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Comment Holding the code hostage? (Score 3, Insightful) 59

>> ProseMirror is intended to become open source (MIT licenced), but since I need to combine writing open software and earning a living, I am running a crowd-funding campaign to fund the work I put into the implementation. Until that succeeds, all rights are reserved.

In other words...this is the opposite of the type of open source projects we're used to, where someone writes something to "scratch an itch," releasing better and better versions into the open source community. Instead, this guy's said "hey, I'm building something cool, and I pinkie-promise swear to release it as open source, but only if you pay me $1M^H^H^H 35,000 Euro."

Comment Re:Tell the old dogs (Score 3, Informative) 392

>> Linux market share is a mere rounding error

It's at 1.7% as of last year. Compared to Windows' 85.5% share (about 50x more), the author's quip about Linux market share being a rounding error is correct.
(Several other similar studies are also mentioned.)

Comment Least of their worries (Score 1) 43

>> the device might cause children to fall down a stairwell while playing

This was the 1990s. We were still allowed to go out outside without supervision, and we were still the targets of public service announcements telling us to quit playing in abandoned refrigerators. So if we wanted to die of suffocation, we should at least have been able to die happy with a crappy VR helmet on our oxygen-starved heads.

Comment Everyone's carrying a personal tracking device... (Score 1) 258

Everyone's already carrying a personal tracking device called a cell phone, and we're worried about adding in data about where you parked your car? (For the record, I've parked my car in business/church/bar lots that I haven't patronized.) That's kind of like worrying about the can of gas in the garage when your house is on fire, isn't it?

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