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Comment Seller's regret? (Score 1) 809

I feel sorry for Notch.

He was pretty much conned into selling his beautiful creation to one of the most evil technology corporations in history. Although he was very well paid for it, it must be heartbreaking for him to think what will almost certainly happen to his project in the years to come.

Has all the money he could ever need. Still not happy. I wonder why.

Comment Re: What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 587

The citations.

Just provide the citations please. "Just Google it" is not helpful as there is a tonne of material out there presenting different view points and methods, some badly flawed.

If you want to mention research here, you need to back it up with EVIDENCE. Otherwise you're better off just stepping outside and playing with squirrels.

Comment Re:Which diversity gap? (Score 1) 176

Well, that's what I think it should be too. Too often, however, I see misanthropes reviewing companies and, despite the place being an equal-opportunity employer, criticising a less than 50:50 gender balance, skewed age balance, or lack of ethnic diversity.

The problem is that companies listen to these people.

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