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Comment Re:Before anyone bangs on about bedallions and so (Score 1) 112

Yeah but in my experience the Knowledge seems to get us very little in practice. I have never been able to jump in a cab and not had to provide directions at some point during the journey. Capped off recently when the driver was Tweeting on his dash-mounted phone while driving down Euston Road. I don't like Uber, but the taxi drivers don't help themselves either.

Comment Re:That's only for Google-Brand Nexus devices (Score 1) 80

Right yes yes it sucks, change the record already.

It sucks to not get free upgrades, but you know what also sucks? Having your previously working phone 'upgraded' into performing so poorly it is effectively useless. I have a Nexus 7 that is an exercise in futility to use now, and I've seen countless iPhones also basically bricks due to OS upgrades that they can't handle.

Atleast with Android you have a choice, you can get a Nexus if you want to take the risk on the latest, or you can stick with Manufacturers which are much more careful / reticent / lazy about their upgrades.

Frankly, whining about not getting the latest features on a phone that you never were promised said features when you bought it is entirely missing the point of the one thing that we *should* be getting and cannot: *security* fixes that don't destroy the user experience. That's the middle ground that you can't have at the moment. Either have a more demanding featureful upgrade with UI changes that you might not like and security fixes, or nothing at all.

Comment Re:Hybrid cel/tablet? (Score 1) 283

I want to know, honestly, how one carries around a phablet. It's too big for your pocket, but it doesn't come with a laptop-style carrying case. So what do you do, carry it around in your hand? Wear baggy clown pants to your pockets are large enough...?

Some people live in cold countries where they can usually keep the device in a coat pocket, some people regularly carry bags (eg... women). Personally since I got a smart watch, I keep the phone in a bag now, since I don't have to worry about missing calls anymore.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 320

If a few Muslims would stand up, and say, "This is not Islam!", it would help a lot. But Muslims won't do that, because they don't want to.

Yeah, they do that all the fucking time, but you're so embedded in your us-vs-them mindset you choose to ignore it. You want a simple 'evil' enemy that you can just demonise. I would put real money that you know no Muslim people at all.

Troll on.

Comment Re:Massive and stupid (Score 1) 214

"Are you guys ready? Let's roll." -Todd Beamer

The passengers on Flight 93 are the heroes you deride.

Absolutely not - I don't deride them at all. In fact what they did was *all the more remarkable* for the fact that people don't in general do that, and they couldn't really have been sure that their situation was unwinnable. But they were still one plane out of 4. It was the grandparent poster that was deriding the other planes' passengers for somehow not being superhuman like Flight 93.

Comment Re:Massive and stupid (Score 2, Insightful) 214

The attacks on 11 September 2001 could have been prevented by the airliner passengers choosing not to remain in their seats and sending text messages or calling home, but instead putting down the would-be hijackers. Back in those days passengers were carrying knives, knitting needles, scissors, hairspray and assorted other items capable of being "weaponised." The Government has deliberately and with malice of forethought decided to overreact by curtailing the freedoms of the People.

The real world isn't a Steven Segal film and real people are not marines. A trained and vicious hijacker (or several) would generally be able to control the situation, and you can't realistically think it is reliable to leave security to normal folk to rising up. Pretty classy thing, blaming the passengers with your hindsight. Anyway, since in the actual situation they largely didn't go all kung fu on hijacker-ass, clearly taking weapons out of the situation rather than arming everybody is the only sensible way to go.

Comment Re:Why so complicated? (Score 2) 111

It is literally a circular network connected to one CPU and a bunch of dumb nodes.
Each node has a network ID. They can pass messages and only the nodes that are listening for it will get it.

I'd put real money on betting you've never done anything near hardware development...

Comment Re:Fragmentation is an issue? No shit! (Score 2) 111

Nobody who has done Android development is surprised to hear this.

I generally find the opposite, the ones crowing about fragmentation tend to be the ones who have no experience in development on Android (and indeed any non-iPhone platform) and handling perfectly pedestrian problems that we've been working with for all of programming history...

Different hardware and OS versions is standard standard, part of being a programmer...

Comment Re:Give me bigger iOS devices. Android is crap. (Score 1) 177

Ever since the iPad 1 shipped, I've advocated a range of iPads in all the standard drafting sheet sizes, from A (8.5" x 11") to D (17"x22"). Direct manipulation on large, high-DPI displays would make for an amazing user experience for CAD.

Of course, if I spent the money that a 17x22" device would cost, there's no way in hell I'd settle for Android. I LIKE getting OS updates.


And thus is the main disadvantage of iOS - you get what you're given, and nothing else...

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