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Submission + - Ask Slashdot, not using Google Apps on a Google domain 3 3

Trax3001BBS writes: How do/can I access my Google domain ie: without Google Apps, and upload to it's root (to verify it - .HTML file)? My story below.

All I wanted was a place to store files and such mostly to accompany post. Not a bloody website to sell someone something.

I purchased a Google Domain ( which requires Google Apps, I had thought FTP a gimme, it ain't. Four straight days I worked on it, just trying to verify in between other other approaches with nothing to show, and I did put a lot of work into it. Google will do it for you and very helpful, apparently they misunderstood as I posted two questions in one E-mail, to Verify and MX numbers (A MX number I have in my router), they skipped the verify and sent me to the help file for MX numbers. It's not possible for me to upload to root without Google Apps, that I know of.

At the very end of my domain editing endurance, I came across one needs a different user name to join Google Apps. I fell for the "one account all of Google" line, just being a Google site I would log in as normal.

I haven't tried a Google Apps new user log in for as it's a 15 day free trial, and I'd assume they'd feel I'm using a back door approach to extend the trial, and being just a bit tired of even seeing the domain anymore.

Yet, I can't access my E-mail (web browser) as I'm re-directed to, seeing as it needs to be verified before any edits are taken, a tad curious, but still stuck with it.

I haven't been able to check my E-mail for quite awhile now. Even POP3ing it I'm not sure where it's coming from, so stopped.

Don't snicker but I also have the domain II-trax-II-games.(I think ORG) it was a mistake but I'll take the blame for it, and the two only cost me $25 for a year — cheap lesson learned. I can't find out for sure as the E-mail has been deleted (or on Gmail) and it's not on any DNS until verified.

Thank you.

Submission + - SPAM: Been an very rebuilding month for me. 1 1

Trax3001BBS writes: Would of died if a neighbor asking for a favor hadn't found me on the floor. Door is always open for the dog — only a blanket covers it (he is a service dog, missed this one). My kidneys shut down and I went to the floor for (medically it was for 2 days). Jeff found me "Blue as a pair of Levies" — It was very close.

Today I had the second of two Cataract sessions and have my eyesight back (20/20)

Working on youth before the month ends.

Not working with a god on this one, as the other two request were ignored.

BTW $300 is what my life/eyesight ended up being worth, what donation should I leave a My new buddy Jeff, as they are leaving the end of this month?

Submission + - Researchers Clone Cells from Two Adult Men (stem cells)->

Trax3001BBS writes: "Lanza’s group used caffeine to prevent the fused egg from dividing prematurely. Rather than leaving the egg with its newly introduced DNA for 30 minutes before activating the dividing stage, they let the eggs rest for about two hours. This gave the DNA enough time to acclimate to its new environment and interact with the egg’s development factors, which erased each of the donor cell’s existing history and reprogrammed it to act like a brand new cell in an embryo."

Stem cells is my take on this feat.

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Submission + - Damming news from Washington State->

Trax3001BBS writes: Wanapum Dam has been found with a 65-foot (20 meter) crack. Water levels are being lowered to both reduce water pressure and give the inspectors access to the area.

"Earlier this week, an engineer noticed a slight irregular “bowing” above the spillway gates near where cars can drive across the dam.
When divers finally took a look under water they found a 2-inch-wide crack that stretched for 65 feet along the base of one of the dam’s spillway piers...

The artilcle goes on to say

"Even if the dam doesn’t fail, the significance of the damage is likely to require extensive repairs and that, too, could impact the entire Columbia River system.
“All these dams coordinate to generate energy on a regional scope,” Stedwick said. “If Wanapum is impacted, that has impacts on dams up stream as well as below.”

Up stream dams would be required to handle more water, the lower Dams means just one (Priest rapids Dam); after that is the last free flowing section of the Columbia river. Daily walks along that section I've seen it deviate (higher or lower) by amazing amount of water; it can handle it.
On top of this situation you have a large group of people that would like that particular Dam removed as well as the one above and below it (think of the fish!), after Priest rapids dam (down stream from Wanapum Dam) is the Hanford Nuclear Reservation once the site for Plutonium production area. Either of which stand to get a lot of press from this.
Personally I'd like to give the engineer that noticed a slight irregular “bowing” and atta boy.

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Submission + - Dear Asus router user: All your Cloud are belong to us->

Trax3001BBS writes: ARS is running an article about a vulnerability of ASUS routers that are becoming very popular at the moment -like connected USB devices being open to the world.

According to Lovett, the weakness affects a variety of Asus router models, including the RT-AC66R, RT-AC66U, RT-N66R, RT-N66U, RT-AC56U, RT-N56R, RT-N56U, RT-N14U, RT-N16, and RT-N16R..a when using AiCloud or FTP

-and this old news, come new again-
I have the AC66U router, but with the Asuswrt Merlin ROM that took care of this vulnerability long ago. (Number 17)

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Submission + - Voyager 1 Has Left the Solar System->

Trax3001BBS writes: Last year on July 27, 2012.

  The delayed announcement? Voyager 1 observed no change in the direction of the magnetic field, as had been expected.
"According to conventional wisdom, we'll know we've passed through this mysterious boundary when we stop seeing solar particles and start seeing galactic particles, and we also detect a change in the prevailing direction of the local magnetic field. "

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Submission + - Light Bursts out of a Flying Mirror

Trax3001BBS writes: You know the old question of the photon traveling at close to the speed of light passing near a black hole; how much speed will it acquire from the a gravity assist?

The answer I'm fine with is the photon ejects a gamma wave and maintains it's original speed.

How about the reflection from a mirror moving close to the speed of light. The reflection will pick momentum from the speed of the mirror.

Albert Einstein stating that the reflection from a mirror moving close to the speed of light could in principle result in bright light pulses in the short wavelength range

A team of physicists from the Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics(MPQ) in Garching...created such a mirror in a recent experiment."The scientists used an intense laser pulse to accelerate a dense sheet of electrons from a nanometre-thin foil to close to the speed of light and reflected a counter-propagating laser pulse from this relativistic mirror.instead of moving faster (photons already travel at the speed of light),the reflected light is shifted in its frequency.

In the experiment, the incredibly high velocity of the electron mirror gave rise to a change in frequency upon reflection from the near infrared to the extreme ultraviolet up to a wavelength of 60 to 80 nanometre.

Moreoever (sic), the time duration of the reflected pulses was on the order of a few hundred attoseconds only (one attosecond is a billionth of a billionth of a second).

This experiment not only supports Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity, but attosecond pulses of light would allow the electron motion in atoms to be resolved,"


Submission + - "Geckskin," a device that can hold 700 pounds on a smooth wall 1 1

Trax3001BBS writes: ""For years, biologists have been amazed by the power of gecko feet, which let these 5-ounce lizards produce an adhesive force roughly equivalent to carrying nine pounds up a wall without slipping. Now, a team of polymer scientists and a biologist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have discovered exactly how the gecko does it, leading them to invent "Geckskin," a device that can hold 700 pounds on a smooth wall"


"Previous efforts to synthesize the tremendous adhesive power of gecko feet and pads were based on the qualities
of microscopic hairs on their toes called setae"
To list a few."

With all the fancy scientists in the world, why can't they just once build a nuclear balm?