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Journal: CWX directory, what it did, u got hosed

Journal by Trax3001BBS

The refusal I've encountered of even considering such a thing caught me off guard,
My first post got me banned from sevenforum three days after I registered for posting crap -claim- I think it was really when someone posted their services I mentioned what AVG has done is a crime - it's like 10 services now, I hit on a sponsor. It's been so long since I've used any av program but 8-10 services are too much for a program

Comment: Re:I'm sorry this wasn't meant to show up here (Score 1) 2

oh well since it is, Why would you wish to view my scan? Delete everything but .com and .net strings you can view 24 hours of my Internet use. - then put yourself in my place, how would you feel if the sites you visit in a day were found in a file? Me? I'm so dull there's no nothing of interest.

and it remains unedited.

Comment: Re:I'm not allowed to play with you. (Score 1) 63

by Trax3001BBS (#49704067) Attached to: (Hack) and Slash: Doing the LORD's Work

Sometimes an anti-piracy scheme comes into play that the only reply can be "well done".
This links to /.

I had to use tinyurl without preview to get it to fit, have to sell it first - if your going to take the time to share a great read.

Comment: I'm not allowed to play with you. (Score 1) 63

by Trax3001BBS (#49704051) Attached to: (Hack) and Slash: Doing the LORD's Work

I telnet'ed into your/the site, gave em my email address and have been waiting for a password since.

Rant alert!

I POP3 my email from Gmail, many other accounts specifically hotmail are forwarded to Gmail. It's just safe hex, Agent wouldn't show html code just text only. I've been forced to update from 1.93 to version 6 which is so different I've avoided it. SSL is required so I run/ran stunnel as 1.93 doesn't have it, version 6 does. Stunnel has quit working it's not that hard to configure, but it did stop soon after updating and no version will run now.

There are Persona's now added to Agent's many abilities that to configure it for the first time is time consuming as well as confusing. 1.93 I'd just pull a shortcut to the latest fresh installed OS and not miss a beat, 1.93 took years to tweak to my liking.

It was a time consuming affair more so as I was POPing from two servers at once, Gmail and (whatever MS calls it) I can't access my Hotmail account, but it works, still forwarding my email and all is well, as long as I don't try to access it ever again. I created an account (Windows Insider that couldn't agree to the ToS) using an old account (gmail) and handle that would get thousands of google hits, mostly from who pulls in Usenet groups, passing them off as their own.

FWIW I use Acerose as my password manager some files date back to 2007 and pry when I started using it I know what my passwords, username, and secret hand shaking are and that they are correct. Damn checking it I find I don't remember creating the account but did have a real hard time creating my present account. It was me logging in on one screen with another set to Gmail for the refresh and validation that was never satisfied all for a useless account (I wouldn't give out my mobile number), I don't ever expect a site to call me and I'm on top of my security (as well as I can), and they don't need more info than required to log in, yet post of my life on /. ironic eh?

-an important tangent-

My Mom (82) is not senile but the only way to describe it, not being able to access the internet to her was E-mail, which she hasn't been able to access in ages, I thought differently as I'd prove to her she had Internet access, or fix it to where she did but the complaint was continual only this week did I clue into the problem (it's been years).

I created her an Email account on my Charter account which has always allowed me 6 email addresses, called her up and worked out her username and password (not an easy feat folks) set her up, and it works out I haven't access to her account (important to me, not to her), and wrote her an email so she's have something when she accessed the account, the email wouldn't send.

It took hours to figure it out as I set up Agent a long time ago, just changing servers as IP accounts changed only. the only email program I've configured since is Agent 6 (this week), I'm still working on it's config. So email has never a concern, nor a thought given to there being a problem with it.

Get this, created an outlook account on my system, going as far as adding it's POP3\smtp servers to Agent (an .INI edit, would do it), then setting outlook as the default email service, it's not even on my system, it would just be useless overhead.

Persistent SOBs the Microsoft team. I get this requester continually. I unset auto for the picture - there's a war of emailers going on at a furious rate at this time . Agent and one (outlook)I have never set up, used, let alone ever installed, if auto installed, removed when it caught my eye. (it's a good pic address but I can't access them myself after uploading them, so...(HOSTS file most likely).

My handle which has a Persona of Usenet only and Gmail being my main server (hell so I thought) and a different persona that hasn't Usenet access and could be considered an admin account. I can't flush the handle any email I start is from the account, not Gmail as it's configured to.

So my not getting a password for the game is very explainable, I've been getting my email just fine, apparently I don't send out much email as My Moms was the first from Agent 6 and when it hit the fan. I've spent hours on it and can't POP gmail as I'm sure is not allowing it, instead fighting a war of defaults. At least I narrowed it down then went and played a round of Disk Golf. A matter of flushing the registry and using Process Explorer to watch what cause the Agent requester.

What Microsoft did was freaking crap, they pirated my system, claiming it's right to control my Email, I've read the ToS, it's not mentioned. Call it even for now Win7 is the only paid Win OS I've run, yet ran them all. Back to the old ways.

