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Comment: Re:Just run your own (Score 1) 144 144

Someone may correct me if there's more to it, but I think it's just that some people are uncomfortable with Google having so much access to information about us. Any DNS server you access will have the potential to keep records of which IP addresses made which queries, which potentially gives Google even more tracking data. As far as I know, there's no real sign that they're using that data, but to some extent, they're a company that makes money from collecting data about their users, so...

I just happen to use and dare say trust Goggle, no matter what search engine you use with the exception of https://duckduckgo.com/ will track you. I do read the ToS's and privacy policies of any site I'm about to register on it's the data collected that your being informed of, I've refused to register on some sites over it or had second thoughts and bailed (Microsoft's Insiders program).

It's many features or abilities is why I use Goggle - and they give back to the community, the only company I know of that does it on their scale, Goggle Earth while very useful was first seen as incredible; it's now Goggle Earth Pro.

Above all you have to remember they make their living off of your data, Goggle Earth Pro was once sold (mostly to companies doing demographics), it will show you the tax assessment of every building I've check but one. I have an unlikely video hit on youtube.com the demographics given me are vast, and varied - while myself I'd never put an ad or overlay on any video; it's interesting the ages of people who are most likely to participate in a specific activity.

Angry Birds (www.Rovio.com) has or had (it's been awhile, and now have it blocked) what was the most informative ToS and privacy policy I've ever read. They list where your data is being sent, the only one left in question is what does "data sent overseas" mean. The data they collect they sale to Flurry.com (Goggle) who with that data and what Goggle has collected are combined and sold to advertisers who wish to send ad's that you would be interested in (targeted ads). It's important to get your mobile devices opt'ed out of Flurry.com

Bottom line, I trust Goggle to a point, as I won't use their DNS's, while tracking is ok within reason, I don't need to give it to them, and what's collected going through their DNS's? All ToS's and such claim unidentifiable information (but they've got your IP address) they don't need to know who you are, just your interest. There's a reason another Goggle sever center is being built, they need more space for what they do.

Comment: Re:Bugs on a plane (Score 1) 114 114

Got it. Bugs in the airplane's airflow decrease fuel economy, but aren't considered a safety concern.

Safety my first thought, but in respect to the stealth aircraft, and it's pilots. Missions launched from the U.S. to say Iraq, they should accumulate a lot of bugs, - I did check, Hemolymph being a copper-based protein https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/..., not so stealthy when they arrive at their destination. I know they also fly patterns to avoid areas known to have radar coverage, but those times they are in an area of radar coverage.

"May Berenbaum says pilots have long known insects can fly very high." http://www.npr.org/sections/kr... with the bumblebees as high as 18,000ft, so many that from China to the U.S. "They are likely to be burning a ton of energy to maintain flight." http://www.independent.co.uk/n... (Kool picture of a Bumblebee about to get high).

So maybe it's already been done (finding a way to reduce bug splatter), but would be a security risk if revealed, as anything to do with the Stealth aircraft is.

Comment: Re: I believe one already exists. (Score 1) 114 114

Rain-X! Lots and lots of Rain-X!!!

I've used Rain-X before. It's great stuff, (having some wax type properties) at and above 35 mph I never had to use my wipers and didn't. Any slower and there was no force (wind resistance) to move the rain/water, but at 35+ it was outstanding.

Buying it at Costco I did indeed have lots of it, one purchase and I was bulked up with Rain-X for a long time.

Comment: Re:It's not sacred (Score 1) 303 303

Our atoms will return and be re-used so, in some respect, it could be considered reincarnated... I am reincarnating as a star.

Going full circle eh.

My son's dog I was keeping was run over, having to bury it, I drove till I found soft soil but could only dig down about two-three feet.

I saw my son on the weekends when he would stay with me, so had to make "that call". I wasn't going to say he's in a better place or something against my view. I told him the truth, Coyotes would most likely dig him up, eating him. This being a good thing as he would live on forever, through the Coyotes.

