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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 459

I get the impression a disturbing proportion of politicians don't actually believe in the founding principles of the nation they govern anymore.

At the risk of going wildly offtopic, be careful when you venerate people. Many of the Founding Fathers had slaves and saw no conflict with what they then wrote in the constitution about all men being equal and having the right to liberty. They had their own vested interests, and acted on them.

Comment Re:Brought it on themselves (Score 1) 67

Amd software has far less budget than it used to, and people expect more and quicker and cheaper. I'm not sure how you expect to vet every app update anyway, it's not like you could vet the original code so what really can you say about updates. Software used to have long release cycles. It also used to cost 10s of dollars, and have testers. Your average $1 or free app is not gonna be able to do that.

Comment Brought it on themselves (Score 3, Insightful) 67

I have to think that Apple have brought this kind of thing on themselves - their ridiculous app approval system is uncertain and slow and developers are obviously going to try to find a way round it. If I find a bug in Android I fix it and release it. My iOS counterparts often have to live with the bug for weeks before they release because of the faff of the approval process.

Comment Re:Watching someone code drives me insane (Score 1) 186


No idea where this pair programming hate comes from yelled out by people who clearly never ever really tried it.

Easy, if you're not the sort of person that easily spends extended time with other people then it's going to be something close to hell. Introverted people have to put effort into social interactions, and so will never ever want to spend 8 hours a day interacting with someone else, even someone they really like.

You don't actually need to try it to know that, it's down to how people are wired interpersonally. I can understand how it might work for some but I'm sure as anything it won't work for me as a default working condition.

Comment Re:What else is searched for (Score 1) 284

Bollocks. And also anyone who modded you up, go fuck yourself.

You are the worst people I can imagine, spreading utter bullshit from no position of knowledge that incites distrust and violence. Try learning about things from a source that isn't full of hatred - maybe if you have opinions about Islam then you should talk to an actual Muslim person. No, I suppose you wouldn't risk that, you probably believe they have lasers in their eyes and can crush your skull with a single swipe of their robotic hands.

Comment Re:Reaction is the problem rather than advice itse (Score 1) 274

Unfortunately health guidelines gave a tendency to gain legal momentum, especially here, so it is worth keeping aware of what's being said.

Interesting that you should mention learning an instrument as something to do to stretch yourself since so much great music is well known for being created whilst on substances. Some things aren't best sober...

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