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Comment Re:Bet Alsop isn't used to being fired (Score 1) 337

Holy crap you're serious! It's little wonder then why Americans are so dependent on coffee, antidepressants and psychologists. I don't see how anyone can maintain a healthy work/life balance with those sorts of demands unless their working day is very short or long weekends are the norm.

Where I live all full time workers are entitled to four weeks annual leave, with some employers giving their staff a fifth week. Plus a certain number of days sick leave, but it's considered fraudulent to take those unless you're actually sick. Not unreasonable I think.

Comment Re:Sideloaded (Score 1) 160

This is true, but not particularly helpful.

The problem is not that apps can be installed outside of a walled garden, which is a normal part of operating an Android device; the problem is that malicious software exists, and has done so for as long as long as computers have been affordable.

Some of the comments here suggest an attitude that wants to marginalise side-loading, as if it were the software equivalent of walking down a dark alley and accepting sweeties from a man in a trenchcoat lurking in the shadows. That is very dishonest and short-sighted view that if carried out has but one logical conclusion - a car with the hood welded shut. If people want that sort of nonsense they may as well give up and buy an iPhone.

Comment Re:Sideloaded (Score 1) 160

So... any app not sanctioned enough by Google to appear on their Play Store is automatically shady and pirated huh?

What an amazing world view you must have. I hope you never install software on your PC that is not first approved by Microsoft Corporation, or eat food that doesn't come from the local supermarket.

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