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Comment Potential buyers (Score 1) 530 530

Here's my list of potential buyers, in rough order of preference:

Crowd-funded non-profit entity
Some unheard of benign tech group
Another tech news company
Some unheard of business acquisition group
Microsoft Corporation

Unfortunately that same list is much less amusing when sorted on probability.

Comment Re:Pre-cambrian computing (Score 1) 191 191

Died? Huh? That was the highpoint for commercial Linux. Commercial Linux in the 1980s was displacing other systems that had evolved in hardware monocultures because it handled the rapidly evolving workstation / server hardware. Your history is just backwards here.

Do you mean Unix? Linux 0.01 was released in 1991.

Comment Re:"You have to thrust the authorities." (Score 1) 431 431

There was no ambiguous constellation. This was a cartoon character in a clear gesture of "fuck you", as clear as if had been written in several different languages.

There is no alternate interpretation there.

Now if you think posting devices with hostile messages around a metropolitan area is a good idea, then I have bridge you may be interested in...

And no, "because it's art" is not a reasonable explanation. Planting and detonating an actual bomb that killed a lot of people could also be called art by some sick nutter.

Comment Re:"You have to thrust the authorities." (Score 0) 431 431

The 2007 Boston Bomb Scare was absolutely an appropriate response.

Consider what was found:
Electronic devices with lights shaped in the likeness of characters from an obscure television show that nobody born before 1990 had ever heard of, posed in a gesture that is universally understood to convey "fuck you".

What right-minded officer of the law would not regard that as hostile?

Comment Re:Warning: DO NOT USE SAMSUNG SSDs IN LINUX SERVE (Score 2) 195 195

While I agree with you for the most part, why do you say Hardware RAID instead of Software?

The historical reasons for not using Software RAID (via mdadm) have long been resolved:

  • No scope for hot-swapping disks (resolved by AHCI eight years ago)
  • Slow (resolved about ten years ago when multi-core CPUs effectively eliminated CPU overhead in Software RAID)

What, then, is the advantage of spending hundreds (or thousands) on a RAID card and introducing another point of failure?

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