organize photos, transportation and events, realism-quality video gaming, and cell phones so easy to use that toddlers can participate in the world wide web.

What good could coding literacy possibly do now?

If they can make penicillin out of moldy bread, they can sure make something out of you. -- Muhammad Ali