While almost a awful thing to tell him at that age, it was the truth, a very real possibility and I didn't lie to him.

Comment: Re:Had no idea indians ever lived in Hawaii (Score 1) 303 303

Custer surely would have never ever gotten that far. It takes a telescope to rile them up. Blankets? Do they need blankets?

Depends upon how far back you wish to go.

Hawaii was found by Polynesians who's DNA has proven them the discovers of America, I figure Columbus was the last person to of set foot on it's shore, yet gets all the credit.

From South America they migrated along it's coast, to Central America, and spread out into North America, becoming the Indians we know today.

This still agrees with the land bridge theory, yet A Clovis point was found to be allegedly older than possible by a land bridge crossing.

The Kennewick Man was found so far out of place (and not and Indian), that made him so special. No reason there wasn't a spread of information by just that sort of person. History refuses to acknowledge the transfer of knowledge rather than inventing themselves.

While mayhaps a bit off your topic, an interest of mine that I couldn't help but reply to.

Comment: Re:Par for the course for religion (Score 1) 303 303

What law gives the government the right to destroy sacred land?

I had to study law just enough to survive, and did rather well, I came across a statement I can't remember in it's entirety (I'm old and can get away with it) but there are two things law can't make you do, one is to decide who you are to marry, and one other I just can't come up with. and the first one is debatable.

Three cities make up here, Lewis and Clark passed this way (You could walk on the backs of Salmon to cross the river), any island you dig on your most likely going to hit Indian artifacts, The Kennewick Man was found here by two sneaking unpaid into an event. -In effect the entire area is sacred land.

Don't get me wrong I agree with where your going with this. The cities were here long before I was.

Comment: Re:helocopters (Score 1) 303 303

It angers me, because those telescopes are ugly and ruin the natural landscape.

You should see what my natural landscape looks like now - much different than 5 years ago.

To the South are many hills that wind whips over, this is a windy area. For as far as they eye can see the very top of each hill is covered with equally spaced wind turbines - so you get to see the turbine in it's entirety . To a town (Walla Walla) the turbines follow the highway and they go on forever, I'm sure there's an end but I haven't seen one. Photo from Google Earth http://www.panoramio.com/photo...

Further insulting, this area is known for it's cheap hydro electric power. Dams along the Snake river and Columbia river, which only allow the strong salmon to survive (a barb - but one mention of the dams and it normally comes up).

Comment: Re:ignorance is not bliss (Score 1) 303 303

Find out what person or group benefits from this charade and eliminate their incentive to protest the telescope. Debunk the mystical nonsense that they use to indoctrinate their followers. In most (all?) cases the followers are motivated by fear, and the leaders are experts at exploiting that. Empower these ignorant people to understand the real world, which may not be quite as scary as they think.

And why the first thing the Americas did were to send Christian missionaries everywhere to educate the heathens (one must know of god before being allowed into heaven - the key). The Spaniards sent Catholic missionaries, who had the backing of the pope and power, (Why in South America to this day east of a latitude one speaks Portuguese to the west Spanish, all to end a squabble.

All sent to debunk existing thinking, and to what was the truth (to most), but it's a timely process. Christians practice peace so a long time, the Catholic's were mostly converted warriors spending little time explaining what was very important to them, by setting examples; faster but still taking generations.

Comment: Re: Hawaii is not legally a part of the USA (Score 1) 303 303

Technically, the acquisition of Hawaii was botched and it is not legally part of the United States. This may sound preposterous but it has been reported on. Essentially the United States to control of Hawaii in the same way that Russia took control of Crimea.

Almost, usually it's the last line in the article you read, it was annexed to stop the depression cheaper sugar caused.

Around 1893 "Without Presidential approval, marines stormed the islands, and the American minister to the islands raised the stars and stripes in Honolulu. The Queen was forced to abdicate, and the matter was left for Washington politicians to settle. "

"Hawaii remained a territory until granted statehood as the fiftieth state in 1959."

First hit, they are all the same http://www.ushistory.org/us/44...

