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Comment: That's his job! (Score 2) 228

by jareth-0205 (#49526451) Attached to: UK Police Chief: Some Tech Companies Are 'Friendly To Terrorists'

Why would we think he would say anything else? That's his job, and presumably he's surrounded by plots and threats that he needs to counter every day, so his perspective is going to be a little biased.

The important thing is that whenever a policeman or agent says something like this, we respond by thinking "well obviously he would say that" and take a view on whether that is proportionate based on the wider civil liberties consequences. The fault is not that they would want that, everyone always wants more power to do their job more effectively, is that we have weak politicians that grant it too easily.

Comment: Re:Seriously. (Score 1) 55

faster cellular networks aren't all that interesting. It will take forever for them to be deployed, and

Now give me an 802.11ZZZ or something that can do just 20Mb/s or so at 10 miles NLOS with non-directional antennas, and you've got something useful.

And, by necessity of physics, massively wasteful of rf frequency. Not sure why you need this, also?

Comment: Re:Sounds good to me. (Score 1) 892

It means that in order for Reddit to be competitive in hiring, they will need to make a first offer (the fixed salary+benefits) that is at or above the market average. As a jobseeker, I can just look at what they have to offer and take it or leave it. No haggling. No drama. That sounds good to me! I'm decent at negotiating, but I don't enjoy it.

For jobs where negotiating skill is NOT part of the job, the negotiation ban should make hiring decisions better correlate with merit. And generally, I want to be surrounded with people hired for relevant merits, and not just good self-promoters.

Bingo. The only way they can keep competitive is to offer decent salaries *on their own*. I'm fairly good at negotiating, but only after many years and I'd really rather not have to.

Comment: Re:This is why they reinvent the wheel (Score 1) 626

Yes and no. The 'new' generation (for any given time) is never as clever or inventive as they think they are, but they generally *are* a little bit inventive and have some level of new perspective to bring. Maybe believing that you're God's gift to knowledge is the fiction we need for progress...

Comment: Re:c'mon (Score 2) 306

by jareth-0205 (#49403385) Attached to: Al Franken Urges FBI To Prosecute "Revenge Porn"

Who is talking about sexual assault? If you give someone consent to take a video of you having sex then you need to beware, you just gave up some of your privacy rights.

I salute your flexibility in bending over backwards to blame the victim. Most people would know the difference between a private recording made between two people and the intentional broadcasting of that material with the intention to harm.

Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 278

by jareth-0205 (#49396757) Attached to: 9th Circuit Rules Netflix Isn't Subject To Disability Law

As to wheel chairs needing that rise, if they do they're poorly designed.

Given you've never designed or had to use a wheelchair, your assertion is not very convincing. Making a wheelchair that can go up steep gradients is going to have lots of knock-on effects to the design like weight, size, cost, and since you can't push yourself up such gradients with your arms for any length of time it would be a waste anyway.

I told you, I'd be happy to carry you into the store myself. I'd be happy to push your wheel chair up my ramp. No need for anyone else. I would do it gladly.

Let's assume for a second that you really are that nice (hard to do based on other things you have said, but OK). Do you think it is important for a person to be able to live with dignity? What dignity could there be in a life where you have to ask someone to *carry* you every time you go into a shop... multiple times per day. You would have to find a fine nice person like you to go out of their way *every* time an obstacle is encountered, which in your world would be pretty often.

Comment: Re:Aww poor baby (Score 1) 662

by jareth-0205 (#49352309) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

Isn't that revenue though? Loss of revenue doesn't really count since if you're not making the programme anymore then you won't be spending it, so profit is the thing they will lose.

Good point about screwing with the delivery, though I would assume that the BBC is big enough and has a solid enough reputation that this would be a 'blip' rather than a noticable loss of confidence.

Comment: Re:Aww poor baby (Score 5, Informative) 662

by jareth-0205 (#49346289) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

No I am pretty sure they make more money off Top Gear being a worldwide success then they do off the British TV tax.

You're "pretty sure" are you? You know these sort of mindless random thoughts stated as fact is pretty fucking harmful.

Top Gear worth per year, about £50million
Licence fee collected last year, £3726million

Get a grip.

Comment: Re:Remote Override (Score 3, Insightful) 737

by jareth-0205 (#49344119) Attached to: Germanwings Plane Crash Was No Accident

I think we'll see renewed calls for a remote override capability built into airliners, so the ground can take over the plane when pilots become non-responsive or the plane begins to rapidly descend.

Well won't that would be fun when the hackers focus their attention on their new remote-control planes.

Comment: Re:Sooo .. (Score 1) 127

Only reason I can think to stick with your stock firmware is that you have to (not available for phone, on a CDMA network where you need to update with a proprietary software item that doesn't work on third party firmwares). I have seven unlock options on my GS3 and prefer to use the "None" option.

Well off the top of my head I could add 'stock tends to be more reliable' and 'it's faff / risk of bricking your phone to replace the firmware'...

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