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Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1838

I strongly disagree.

One of the Slashdot culture's strengths is that posts are immutable - they cannot be edited or deleted. It nurtures this culture where people think a bit before hitting "Submit" (I know, I know, I must be new here). Also who gets to distinguish "obvious" troll posts? Downmodding to oblivion (-1) is the correct course of action.

The only exception to these immutable posts that I'm aware of was several years ago and involved the church of scientology.

Comment Re:Lightning Strikes Twice with Entitled Customer (Score 1) 339

Facebook might not be the best example here as you are not the customer merely a part of the product. You have no contract with them, and they have absolutely no obligation to you. FB can cancel your account at any time for no reason and you would have no legal recourse.

Comment Re:Bet Alsop isn't used to being fired (Score 1) 339

Holy crap you're serious! It's little wonder then why Americans are so dependent on coffee, antidepressants and psychologists. I don't see how anyone can maintain a healthy work/life balance with those sorts of demands unless their working day is very short or long weekends are the norm.

Where I live all full time workers are entitled to four weeks annual leave, with some employers giving their staff a fifth week. Plus a certain number of days sick leave, but it's considered fraudulent to take those unless you're actually sick. Not unreasonable I think.

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