Guam, Marshall Islands, Johnston Island, there are a lot of US territories, as you were referring to.

Comment: Re:It's not sacred (Score 2) 303 303

It isn't any more sacred than a church is. The people doing this protesting are no better than those who would block laws being passed in a country because they didn't go in line with their religion.

Never underestimate the religion of a group of people, it's very important to them and nothing you can say will sway them. It drives their life and tells them what happens after they die, all their questions are answered in bliss and eternity. The Alaskan Aleut believe when they die they come back reincarnated as animals (a friend of mine, an Aleut does expect this). An example of how different it is from your own beliefs.

How many have claimed we screwed the Indians. The Spanish conquest of central America robbed them of their religion and beliefs under threat of death. Even a staple (small bean) was outlawed as it was used in religious ceremonies, famine was the result, and many died. To be welcomed one allows the beliefs of that area, and works with it.

We take their Hawaiian gods home as decorations, but to them it's serious stuff, more so for the elderly. They may very well have grounds in their ancestry to make a claim for that area, and or what it's to be used for. That they were screwed out of the land goes without saying, if not read up on how we (The United States) used then acquired Hawaii.

Comment: Charter that's my ISP for years now (Score 1) 70 70

Working on blocking a few Microsoft sites was a mistake on my part, as they are used to retrieve Certificates (Certs) so had to enable them again, But using Robtex.com to view the addresses, there are Edge servers between them and me; and I imagine all. Edge servers are exempt and can throttling traffic to maintain a server or balance the load, as per the Net Neutrality rules.

Comment: Don't mess with this, it's over, I'm done (Score 1) 3 3

This post my last burst of energy - Spent sometime trying to verify it (while simple to you not so here) but in the end something I was always shown as beeing Google is now BigDaddy https://support.google.com/a/a... as I see it and it hasn't been all that clear lately, I verify the site
I now owe Bigdaddy; I have two days left on Google Apps, and billing stuff refereed, now Bigdaddy I'm meant to be nickle and dimed from every angle ever so slightly from each. I'll be the first to admit I bit off more that I could chew. What I had in mind is best left to my Router and Asus it's just I trust Google, not BigDaddy (old skool).

I can do what I wanted three to six (not sure but many) ways on my ASUS RT-AC66U router, but not all devices like it, Point: LG cell phone is gone! ah god it sucked, got a MotoE - XT830C (straight talk) it's one of them. The Asus it can't see, so I plugged in a netgear into the AC66U, which only it's 2 Ghz service can be seen. The Netgear likes everything, the Asus fancy.

Just going to post this then go play lots of Battle Field 3 (hoping jet maps) and forget about these domains - if anybody wants em, urs I just don't want the financial responsibility - well that's it, I owe nobody and pay in cash, this Google Domain want's a wallet it ain't gonna happen, I've never wanted a credit card, yet everybody hands them out I don't use them. If I can't afford it I don't need it, the way this Google domain is working I still don't know who's going to pop up next - and if Google Apps is the only acceptability to the domains -net neut?- I really don't want any part of this, how easy is it to FTP to a domain, site, whatever and just do what needs to be done, that's what I wanted.

Thanks - off to play

Comment: Re:Summary's wrong (Score 1) 229 229

meat to of be played from.

Does that really say meat and be? It was suppose to of said: meant to of been played from

Should say: meant to have been played from.

Actually thank you, but it's one of those errors I keep and will keep making by mistake, like the word tomorrow (I know easy) and a few others I'll misspell thinking it correct (spell checkers nice), or a post I'll read a hundred times (or much, much less) to insure it's what I want to post, send it off and one word throws the entire thought backwards from what I meant -good or bad one can't edit it even if it's glaring at them by that time :)

I can't think of one post I haven't made an error in, discovered after the fact, be it a word, as you mentioned syntax, or a comma/period out of place - just being examples.

And I really do feel bad one ) to those whom(?) I'm trying to reach, or myself) as it looks bad. But I do try.

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