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Comment Whew, I have a Nvidia (Score 1, Interesting) 109


Just started using linux Mint - with no internet connection only one CUBE runs well on

Long story short hacked me, keylogger (firewall caught that one) and much more
all because they thought I owned them $100 (I had auto payments setup). Cell phone number was reused and flagged.

Turned off the system and now in the process of using linux chntpw capturing what they did, and will send it to the appropriate people.

My windows era is over.


Haven't played any games with Linux yet, but have every intention of going to the Steam or SteamOS and playing what they have available.

I have an EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750, reading the article I'm going to be doing rather well. While it may not of come out on top other than Performance Per Dollar, it can handle all that was tested; each at least above 60 FPS lowest 90, and all at very low temps.

Comment Re:Kinda makes sense (Score 1) 171

Historically about 20 million per month. This is more than 50 million per month which easily makes it the most successful launch of any OS in history. It's already more popular than OSX. It was probably more popular than Linux in the first day.

Actually everybody I knew local and distant were beta testers for Windows before it's Win3.1 release (I was Amiga). The number of people who had Win3.1 installed before it's release was pretty much everybody but the few working with OS/2 - as I saw it..

Yep I'd agree with your assessment.

Comment Remember when WWW took off causing a fight for GIF (Score 1) 301

Created by Compuserve to save bandwidth, and used for years with no complaints. When WWW took off Gif's were the format of choice of many; their value in that Gif's could be made invisible. 2006 A lawsuit claiming rights to the Gif format I took as a joke at first, yet Unisys and IBM both applied for patents in 1983.

It caused some major concern to big business and the PNG format.


I haven't searched but take this just as joke worthy as IIRR the Jpg format was release to the public, or at the least now considered fair play.

Submission + - How Analog Tide Predictors Changed Human History (

szczys writes: You'd think Tide prediction would be quite easy, it comes in, it goes out. But of course it's driven by gravity between the moon and earth and there's a lot more to it. Today, computer models make this easy, but before computers we used incredible analog machines to predict the tides. The best of these machines were the deciding factor in setting a date for the Allies landing in Europe leading to the end of the second world war.

Comment Was an Amazon device my Mom bought new (Score 1) 70

It wasn't and required another's account removed, all of this Mexicans information was displayed down to their credit card number, and other personal info; making sure we wanted this information removed.

We did laugh at it later thinking of the problems this person would of had if we were that type.

Comment Re:They demanded my ID and power bill (Score 1) 232

> still use internally hosted IRC quite a bit.

As someone that's used IRC for over twenty-six years, I'd love to use it at work, but I don't think there are any good iOS IRC apps with notifications. The Facebook app is very low power and the notifications are reliable. All of the other chat apps we tried either used so much power they made our phones warm to the touch, or they missed notifications. I have to use Skype to talk to my wife, and it kills my battery in less than thirty minutes. Facebook's chat doesn't have a noticeable effect on battery life.

Try explaining and getting others to use UseNet.

Marvelous! The super-user's going to boot me! What a finely tuned response to the situation!