Christ hell of a lot of work for a account I've never used nor needed. I don't think it's been used, if so this one slipped past me as I run HTTPnetworksniffer and Smartsniff to view the internet traffic, it helps add to my HOSTS file (144263 lines at this time).

I'm still getting the update KB3035583 even after hiding it, I know what it does, I've seen what it sends to Microsoft. I'll let you claim an easy update to Win10 but I stand by what I found.. I'm not a good writer but I still try, there's a babble piece in my journal about it.

MicroSoft is to be considered an advisory if your truly working to block malware. ROBTEX.COM should give me what I need to block MS allowing only the basic - not sure what that would be but admit you've allowed MS to control your system and they are taking advantage of that trust (KB3035583 and this Email problem). I watched it ping Microsoft every time I boot up but allowed it, it's been blocked since KB3035583.

Bottom line I did try to (support) telnet to your site and maybe even enjoy it enough to who knows... Lacking only a password Microsoft deems I'm not allowed. Only today did it occur to me I had no clue what was going on email wise and that my emailer has been broken since my first POP3 download (best guess), and whatever I find next will surprise me but become expected.

Please: I can't run Linux, I play too many games - hell I have 3000 hours showing as being played on BattleField 3, but what I do. It's a rough situation blocking your OS's owner, or attempting to block as they would have rootkit access to any Win OS, I'd be very bewildered if they don't have the ability, cause I'd build it in (just in case).

+ - Academics call for greater transparency about Google's Right To Be Forgotten->

Submitted by Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson writes: Just yesterday Google revealed that it rejects most Right To Be Forgotten requests it receives. In publishing yet another transparency report, the search giant will have hoped to have put to bed any questions that users and critics may have had. While the report may have satisfied some, it did not go anywhere near far enough for one group of academics.

A total of 80 university professors, law experts and technology professionals have written an open letter to Google demanding greater transparency. The letter calls upon the company to reveal more about how Right To Be Forgotten requests are handled so that the public is aware of the control that is being exerted over "readily accessible information".

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:I hated LORD (Score 1) 63

by Trax3001BBS (#49690313) Attached to: (Hack) and Slash: Doing the LORD's Work

I hated LORD, it would tie up my 1 line BBS with useless people playing games when they should be uploading stuff and maintaining their ratio.
I had a few other BBS doors that tended to tie up the line less, but man was LORD popular back in the day.

That's funny in away, I had a 6 line Cnet (chat board) I'd get ticked if someone uploaded or downloaded but let it go.

Not many doors for the Amiga, the IBM BBS's had the best games a fav of mine was Food Fight.

I had a user who made two game using MCI code only, tick tack toe and Stones (7 stones don't take the last one to win). People still swear it can't be done (MCI game).

Comment: Groups a bit slower than the others. (Score 4, Informative) 219

Post to Submission that originally linked to paywall

Scientists Isolate and Treat Parasite Causing Decline in Honey Bee Population

Mystery of the Dying Bees Solved
  "As it turns out, the fungus N. ceranae that was thought to be killing off bee colonies had a partner in crime — a DNA-based virus that worked in tandem with N. ceranae to compromise nutrition uptake" Note: (N. ceranae = Parasite)

  Studies Link Pesticides To Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

It's the pesticides!

Comment: Re:I just couldn't agree to the Win10 ToS -Beta (Score 1) 154

by Trax3001BBS (#49688841) Attached to: Windows 10 the Last Version of Windows? Not So Fast.

Mozilla is already doing it. Why should Microsoft be any different? They can't let the open source community out-evil them!

I just disable the service: MozillaMaintenance and hope for the best, while called maintenance it's mostly for updates which I don't appreciate being installed without notice. It's also my secondary browser and rarely used (Battlefield 3 requires it (Plugins)).

When Chrome slipped through while installing Google Earth, I also disabled it's maintenance service, before just removing it all together.

As for browsers updating, Opera 25+ is awful for this. There is no service to disable and it updates at will with no warning nor indication it's done so. I caught it by accident looking for the version of Opera (Help:about Opera) and it said it was in the process of updating; the only way you will know, outside of a new version number after the fact. I don't use Opera 25+, it just needs to be installed.

Opera 12 is my browser of choice, if it ever updates I'm screwed :}

Comment: Re:Ocean or Ice Bouy (Score 1) 402

My first thought was a ball showing a river elevation but it's not electrically controlled.

So hit on any electrical devices powered by waves, or Wind

But would have to be post-apocalyptic, as after the oil runs out it's all going to be different. As off the wall as any electricity produced going to national security, Your T.V. ain't.

Comment: Good chance I have 8 strikes. (Score 1) 185

If: "Dear Charter Internet Customer:

Charter Communications ("Charter") has been notified by a copyright owner, or its authorized agent, that your Internet account may have been involved in the exchange of unauthorized copies of copyrighted material" = a strike. I have 8 against me for something you can view on youtube.

-Might be a dupe having a bit of a /. connection problem.

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