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Comment Not what your asking for due to weight constraints (Score 1) 94

But what you really need is a UPS, It not only prevents surges, it cleans up the voltage outputting a near perfect sine wave.

As mentioned an Isolation Transformer would also do the trick, but again weight constraints prevent their use.

While I wouldn't put much faith in those surge arrestors, trusting a circuit breaker over one. APC has one on Newegg.com (quick search) http://www.newegg.com/Product/... - for cheap but 120 volts.

As one reviewer to the above product put it " So-called surge protectors, IMO, fit into one of the most ethereal realms in I.T. Go ahead and Google, "Do I need a surge protector," and you'll get answers from both sides of the fence--in pages upon pages of search results. That's because the answer is subjective."

Comment Re:Not stoned? (Score 1) 38

Hmph. They don't list the Stoned virus. Right around 1990 I had heard of viruses but doubted they existed--I had never seen one. It was then I was around a computer lab with a bunch of IBM-PC's (yes the original ones without hard drives!) that had this thing that would pop up every once in a few boots saying "Your PC is now Stoned!". So I got one of those shared disks, looked at the first few sectors on the disk and found that message. I saw strange code and started disassembling it. Soon I was looking at the source code of a virus. Well, damn, I said, they do exist!

The last virus was released in 2010 by the US, spread by autoplay on USB drives that made it's way to Iran to destroy their Uranium extractors. I've heard of a range of thousands being taken out by increasing and decreasing their operating speed.

Comment Re:"Annoying"? (Score 1) 38

Not all viruses deleted data, is the point. MANY viruses were not able to generate personal gain in any way, and didn't destroy all your files.

There was one that replaced all the "Microsoft" on your hard drive with "Machosoft". Just a global search and replace in every text file and binary. Machosoft DOS prompts and everything.

My Fav Apple "attack" (as in concept) was when the Energizer bunny would roll across the screen pounding it's drums while the hard drive was being formatted.

Comment Re:Decades of makware (Score 1) 38

Some could. Amigas (and Macs too I believe?) would automatically pop up an icon for floppies when they were inserted, without needing to do anything else. There was an insertion and removal event sent from the drive to the operating system. It would read the disk label and icon upon insertion, display them, then spin back down again until you did something.

The Amiga impressed all with that ability, it would start a playing a demo, or music the moment the floppy was inserted.

Comment Re:Decades of makware (Score 1) 38

Do they have the disk-validator vorus?
That gets my vote for the cleverest virus of the early days
just pop it in your drive and you were infected
of course kickstart 2.0 made it obsolete
I wonder if John Veldthuis is still around

Amiga? Remember the bootsector checker made for the best of reasons that became malware in it's own right, it tried to protected floppies by jumping to a floppy that didn't have the program installed so it could be scanned, where it remained.

Comment http://vx.netlux.org/ was a true loss. (Score 1) 38

It was a database of almost any exploit, malware, virus, etc available. Used in an honest manner it proved very valauble. It was one of the first sites taken down under the a new rule that a site that had a potential to cause damage had to be removed.

I can tell you that ESET NOD32 is the best antibadware program, while never 100% it always rated between 80-90%, much better than the rest.

Test was did it download the file, if so would it open the zip file, if so would it extract it to another directory. and at which point it would you be alerted.

Many had no problem sending it to another directory.

Comment I just checked, Win10 is as their other OS's (Score 1) 511

Say Windows 7

Even if you click to opt out of the "improvement program" or "customer Experience Improvement program" it will not take unless done in the task scheduler. There are normally three that must be disabled in that area, or your still in, and send reports.

Article didn't mention this idiosyncrasy.

Comment Re: Apple used a TPM chip to protect their product (Score 1) 388

When did Apple use TPM? The only Apple hardware that even shipped with TPM was the Intel transistion development kits but the chip was never used.

Long ago someone countered my claim of the TPM chip, to give a clue of what one looked like I Googled TPM chip then viewed the images, an Apple computer and it's TPM chip was the one I provided.

I did came across this in answer to your question:
"A great many enterprise-class laptops manufactured in the last two to three years shipped with embedded TPM chips; Apple's Macs are a key exception, as none since 2006 include a TPM chip." http://www.pcworld.com/article...

Comment Nope don't trust Win10 or MS for that matter (Score 1) 511

I have what I consider a toy computer called an Acer Aspire Switch 10, portability it's goal, The display will detach from the bottom half, usable then as a tablet, You can update to Win10 you can't downgrade, and it came installed with Win10.

I didn't need any test run to know what to do, electrical tape over the camera, and while I turned the microphone off (you can talk to it "open so and so") I'm sure it's very much active.

While stated in the TOS, they have no warnings such as from Samsung which basically says: "my god folks we can hear every word you say".

It's what they tried to have the Xbox do but were shouted down from that approach, while everything else MS sales has it's abilities.

Oh no I don't trust it at all, it was a gift so I keep it around, stopping it from connecting to the WiFi whenever it wants is checked often to insure it's not, as that's one of it's built in "features", it will find a source and connect, camped my phone for awhile.

Submission + - Fewer Degrees Of Separation With Facebook (i-programmer.info)

mikejuk writes: Six degrees of separation is the, already well established, idea that any individual is connected to any other via six network nodes. New research — Three and a half degrees of separation has discovered that the average between Facebook users is just three and a half.

We know that people are more connected today than ever before. Over the past five years, the global Facebook community has more than doubled in size. Today we’re announcing that during that same time period, the degrees of separation between a typical pair of Facebook users has continued to decrease to 3.57 degrees, down from 3.74 degrees in 2011. This is a significant reflection of how closely connected the world has become.

This may all be true and Facebook makes us better connected, but it leaves the question of the quality of the connections open. Are Facebook friends anything like real friends?

Comment Apple used a TPM chip to protect their product (Score 1) 388

Many years ago, Apple used the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip to protect their product from the consumer. Microsoft uses is only now to protect their UEFI chips, My PC motherboard still doesn't require one and a selling point for me.

And no you don't fix a product who's TPM chip turned against them.

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