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Comment: Re:I've been on data roaming since last Monday... (Score 1) 605

Hey, since you're talking about contract, can you point us to it so we can see if:

- The users expectations is on par with what the user agreed to
- If there is a failure of the accepted usage contract.


Don't be pedantic. A contract doesn't have to be something you can point to, it's a mutually understood way that something works. Here the way that it has always worked (ie the user decides to get something) is suddenly not the case anymore.

Comment: Re:Why not all apps at once? (Score 1) 129

by jareth-0205 (#47888823) Attached to: Chrome OS Can Now Run Android Apps With No Porting Required

I wonder why all apps aren't available at once. I understand this App Runtime for Chrome akin to the Java RunTime, which when installed, would have all Java applications available. What am I [mis]understanding?

Probably partly because it's not stable yet, but allso many/most apps won't work well since they tend to assume that the device has touchscreen support. That's reasonable for Android devices, but usually wrong for ChromeOS. Properly supporting keyboard navigation is a bit of a task when you've designed for touch... as Windows 8 metro demonstrates... Metro's OK if you have a touchscreen but a nightmare with a mouse.

Comment: Re:Scrap all the rules (Score 1) 104

but is there a single good reason why people can't broadcast whatever they want?

Yup, It frightens rich people and politicians hell bent on scaring the rich.

You have to be a sociopath to get into politics.

Perhaps, but you definitely are a sociopath given that you think that you must be allowed to do whatever you want regardless to the consequences to anyone else.

Comment: Re:Circular LCDs (Score 1) 87

by jareth-0205 (#47835169) Attached to: Moto 360 Reviews Arrive

It's a new thing called "fashion".
I'd much rather have a round watch than the current trend of recangular smartwatches.

Agreed... though using the word 'fashion' was perhaps a mistake...
Also, when the primary use of the watch is to tell the time then a round display is justified. They're not for heavy data display anyway.

Comment: Re:fuck you and the bucket challenge (Score 1) 182

by jareth-0205 (#47825579) Attached to: Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge With Liquid Nitrogen

Whu? The clear implication from his post is that people are making videos instead of giving to charity.

Instead of sharing stupid videos of clowns pouring water over their heads maybe we should be sharing videos of people writing checks to the charity.

If he thought people were doing both then he wouldn't have a problem would he?

Comment: Re:I'm starting to wonder... (Score 1) 182

by jareth-0205 (#47823599) Attached to: Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge With Liquid Nitrogen

How is it that we managed to evolve in the first place, exactly?

Because it is relatively rare and relatively unusual. But without the wish to go further and take risks we wouldn't have ever harnessed fire, let alone achieved civilisation. Life is about *doing things*, not eliminating all possible risk.

Some people want to live a long boring life, and some people want to go to the moon, even if it means there's a high chance of death in the process.

Comment: Re:Actually... (Score 4, Informative) 116

by jareth-0205 (#47821261) Attached to: The Quiet Revolution of Formula E Electric Car Racing

And it's the most boring year for F1 ever.

I mean boring is entirely a personal judgement but... *really*? A leading team rivalry that is up there with Hunt/Lauda and Senna/Prost in its intensity, a decapitation of the reigning champion (and humiliation behind his new teammate), the resurgence of Williams, a whole bunch of new stars on the rise? A bunch of new mistakes made all across the board as drivers struggle with twitchy cars?

I don't know what F1 you've been watching but for me this year is far more interesting than the Red Bull-Vettel dominance of the last 3 years.

Comment: Re:Why. (Score 1) 165

by jareth-0205 (#47798877) Attached to: Update: Raspberry Pi-Compatible Development Board Cancelled

That explains a lot. Really, "targeted at education" and "full datasheet not available" do not go together, except for the most stupid or most corrupt of players. I have been wondering how this incredibly stupid choice was made.

And if we always follow the fundamentalist way nothing will get done ever. The Pi isn't perfect, but it is good at what it does and ultimately it did get made and became popular... Hardware doesn't have to be totally open to be useful in teaching software, for example.

It's like Hurd vs Linux, you can have all the ideals you want but if you fail to make it work and popular, it's worthless.

Comment: Re:As much as I hate Apple (Score 1) 187

by jareth-0205 (#47798855) Attached to: Apple Said To Team With Visa, MasterCard On iPhone Wallet

The issue, or rather concern, with the on-card contact-less payments (VISA PayPass, etc.) is that someone could activate it while it was still in you wallet in your pocket via a specially designed (any maybe illegal; but that hasn't been known to stop thieves) hardware, and that this could be used a avenue for fraud. Not sure if there was ever a real life POC of this working or not.

Don't worry about it... I mean yes it is possible, but contactless has been widely rolled out in the UK for a while and the sky hasn't fallen. Ultimately you can challenge any bad charges pretty easily (if you notice them) on your statement, and since all this stuff goes tracably through the credit card system then it's not going to take many chargebacks for the dodgy reader to get them all rolled back and the criminal flagged.

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