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Comment: Re:Bah. (Score 1) 293

by jareth-0205 (#49136321) Attached to: Reddit Imposes Ban On Sexual Content Posted Without Permission

Better yet, stop pretending your body is some special butterfly that will cause the sky to fall and dogs to make love to cats should somebody actually get a look at it. The whole body paranoia thing is a society wide neurosis. At best. You look very similar to everyone else. The more you take off, the more that's true.

That may be true for you or me, but it is absolutely not your place to tell anyone else what their attitude to their own body is. The right to privacy is fucking important, and we should not just wish it away because it's more convenient, or assume other people are being unreasonable by not wanting their wishes violated.

Comment: Re:Reddit sure loves it's free speech. (Score 3, Insightful) 293

by jareth-0205 (#49136299) Attached to: Reddit Imposes Ban On Sexual Content Posted Without Permission

Until it tries to uphold it.

In what possible conceivable way is your free speech being curtailed by not allowing you to post stolen nude photos of other people? Some people shout "free speech" at anything. Newsflash cocksucker: your right to self expression does not cover actively harming other people.

Comment: Re:Double Jeopardy! (Score 3, Insightful) 227

ATT is acting like a monopoly that needs to be broken up by the courts.

What is "Double Jeopardy!"?

I thought AT&T was already broken up three decades ago for monopoly abuse.

By your logic, if I get convicted of murder once, I can then go around murderin' again as much as I want once I'm released from prison.

It is possible to be convicted of the same crime again if you repeat it...

Comment: Re:It changes every week (Score 1) 305

by jareth-0205 (#49030401) Attached to: Alcohol's Evaporating Health Benefits

Eggs are bad for you! Eggs are good for you! Meat is bad for you! Meat is good for you! Alcohol is good for you! Alcohol isn't good for you!

I swear, if you listen to and heed all this advice you will go crazy. I think the best thing to do is ignore all this crap, eat *reasonably* (not too much of any one thing, have a balanced diet) and just ENJOY the things you like, regardless of people saying they're good or bad for you, because life is short anyway and we might as well enjoy it while we have it.

I see so many eating bland vegan diets, thinking it's so good for them; I doubt any of them will live longer than typical omnivores.

While this is true, the only reason we know what a 'balanced' diet looks like, or what it's *near* atleast, is the years of study. There's nothing to say what a balanced diet is without some understanding of the component parts and their effect on your body.

Unfortunately it looks like with our current research methodology we are at the limits of what can be said about food... we're now wobbling around saying things are good, and then bad, and then maybe neutral. You're right about not listening too much to each individual study's result.

So rejoice, you can relax and not worry because at the coarse level we understand roughly what balanced is.

Comment: Re:Yes meanwhile.. (Score 1) 167

by jareth-0205 (#48988437) Attached to: Google Quietly Unveils Android 5.1 Lollipop

Google has been shoving more and more of the "Android" experience into their apps instead of the OS.

Yep, and for good reason: Because the apps get updated while the OEMs won't update the base system. By moving functionality into the Play services app, Google makes it updatable, reducing fragmentation and enabling security patch distribution. In 5.0, for example, the WebView component was moved out of the system and into the Google apps. This is the component that is riddled with security holes in 4.3 and earlier devices, but which Google can't update.

(Disclaimer: I'm an Android engineer at Google, but my posts contain my own opinions only.)

It also (in a side-benefit for Google) takes that functionality out of the hands of Amazon or non-Google-endorsed Android devices, and out of the open source.

Comment: Re:Size (Score 1) 324

by jareth-0205 (#48882889) Attached to: What Will Google Glass 2.0 Need To Actually Succeed?

Live in terror and hide. Lots of hidden cameras that cost a fraction of the cost of Google glass!
Your doomed everyone is spying on you because you are so interesting!
This all hype driven garbage.

You're not thinking of the near future. Mass data storage of all video recorded anywhere + face recognition + trawling of video of you for embarassing / illegal behaviour. It's not hard to be worried for good reason, society needs the ability to *not* notice everything, and to forget. There are so many unknown and unclear laws that you are breaking some law all the time, you think adding the ability for that to be discovered will lead to a better society?

Comment: Re:Size (Score 1) 324

by jareth-0205 (#48874551) Attached to: What Will Google Glass 2.0 Need To Actually Succeed?

The world isn't black & white, despite what you seem to believe. Having no expectation of privacy is not the same as someone recording you and publishing your conversations... if I constantly followed you around with a videocamera that would be harassment.

Even in a public place there are expectations of "personal space", if "privacy" is too strong a word.

Comment: Re:"Half Baked"? (Score 4, Insightful) 243

by jareth-0205 (#48854883) Attached to: Could Tizen Be the Next Android?

Let's be clear that Tizen is actually the child of Nokia's and Intel's Linux-based OS that was known as Meego, which owed much of its existence to Nokia's Maemo Linux platform and Intel's Moblin. That's a lot of history, and Samsung has added more and more. Half-baked? What a bizarre term.

"Been fiddled with for ages" doesn't really mean it's mature or ready. The fact is hasn't been on any significant number of devices in the real world would be a big flag, there's alot of refinement that comes from *actual* use in the wild that you don't get from lab development.

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