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Comment Re:They should know better (Score 1) 93

I am going to suggest you try that with braided line and not mono-filament. You're going to actually want to tighten up your drag too, assuming you're spin casting.

I would think the tether would be rather specific. To generate power from it, Piezoelectricity is the only thing that comes to mind.

Comment Re:It's simple... (Score 1) 193

Nukes are way too dangerous. There is a reason why Jimmy Carter put a presidential order with a permanent moratorium on any and all power reactor construction.

The nuclear reactor I operated was brought back into production mode (Plutonium) during the Regan years.

The reactor was dedicated by John F. Kennedy so built prior to 1963. A lot of modernization was under way during that time.

At the same time 5 new plants were being built of which one was completed, the rest a financial disaster. http://www.king5.com/story/tec...

Comment Re:Yep, only a matter of time (Score 1) 3

" others cannot be disabled or stopped that easily, for instance because of hardcoded host and IP address information that bypass the Hosts file of the operating system."

Then you block the IP at the router level.

Yep, but my old Netgear doesn't have that ability, and my ASUS_RT-AC66U has a limit of 100 sites or 100th of my HOSTS file. The ASUS also has keyword blocking but that's a tricky undertaking. I imagine a lot of people fall in the Netgear category.

I understand there are scripts I can store in the ASUS's JFFS memory, so just starting to get into scripting for it and iptables, so not sure just how much more blocking ability I will end up with (Using Asuswrt-Merlin firmware).

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Storing family videos and pictures for posterity? 2

jalvarez13 writes: I'm in my early 40's and I will become a dad in less than a month. Until now I've been quite happy with a Canon Powershot S110 for taking pictures and video, but now I'm thinking in longer terms. If some of you have already thought or done something about this, what did you consider when buying photo/video equipment? I guess there are important decisions you made about to image quality, file formats, storage type, organising and labelling software, etc.

I'm also wondering if there are any other technologies (stereoscopic cameras?) that I haven't thought about and may be interesting to look at.

Comment Re:AUTONOMOUS CARS NOW!!! (Score 1) 62

I recently moved to the SF Bay Area and already got rear-ended several times!! I'm not even surprised the only accidents Google cars get into is when other cars hit them!

Autonomous cars mandatory ASAP!

I LoL'd. New to the SF Bay Area we we took a wrong turn ending up on the cable car rails and where we shouldn't of been. While even in a hurry to get back to where we were suppose to be, noticed we had 4 or more cars that had followed us (as lost as we were).

Comment Re:This was how smartphone unlocking was banned (Score 1) 238

I imagine a similar revolt will take place after the new rules take effect.

Actually as hard as it may seem, the Net Neutrality act (FCC) made it easier to root, not to unlock a phone.

Unlocking a phone is now pretty much a gimme, I use a Trac phone and just read of the deal they made with the FCC, and a new software update to make unlocking possible.

Comment Re:How does it know (Score 1) 87

How does it know what is "important" Flash content, and what isn't?

That's easy: Those that have paid Google and those that have not...

While your right, the site in question is Flurry.com. All those free games you play sale your info to them (Google) who in turn combines it with info they have, selling it to advertisers for personal ads.

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